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Happy Wali Holi At Xoxoday

Happy Wali Holi At Xoxoday

The Highly energetic and vibrant young blood of Xoxoday celebrated Holi, the festival of color and love in full swing. The highly spirited Team Xoxoday splashed color at each other to express their love and friendship.

Happy Wali Holi Xoxoday

 Holi celebration at Xoxoday, a workplace well known for open office culture, saw people playing with colors irrespective of age and gender. The employees got a big morale boost when the Xoxoday co-founders too joined the celebration, adding much more color to it.

Team Members Holi Celebration

 The team members wished each other prosperity and wellness in life by rubbing gulal and throwing color on each other. Employees had fun to the fullest and used the occasion to unwind, bond, and rejuvenate by immersing themselves in the myriad colors of joy.

Colors Holi Celebration

 The gaiety, fervor, and colors of the Holi celebration at Xoxoday went on to show that celebrations need not be fancy or big; any acts of togetherness can bring smiles and fresh energy within a team, provided there are unity and affection among teammates.

Festival of Colors

 The festival of colors with the message - "Bura na mano Holi hai" gave a new beginning, hope, and energy to employees for bigger achievements at work, leaving all hurdles, worries, and differences behind.

Image Credits: Hardik Patoriya, Xoxoday

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