Empuls Release Oct’20: New Homepage, Budget Automation, & More

Employee Engagement
October 15, 2020
Syed Maaz

Xoxoday Empuls comes with improvements in homepage layout, a new monthly leaderboard, advancements in the Mobile App, and more. Read away.

1. With the new homepage, never skip a beat of what’s going on

Xoxoday Empuls is your one-stop employee engagement platform and to make it more convenient, here’s a brand-new homepage that gives you a glimpse of what’s up in a single look. In comparison to the previous homepage, which automatically led your users to the Townhall group, the newly curated homepage showcases all the important bits of tasks, actions, and info.

With the new homepage, never skip a beat of what’s going on
A look and feel of the new homepage

With the new homepage, you stay up to date with their high priority items that are waiting at their discretion like scheduled gifts status, requests on approval of rewards and allocation of budgets, and so on.

With crucial actions that help you build a happy workforce, users can wish their colleagues on important milestones of work and life, fill out employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys and questions if pending, and need not worry about missing out on the organization’s pulse.

As for the groups, they can be accessed from the navigation while the new updates and posts can be caught upon in the list of Discussions at the homepage. Check out the events and celebrations, get to know the new joiners and so much more. That's what makes the new homepage one to scroll through to get in sync with what's going on.

2. With the new monthly leaderboard, acknowledge monthly winners with most progress

The leaderboard assigns a particular set of points to users every time they engage in Empuls. With a lack of filtering options leaving the leaderboard static based on reward and recognition scores, the leaderboard looked like a steep climb, especially for new users or the ones who recently started engaging with Empuls.

With the new monthly leaderboard, acknowledge monthly winners with most progress
Here’s how the monthly leaderboard looks like

With the new monthly leaderboard, the list of top score earners is publicized as per who made progress in the past month. This brings a balanced approach to keep the users encouraged for their activity every month, which would strive them to claim the top spots every month; along with their ranks which can be viewed on the leaderboard. The platform usage would considerably increase with increased motivation to engage on Empuls.

The overall leaderboard can be accessed in the other tab and it now comes with an advanced filter. Users and admins can analyze it based on departments, location, time duration, and actions on the platform—whether just reward and recognition (RnR) or other activities. The monthly winners from the current month will be publicized on the platform in the coming month.

3. Leave the hassles of rewarding and budgets to  gift & budget automation

With the gift and budget automation, take the burden off users’ shoulders as it would take care of the allocation and distribution around the block.

Leave the hassles of rewarding and budgets to  gift & budget automation
How to automate the budget and gifting? Have a quick look

The automated budget and gift campaigns can be toggled to a pause and resumption from the Automations menu. This comes in handy as in the case of many automated budgets and gifts, the campaigns are run by users and in case their profiles are deactivated, the process would have to be started afresh—which won’t be the case with Em taking care of the budget and gift automation.

Create a new budget or gift automation through the wizard. On entering the budget name, description, linking the awards, and configuring who to share it with, the budget frequency is decided and campaigns are run.

4. First-time users can now sign up via Mobile App on Empuls

New users in the organization can now sign up via devices compatible to run the Empuls app with the new signup flow. This sign up process would keep the users handy with all engagement activities on their mobile phone and other handheld devices.

5. Super admins can log in as other users to remove bottlenecks in engagement proceedings

In case a user’s absence/unavailability causes delays and bottlenecks in engagement, super admins can take the wheel with the capability to login as another user and take actions on their behalf. Every action taken is accounted for. As for the user whose account is being used, s/he would be notified when the super admin takes over and takes care of actions from the account.

 Super admins can log in as other users to remove bottlenecks in engagement proceedings
Admins can take over and clear the pending tasks

This is useful in cases when a super admin wants to unblock progress in the absence or unavailability of a user. As for cases when some actions need to be reversed, the super admins can use this feature. This would unblock any progress that is overdue for any reason related to a user’s inactivity on Empuls.

6. A new look for awards, announcements, appreciations, & more

Xoxoday Empuls gets more engaging with every new release and this time, the content is shown on users’ feeds ranging from awards, announcements, appreciations, leaderboard, and other messages have been revamped for the best.

A new look for awards, announcements, appreciations, & more
The content revamp gives Empuls a fresh look.

That’s all for the new features this month on Xoxoday Empuls. Missed out on the last release’s update in features? Check it out.

Originally published on
October 15, 2020
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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