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Employee Motivation

How Travel Improves Productivity at Work

Have you experienced higher concentration and motivation to work after a refreshing and fruitful vacation? Wonder why? Read on to know why and how travel improves productivity.

October 2, 2019
steve Suryalaxmi
Employee Motivation

How Travel Improves Productivity at Work

Feb 14, 2020
steve Suryalaxmi
How Travel Improves Productivity at Work | Xoxoday

Many people think that spending long hours at work will help them achieve more productivity in the workplace. While diligence at work is crucial in driving the productivity levels upwards, it has been shown that taking breaks to travel and explore new environments has a high potential in improving productivity. Taking time to relax and let off the work-related pressure is key in achieving more productivity and has the ability to give you a complete turnaround in many aspects of your life.

The rewards of travel are manifold. Below are 7 top ways on how travel improves productivity at work.

1. Connecting with Nature Improves the Level of Focus

Productivity is proportionally related to the level of focus. If you can focus more you will achieve higher levels of productivity. There are several ways of improving your mental focus including forming positive habits which will help improve mental concentration and focus. While these methods are crucial, breaking from work-related activities and traveling can increase the level of concentration.

The expansive landscape, the fresh air of the off-the-city environment, and the harmony in nature will help rejuvenate your mind. Nature has a magical effect of quieting the ranging mental doubts and worries and increasing a sense of wellbeing. It helps the mind shed off excess pressure which has accumulated during the arduous work environment thus revitalizing your mind for better focus.

2. Changes the Person’s Perspective

The work environment is characterized by a familiar environment where you know what to expect and how to carry out different responsibilities. This predictability makes you to gradually but surely develop a fixed perspective. Such a one-sided view of things is not ideal for solving the different problems which arise at work. If you get out and travel, you will be exposed to different situations and people who will challenge the way you see things and solve problems.

For instance, if you are using your bike, some of the bike parts may develop mechanical problems. Since you are in a remote place, you might find yourself attempting to solve the mechanical problem on your own. You may as well meet with new people who do things quite differently than what you thought to be conventional. All these situations will help you break from the one-sided view of the world and begin seeing the world and problem solving as multi-dimensional. Such thinking is essential in improving productivity at the workplace.

3. Sheds of Pressure Which Has Accumulated over Time

Though work sometimes is full of fun and quite rewarding, there are other work-related situations which may accelerate your burnout. Such work-related fatigue reduces the productivity level and may even lead to undesirable health conditions. If you reach such high-pressure levels, don’t continue pressing on. The feeling of fatigue and a certain form of mental exhaustion is the body’s natural mechanism of communicating to you that you need a break.

Take time and go for your favorite escapade. Don’t be afraid to pack those pieces of camping equipment on your Hilux roof racks and go explore the wilderness. The bountiful nature will help you recuperate and regain your natural level of vitality. Once you are back to your workplace, you will realize that your productivity has increased drastically.

4. Improves Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

Creativity is needed in the job place. Creative people are able to come up with unique solutions and help their company’s stay ahead of the competition. These individuals are indispensable due to their ability to create innovative solutions to most of the challenges. Traveling will predispose you to a myriad of problems. Sometimes you will need to improvise or even befriend strangers just to get what you need during your traveling period. The end result is improved creativity which is quite effective in boosting productivity.

5. Enhances Effective Communication

If you travel frequently, you must have noticed that different cultures of the world communicate differently. The gestures, facial expressions, and body movements which mean one thing in your culture may send a totally different message in another culture. In other cases, you might need to ask direction from strangers, some who don’t speak your native language. You end up using gestures and any other available means of communication. Through this, you will improve your communication skills which are essential in improving teamwork and productivity.

6. Improves Overall Health

Traveling especially that which involves trekking will provide an opportunity to do voluntary and enjoyable physical exercises. Even if no physical exercises are involved, changing your environment and relaxing your mind has far-reaching health benefits. Such a relaxed environment reduces the stress levels, allows you to have long rests which are key in repairing the different body systems including the immune system, and improves your cardiovascular health.

7. Boosts Learning

Learning is highly tied to attitude. When you are preparing to travel, your mind tunes to a positive learning attitude. It’s through this that you find it easy to quickly learn and master few foreign language words, quickly find your direction back to your hotel, or even fix your camping gear safely on the Hilux roof racks. This positive learning attitude will most likely reflect even to your work environment. Such a positive learning attitude will help increase the level of accuracy, reduce project turnaround time, and increase work efficiency.


Travelling improves productivity at work. There are businesses which have realized this and have a program to take their employees on corporate getaways regularly. You can as well undertake travelling expeditions on your own whenever your work program allows you to. You will derive personal benefits and improve productivity at work.

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