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Employee Motivation

How to Write a Great Welcome Email to New Employees

It can be quite stressful beginning a new job. Everything is new and unfamiliar; the building, the faces, and of course, the duties and expectations

October 31, 2019
Grace Carter
Employee Motivation

How to Write a Great Welcome Email to New Employees

Feb 14, 2020
Grace Carter
How to Write a Great Welcome Email to New Employees | Xoxoday

It can be quite stressful beginning a new job. Everything is new and unfamiliar; the building, the faces, and of course, the duties and expectations. Receiving an email from your new supervisor or manager welcoming you aboard can help your transition and make you feel more comfortable. Try and recall when you were beginning your tenure at a new post, and ask yourself what you would have liked to have known as you were starting. As you write your letter, remember that its purpose is to help situate the new arrival and make them feel at home. Remember to check out online resources for writing and editing help so you can write a quality email. Try and give your new employee an idea of what day one will be like, and you might also consider telling them a bit about yourself.

Your introduction

“This is your chance to tell your new employee something about yourself. Help relax their mind a bit by relaying a few of your recollections from your first day on the job,” advises Johnathan Gurney, HR manager at UK Writings. This section doesn’t need to be very long, a few sentences should suffice. Don’t share too much, remember you can expand on this area in person further down the line. The main thing is that they know you are glad to have them join the company. Starting at a new company is quite a big decision, so it’s important they feel secure in their choice.

Let them know what to expect

Make sure in your email to let your new hire know when their first day will be, and where to show up. Try and give them a rough outline of what their first day at the company will be like. They will be a bit more relaxed if they have some expectations for what they will be doing, whether it’s orientation all day, or getting down to some work. If there is anything they need to bring with them or to bring in to the office ahead of time, let them know in your welcome email. This is also a good time to tell them why you thought they were a good fit for the position, and why you brought them on board. Go over what the progression from new hire to an experienced employee typically is. You can even tell them where you see them moving in the company.

Access online writing and editing resources

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so don’t hesitate to get some help from the experts. These are some good resources to get you started:

1. State of Writing and SimpleGrad - These are grammar resources you can check out for help going over your email for errors. Don’t take any chances with your welcome email, get some help from the professionals.

2. Essayroo and EliteAssignmentHelp - These are editing tools, recommended by Essay Help Services, you can use to make sure your email doesn’t contain any errors or typos.

3. ViaWriting and LetsGoandLearn - Check out these writing guides for ideas and advice on how to improve your welcome email. Even experienced writers can benefit from some help every now and then.

4. Boomessays and Assignment Help - These are online proofreading tools, suggested by Studydemic, you can use to ensure your writing is polished and error-free.

5. Academadvisor and My Writing Way - Check out these writing blogs for help with your welcome email. You’ll find people who have successfully written welcome emails before.

Sample welcome email

Dear [Employee Name],

Welcome to [Company Name]! We are pleased to have you join our team. You were chosen for your new position because the qualities you displayed match the standards I look for in an employee.

I’m looking forward to watching your progress and become an outstanding employee. I hope you will find your new job fulfilling and challenging.

I expect you to do your best every day. I care about your development and want you to know that I am always available when you need advice or help. You’ll find success if you demonstrate a capacity for dependability, open-mindedness, and follow-through. If you follow our values, both you and the company will be successful. Your growth as a professional is a top priority for myself, because if you grow, so will our clients.

Please take a few minutes and review our goals for the year, so you know what is expected and can make a great contribution. I look forward to watching you grow and turn into an experienced professional that enhances the lives of your clients.

[Manager Name]


That first day on the job can be very nerve-racking. A well crafted and sincere welcome email can help a new hire feel comfortable and positive about starting their first day on the job. Let your employee know what to expect, give them a bit of background about yourself, and use online resources to help you write and edit a great welcome email.

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