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Employee Engagement
March 6, 2020
Syed Maaz

Culture is the cornerstone of a highly functional organization. When it comes to building culture and measuring employee engagement, every organization wants to know if they really are practicing what they preach. The people who can show them the mirror and give the right answers are their employees. As leaders, it is important to have conversations with employees on a regular basis and understand what they think about their office culture. An employee engagement pulse survey does just that.

Culture begins where the employee rule book ends
Culture begins where the employee rule book ends. (Credits: Unsplash)

Most organizations make the mistake of talking to their employees only during the employee feedback process before the annual appraisal. It leads to opening up a can of worms where problems become complaints leading to bitterness dragging the culture down. Wouldn’t it be nice if leaders constantly check on their employees if they are doing well, that way the employee feels more connected? It is a universal law:

To maintain a good relationship, you need to have healthy communication.

That's why lead indicators are crucial to company culture and organizations are dropping lag indicators for it. Employee engagement Pulse Surveys work as lead indicators and are a thing of the future. For that, Xoxoday in collaboration with SHRM has come up with the exclusive pulse survey mechanism.

What are employee engagement pulse surveys for?

A blistering quick survey system that is efficient and deals with complex questions and is done weekly or over a span of weeks is called an employee engagement pulse survey. As it provides a quick insight into an organization’s work culture’s health and well-being, it gets the name ‘pulse’.

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In the age of digitization and global awareness, organizations want to leverage their company culture to breed employee engagement. To make that happen, it is crucial to build a healthy work culture, and measure employee engagement in real-time. How do you engage employees and measure their engagement in real-time? By conducting pulse surveys.

hey say that a good survey asks for information in detail, but a great survey asks just the right questions
They say that a good survey asks for information in detail, but a great survey asks just the right questions. (Source: SurveyMonkey)

The best employee pulse survey tools have the functionality to be taken over the organization’s intranet and it's quite secure. Though there is a problem with pulse surveys that currently exist in the market. Conventional employee engagement pulse surveys have hundreds of questions that pretty much defeat the purpose of a snackable survey that should be fast, frequent, and short.

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The question “how’s your workforce holding up?” might sound qualitative, but it can be quantified by asking the right questions. The struggle is how to make these questions precise, simple, easy to understand

Xoxoday collaborated with SHRM to build a simple and snackable pulse survey mechanism that measures various engagement dimensions in your organization.

Why the Xoxoday Pulse Survey?

Recruitment is difficult & so is retention. If you want to be successful as an organization, you need to take care of your workforce by enhancing employee experience to obtain peak performances through a more strategic approach. So that when performance reviews come flying, the employees’ reward is their satisfaction. 

It just takes a heartbeat to keep the culture alive

Engaged employees are more productive, make customers happy, and improve revenues. The Xoxoday-SHRM Pulse survey lights up the pathway to engagement and makes it simple.

The SHRM collaboration makes it happen

SHRM - the pioneer in engagement and recognition, joined forces with Xoxoday to craft this state-of-the-art employee engagement Pulse Survey after thousands of situational researches so that no stone is left unturned. The pulse survey is all about quantifying data and revolutionizing the culture innovatively. It works on the following aspects:

Measuring the status quo to understand where things are today and over time.

Analyzing key determinants that drive employee engagement, and

Improving company culture, increasing employee productivity, and reducing attrition.

Let’s understand how Xoxoday Pulse Survey helps in building a progressive work culture.

The Xoxoday Pulse Model is all about asking the Right Questions

Unlike conventional employee engagement pulse surveys, Xoxoday’s model has crisp, concise, and snackable questions that cover 4 overarching dimensions followed by 15 first-level dimensions, which are again followed by 52-second level dimensions.

There’s an eNPS question that goes:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend your organization to a friend or a colleague?”

You are going to find resources for each one of them, but for now, let’s understand the 4 overarching dimensions.

The Simple Model that Drives Extraordinary Results

Xoxoday engagement survey dimensions
Xoxoday engagement survey dimensions


Xoxoday Pulse is all about delving into all four directions of your organization’s culture. These survey questions scrutinize each dimension of your organization and discover the exact pain point(s) of your teams.

I. Strategic Connect

It’s all about unifying the organization’s efforts towards a common objective. With the Pulse Survey, the focus is on establishing the right strategic connect that catapults your organization as a force to be reckoned with. Strategic planning is an important function of an organization’s management that helps in prioritizing, allocating resources to ensure that everyone is working towards one common vision.

Employee opinion on surveys
Conventional surveys have a bad reputation in the employees’ breakroom, but what’s frightening is that the managers trust what the survey says. Neither managers nor the employees, but the conventional survey is the problem. (Source: HRMarketer)

The more employees feel connected towards the organization and its core values, the more engaged employees are. It becomes easier for them to get in sync with the strategy of the organization and work on it to get optimum results. The belief that the work I am doing is meaningful fulfills the higher-order human/social needs as per Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. It provides a clear sense of purpose that drives an employee to do better, an inspiration that goes beyond financial perks, and other benefits. 

II. Hygiene Factors

A pristine culture is built with happy employees - but where does happiness come from? 

The hygiene dimension takes into consideration how clear the workforce is with its roles, financial safety, ground rules of an organization & psychological safety.

employee hygiene factors
We often forget the literal hygiene factors, which are deal breakers for employees (Source: Advanced Technology Cleaning).

Meeting health and safety needs, employees need to feel a sense of dignity and respect, where the workplace is safe and secure, and their health and wellness are taken care of. Employees are more engaged when they are aware that they are the employee of choice for the organization. Taking together, these values, norms, culture, and needs free employees from financial, physical, emotional, and job concerns, in turn resulting in a more engaged workforce.

III. Relationship & Culture

Human interaction is the key to healthy work culture. The question is what is your organization doing to build a healthy work culture? Building meaningful relationships within the workplace is very important for employees.

Get key insights about peer-to-peer relationships, superior-subordinate hierarchies, and cultural dynamics. Relationships are important for us as individuals, who need a personal connection for support, meaning, friendship, etc.

Employee bond of trust

In this world where technology has taken over our lives, it’s important to get everyone connected so they don't miss out on the value of working together, teamwork, and personal support. Strengthening these bonds inspire better work and help in creating a more valued environment. 

IV. Recognition & Career Growth

Employees thrive in circumstances where they have a chance to bloom in the best way possible.  The Pulse Survey answers the questions on what the workforce wants and its perception of current rewards and performance structure. 

Employee appreciation is an essential part of human needs in the workplace. We as employees are happy when our manager appreciates us for the good work. When employees are valued for the work and effort that they have put in, productivity level increases and this motivates them to improve themselves.

Hundreds of dimensions—One Pulse.

With the SHRM-Xoxoday Pulse Survey, map out your organization’s culture, pull out the pain points, and mobilize it towards the big picture. By covering the four overarching dimensions, Xoxoday Pulse leaves no stone unturned. With real-time actionable insights, the outputs can be measured instantaneously, and it brings a huge change when acted upon. 

Welcome to the new age of Pulse Surveys!

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March 6, 2020
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December 28, 2020
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