April 12, 2019

Gift Voucher Reward Ideas For Millennial Employees

Millennial employees bring in fresh ideas and energy to the workplace. With their different sets of talents and ambitions, experts suggest special strategies of managing and rewarding them. Giving special consideration to millennials in the recognition strategies is important in retaining the millennial talent in the workforce. Gifting shopping vouchers is a conventional and popular trend in the rewards industry. However, considering the nature and needs of millennials, it is important to provide exclusive vouchers to them in order to make best of rewarding practices.

Why rewards are crucial for millennial employees?

HR experts agree that millennials have a different set of characteristics and have various motivational needs to keep them functioning positively. Companies are adapting a new approach in the rewards and recognition strategies for the millennials to keep them motivated and make them feel appreciated. As gifting vouchers is emerging as a popular as well as successful trend in the rewards industry, there’s a need to adapt to an exclusive strategy for millennials.

Top ten Gift Voucher Rewards For Millennial Employees-

  1. Dining Vouchers-

Millennials don’t just love partying but they are also fond of trying out different flavours. Gifting this group with dining vouchers is a like gifting them another chance to meet up their gang and relish their company. That’s what makes dining vouchers a hit among the millennials.

  1. Travel Vouchers-

Millennials are travel lovers. Travelling is a passion among many of the youngsters of our times and that’s one of the reasons, travel vouchers are a super favourite among millennial employees. It serves as a great motivator and also an effective rewarding solution.

  1. Mobile Recharge-

Mobile recharge vouchers are now a basic need among people of all age groups. Gifting millennials with mobile recharge cards help them save up on their basic expenses which is a great advantage.

  1. Gadgets and Gizmos-

Gadgets are an indispensable part of our lives and especially the millennials cannot live without them. Phones, laptops, music systems are an essential part of their lives. Earning discounts on gadgets is a great motivator for them.

5. Philanthropy-

Promoting philanthropy activities among millennials serves the purpose of creating a socially and environmentally responsible individuals for the future. From the point of environment conversation too, it’s important to inculcate goodwill among this group towards the resources around us. Gifting them vouchers for philanthropy is a constructive step towards society.

  1. Learning-

Reward your millennial group with opportunity to learn and grow. Reward them with vouchers with discounts on courses that help them widen their horizons of knowledge and skills.

  1. Beauty and Wellness-

Millennials love experiences that help them feel pampered and relieved. The “feel good” factor of the beauty and wellness experiences is what attracts millennials to these packages. Offering them discounts on these packages with gift vouchers is a great gift.

8. Apparel and Fashion-

Millennials can’t resist online shopping. Especially when it comes to apparels and fashion, the myriad options leave them tempted and even puzzled. Gift them the discount vouchers to help them their favorite article guilt free.

Gift vouchers are widely popular in employee gifting trends. Reward your employees for their performance with these gift vouchers and give them the joy of purchasing their favorite products on amazing discount rates. Make the best of the offers on Xoxoday.

Xoxoday Team

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