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Employee Engagement

How To Create A Happy Workplace

If you are game enough to take the initiatives to create a happy workplace, we have a few brilliant tips that can give your workplace the happiest vibes.

October 11, 2019
Gracie Anderson
Employee Engagement

How To Create A Happy Workplace

How To Create A Happy Workplace

Do you want to know the secret to a more productive and successful company? The answer is happy employees! Happier employees are more creative and dedicated to their work. As a business owner, you are aware of the cost that you need to pay when a valuable employee leaves you. You feel at sea, right? A study by Harvard Business Review has revealed that a happy workplace can make trusted employees stick with your company for longer.

Moreover, disengagement from work can lead to a high rate of absenteeism and unproductivity. While working in a positive environment, employees feel more engaged at work. They feel more valued and respected, due to which they provide the company with their professional best. Even under immense work pressure, a positive workplace can negate the stress and help the workforce to perform better.

If you are game enough to take the initiatives to create a happy workplace, we have a few brilliant tips that can give your workplace the happiest vibes.

Ways to cultivate happiness at the workplace

Make the most of these 8 tips, and you will be able to infuse the right amount of positivity and happiness among your employees.

1. A hello goes a long way!

Imagine this – How wonderful would it feel if a stranger waved at you and wished good morning when you are having a dreadful start? Wouldn’t that make you happy? Your team members want to feel valued and accepted in the same way. And the easiest way to do that is by greeting them with a smile or a cheery greeting in the morning. That should be enough to get them going throughout the day.

If you are good with names, then brownie points to you! You can also visit their workstations at times and check on them. This will make them feel that you care for them and will give them the extra push. Just a back-slap or a touch on the shoulder should be fine (without crossing the boundaries of formal behavior). The simplest of gestures will remind them that working with you is a great experience.

2. Appreciate and praise whenever you get a chance!

Every employee wants to be indispensable to the company, and the only way you could make that happen is by continuously praising them for their efforts. Unappreciated work is a major reason why most employees lay down their papers and switch. So, make a change and appreciate every work done by your team.

If you think rewarding your employees with something material is a little out of your way, then I must remind you of the power of kind words. All you need to do is say “Good job!” or something like “This wouldn’t have been possible without you!” That’s all that you need to make them feel important and valued. “Every time one of our academic writers gets a 5-star rating (which is quite often), we write the name of the writers on the board of success and give applause”, says Sandra Wilham, Senior Marketing Head at one of the Fortune 500 organisation. With consistent praises coming their way, your team will be more than willing to contribute to the company’s goals.

3. Tell them how they contribute!

Everyone wants their contributions towards the company to make a difference. So, make sure that the team members feel good about the work they are doing. Introduce each team to another and let them know what their responsibilities are and how that helps in achieving the goals of the company. Every time your company makes a profit, let the teams know.

When a particular project turns out to be successful, congratulate the team and relate the success to them. This will make each department work harder, as they too would want the same recognition. Plus, make them a part of the internal workings of the company. Make them understand that their role, however small, makes a difference. Their happiness and satisfaction will definitely breed more success!

4. Help them achieve Work-Life harmony!

Work/life balance is a priority when it comes to having a happy life. Your employees must get the vibe from you that you treat them as fellow humans who have a life outside their workstations. Employees who worked overtime are the one who makes more mistakes and takes leaves. Next time you see someone at their desk way past their working hours, tell them to take the work home and deliver it from the comfort of their house.

Providing the option of work-from-home and sick leaves can help you show that you care about their well-being. Give your employees mental wellness leaves to show that their happiness matters. This will help each of them to work on their quality of life. Even within the office, taking a break from the tedious work can help. Take your team out for lunch. You can even make office fun by allowing potlucks and events like Fun Fridays where employees can socialize within the office. This will make them feel refreshed and will give them renewed vigor to do their jobs.

5. Stop keeping them on the Bossy radar of yours!

Remember how the class teacher standing right behind you often made you nervous? The same happens with your employees when you keep a close check on them all the time. Moreover, letting them have their space and allowing them to work at their pace is important to boost creativity and productivity.

Keeping employees on the radar makes them feel less trusted and they end up making more mistakes. So, keep an eye, but not in an obvious way. Do not hover over them. This will make them feel more relaxed and confident about what they do. Do not try to control them by telling them what to do all the time! Take the back seat and give them a chance to surprise you. Give your team the trust and creative freedom they deserve by setting fair boundaries.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, an easy way to be the harbinger of happiness in your office would be to talk to your employees. Have an open session where you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. If you are worried about crossing the lines of professionalism, then go for it once and see how things work. After you get to know your employees, you will understand how easy it is to create a happy culture within the workplace. Using employee engagement tools like xoxoday can also aid as a great communication channel.

You must remember, that these initiatives are only going to bear results when you implement them on a daily basis. Stop treating your employees as resources, and interact with them with an open heart and a welcoming mind. Enjoy bringing in the change, and I am sure that their happiness will eventually make you happier!

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