April 16, 2019

Gamification That Can Jumpstart Your Employee Engagement

Let’s talk about the obvious first. Happy and engaged employees are more driven, creative, productive and profitable than non/ disengaged employees. However, building these league of employees takes more effort than offering a fat paycheque. Motivating employees to demonstrate desired behaviors needs an active group of inspirational leaders and an HR team that communicates regularly, sets up clear expectations, monitors performance, leads by example and most importantly value and rewards their employees for a “good job.” While HR heads and management teams continue to contemplate on ways/modes to drive their reward and recognition program, gamification seems to stand out in providing recognition via low-key social messaging and virtual kudos.

Why gamification?

Taking inspiration from people’s tendency to compete, gamification uses digital environment to help employees reach their goals, objectives, and expectations. Typically, a gamified platform offers points, status, and rewards to employees for achieving goals, improving skills and moving one step closer to the vision of the company. If done correctly, gamification can reap benefits that can be monumental, effectively counteracting some of the biggest engagement related roadblocks.

Benefits of Using Xoxoday’s Gamified Employee RnR Platform

  1. Improved motivation:
    With Xoxoday’s RnR program, you can provide your team incentive to excel through our perks, reward and recognition platform. CXOs, managers and HR head assigned a ‘quota’ of virtual reward currency – aka points and badges, that they can award to their team members. It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ and a way for managers to award recognition to employees. Our recognition tools act as a visible motivator where you can show your employees that you value their dedication.
  2. Increased productivity:
    Apart from recognition and reward, our gamification platform can also be used to give employees real-time feedback and performance analyses. The idea is to make feedback a more on-the-spot process than the conventional monthly and annual ones. Our platform helps managers and employees set clear benchmarks and goals. This gives employees an opportunity to learn and rectify issues instantly, and efficiently increasing productivity.
  3. Team building:
    Apart from boosting productivity, gamification can also be a creative outlet to promote collaboration in your organisation. Xoxoday believes that team-based collaborations have a great influence on employee’s individual growth. Our system works like a community. Here employees can earn points and share their status by sharing content and being an active member of the community. By applying our gamified systems, your entire workforce can develop a greater bond and have a  greater sense of belonging.

In conclusion

Studies show that organisation with effective gamification solutions improve employee turnover by 35% and engagement by 48%. So, don’t let your assumption of gamification get on your way of exploiting such a powerful engagement tool.

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Poonam Das