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How are Xoxoday Empuls and Plum different?

Here's how two of the handiest employee rewards and recognition tools - Xoxoday Plum & Empuls - change the game on their own prowess.

April 3, 2020
Rani Joseph

How are Xoxoday Empuls and Plum different?

How are Xoxoday Empuls and Plum different?


Features Xoxoday Empuls Xoxoday Plum
Definition  • A product meant for employee engagement. Built on the fundamentals of employee engagement which is empowerment, communication, motivation, alignment and wellness.  • A points redemption catalog like gift cards, experiences, perks, finiancial products etc. Works like a white labelled e-commerce platform for your users.
Use Case and Purpose  • For employee engagement, pulse surveys, internal communication, social intranet, employee recognition and more.  • Gifting, Survey Incentives, Earn and burn programs, Consumer Promotions, Referral bonuses, loyalty campaigns and more.
Benefits  • Helps companies to increase employee NPS, reduces attrition, increase workplace happiness & communication.  • Automate gifting, automate bulk incentive programs, distribution of gift cards, running catalog programs etc.
Target Audience  • Suited for HRs and Employees in an organization.  • Suited for all types of audience like sales, marketing, HR, consumer, partners etc.

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