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Employee Engagement
September 28, 2019
Rani Joseph

New Product Updates on Web Version of Empuls

1. Introducing Survey on Empuls

The new ‘employee engagement survey’ enables you to capture deeper insights on what your employees want from their workplace, and reveal the organization’s strengths and the areas that can be improved upon.

The survey feature will allow you to create surveys and view responses of the previously created surveys. The super admin can see all the surveys created by them. This page has a primary click to the action of creating a survey.

Your responsiveness to employee feedback captured via surveys results in lower absenteeism, higher retention rates, improved productivity, better customer success, and higher employee morale. The simple indisputable fact that the organization is conducting a survey will send a positive message to the staff that their opinions are valued. Additionally, managers will gain insights into issues affecting their departments or business units that enable them to manage more efficiently. If we summarize, we make sure to provide you with a new improved employee engagement platform, getting better, and improving ourselves is the key to improve your employee engagement experience.

Where to find it?

Survey (left panel) > Create a Survey

How to Create a Survey?

The sequence of setting up a survey is broken down into 3 steps as given below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creation (add questions)
  3. Publish


The super admin can define the survey name and the purpose of the survey.

Create a survey
Create a survey


Adding questions:

In the next step, the super admin starts creating a survey questionnaire using the ‘Add New Question’ button. The questions can be formed in multiple formats, depending on the nature of the survey.

Empuls survey provides four formats of questions:

  1. Short description questions
  2. Multiple-choice questions
  3. Multiple choice questions with images Ratings based questions
Add questions to the survey
Add questions to the survey
  • Short description questions have a limit of 175 characters, and the answers are limited to 250 characters.
  • Multiple-choice questions have a limit of 175 characters, and the answers are limited to 44 characters with the option to attach images (upto 2 MB) for each option.
  • Rating based questions also have a limit of 175 characters. The user will be provided with a default option of 3 stars that can be changed to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10.
Limited number of questions
Limited number of questions

The super admin can add up to 25 questions in a survey of which at least one question as mandatory. The questionnaire created by the super admin will continue to be saved in draft.


In the third stage, the super admin can decide the anonymity and state of the survey. Anonymity can be ensured by unlinking responses collected with the users who responded. The responses will be retained as confidential.

Publish the survey
Publish the survey

The super admin can click on the survey name and choose to keep it active or inactive.

After the survey is created, the super admin can send invites to a group or particular users or can post the survey by sharing the link (Get Survey Link on top right). The invitees will get a notification to take the survey.

Send invites to participate in the survey
Send invites to participate in the survey

2. Automate Greetings on Town Hall

With the new update, automated messages are posted on the town hall feed to wish employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Automated greetings ensure that each individual is greeted and their milestones celebrated at a company level. This also reduces the chance of a human error of missing out on any important celebration of an employee.

Automate Greetings
Automate Greetings

Users can greet other users (by clicking on WISH the chat window will open) when they view people whom they work closely with.

Users greeting other users
Users greeting other users

3. Manage Failed Automated-Greetings

While configuring the platform, the super administrator can set greeting automation workflows for the entire organization. In these automation workflows, the super admin can fix the value (in points) for predefined events such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and employee on-boarding.

Scenarios when these automated workflows may fail:

  1. Insufficient budget - When the budget allotted for automated greetings does not have sufficient points to gift the employees.
  2. Server failure - When any related web service fails.
  3. New super admin - If the super admin is changed, their email ID  is disabled and a new person takes over as a super admin, then all the automation done by the previous super admin will be stopped.
Managing failed automated greetings
Managing failed automated greetings

Now, in these scenarios, the super admin will be notified i along with the reason for the failure. The super admin can choose to resend the emails using the retry button or delete the event altogether.

Manage failed events
Manage failed events

Super admin can now handle all the failed automated greetings by taking appropriate actions and  ensure that all greetings are sent despite the one-time failure.

Where to find it?

There are two ways to manage failed automated greetings:

  1. Notifications (on the right panel) > Click on ‘View’ of the failed automated greeting notification -> Manage Failed Events
  2. Awards > Automated Greeting > Failed Automated Greetings banner > Manage Failed Events

4. Revised Leaderboard Ranking

The Leaderboard has a revised ranking system where two or more users with the same Karma will rank the same but the next rank(s) will be skipped. This change has brought more fairness to the ranking system. This way the top 20 will have 20 users and not more (in case of ties at some positions).

Use Case:

Three users - A, B, and C - have 1600 Karma and are tied for the 8th position. In such a case, 9th and 10th positions would be skipped and the next user will be directly on the 11th position.

5. Reasons why an Award is Disabled

While setting up an award, the nominator can see the awards that their nominees are eligible for in colour while the disabled awards would appear in a grey. Now, the UI also displays the reason for disabling am award.

With the new feature, the nominator gets a better understanding of why certain awards are disabled.

Give an award
Give an award

New Product Updates on Empuls App

1. Survey on Mobile App

Xoxoday has integrated the brand new survey feature, with the mobile app as well. Users can now take surveys using the mobile application. End-users can now take the surveys on the go, anytime and anywhere, rather than getting restricted to web version using desktops only.

Where to find it?

More options (overflow icon) > Pending Actions > Survey Invites

Pending Actions
Pending actions

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September 28, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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