January 10, 2020

Focus on the right customers

Product success depends not only on good team hire but also on good customer hiring. Which customers you choose to work with and which ones you let go is important. While businesses should always endeavour to acquire every customer, no business can satisfy all the customers optimally. Your product ll be most relevant for some customers and not so relevant for others. If there are future product features which suffices the customer needs, you should go ahead with a customer, but if you have to make unsustainable short term changes in your product for serving a customer, it's better to stay away. Short term product features are neither good for you nor for the customer in the long run. Every time you agree to a special feature request of a customer, you are adding more complexity for other customers who don't need that feature. Every new feature is an additional investment to manage. So add any new feature only when its absolutely required. No to some features is better than releasing many poorly thought 'yes' features.

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Xoxoday.