Empuls Product Release - The Perfect Employee Reward Program: December 2019

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December 20, 2019
Rani Joseph

The December product release brings numerous updates to Empuls web andEmpuls mobile. Empuls web gets the DIY workflows, budget automation, and ready-to-use survey templates that drastically reduce repetitive HR admin tasks. Empuls mobile app now has the much anticipated universal search, jury awards, and value hashtags.  Let us have a closer look at what these are and how they help in making the perfect employee reward program:

Empuls Web Release to Craft the Perfect Employee Reward Program

Empuls gets better usability and functionality with this release - with a number of feature releases and UX improvements.

1. Instant Greetings

All kinds of event greetings and related rewards can now be automated through Empuls - whether these need to be sent ad-hoc or scheduled for a later date. The ‘Instant greetings’ feature can cater to both non-schedulable events such as parenthood, marriage, office functions, and schedulable events such as festivals, birthdays, and work anniversaries. The admin gets to set-up the greetings frequency, template, and message.

Gifts and Greetings
Gifts and Greetings

2. Empuls DIY

Empuls now embraces being DIY with intuitive email cadences. In addition to step-by-step emails during the sign-up process, Empuls sends you a series of emails during the trial period that walk you through the product feature-by-feature. These mails take new users through creating groups, giving awards, budgeting, surveys, and give away very important tips in using the platform effectively.

Empuls DIY
Empuls DIY

3. Ready-to-use survey templates

Empuls now comes with pre-built survey templates that can be used readily  - thus reducing your troubles of creating surveys from scratch. These survey templates come with pre-configured questions that can be further customized as per your specific requirements. The employee reward program reports onboarding feedback, training feedback, and employee exit surveys that can be readily executed through Empuls. 

Survey Templates
Survey Templates

4. Budget Automation 

HRs find it really cumbersome to distribute points across business units, departments, and teams - at the start of every budgeting period. Aiming to solve this struggle, we have incorporated an automation module that helps simplify budget distribution at scale. It helps you configure your budgeting guidelines - such as the budget frequency, amounts, and budget owners and automate it.

Budget Automation
Budget Automation

5. Download User data in User Account Management  

The super admin can now filter and download the uploaded user data to verify or document it. It was previously a difficult process to verify the accuracy of the data reflected in the system. A save button next to the data table allows you to download it as an excel file.

6. Description of a Value Badge 

Value badges will now contain a brief description of the value to help the user choose the appropriate badge. Until this release, it was difficult to figure out what the value badges stood for. Typing # in the message box lists all the value badges that are available in the company.

Award and Value card in Empuls
Award and Value card in Empuls

7. UX improvements in survey creation

Seamlessly create and execute surveys with improved usability. It is important to have at least one mandatory question in a survey to make it valid. Empuls notifies the user to include a mandatory question - with this release,  this step is now made more intuitive.

8. FYI Emails feature Improvements 

Let the Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 managers know the awards bagged by their team members, by marking them for automatic FYI emails during the award setup process. The system shall automatically identify the respective managers and send emails to notify them about the event.

9. UX improvements in the dropdown design

The autosuggest popup while tagging names is now aligned to the top or bottom of the message box based on the position of the message box on the screen. This was done to avoid the suggestion list getting cut-off to the next page - not allowing you to see the entire list at one glance.

UX improvements
UX improvements

10. User demography available in the survey report 

Both anonymous and non-anonymous survey reports now show user demographic data such as department, location, designation, grade, and cost center - so that you get further insights into the feedback provided by your workforce.

11. Choose the default favicon in company settings

The company favicon can be changed to a logo of your choice and the default user profile picture style can be chosen as per your preferences. This helps you configure the platform to match your company themes.

Favicon selection option
Favicon selection option

12. Budget Summary 

Quickly access the snapshot of your budgets, The summary of the remaining budget points, rewarded points this month, and reward points this quarter is now shown in the budget dashboard.

Budget Summary
Budget Summary

13. Celebration notifications based on the timezone 

Until this release, the celebration notifications were triggered at GMT + 0 hrs. Now the notifications are triggered based on your system time. Essentially, going forth, you will receive the celebration notifications as per your exact timezone, right at the turn of the date.

Empuls Mobile Release

1. Redirect on a particular shared feed

When an Empuls feed is shared, the link now redirects you to the exact post and the groups - allowing you to comment and reshared

2. Create new groups

The group admin can now invite new users to the group that he/she has created through the mobile app. Groups are essential for organizing work discussions and forming communities. The ability to invite users over mobile helps admins quickly start these discussions.

3. New designs for greetings feeds

Greetings feed will now be highlighted with a unique design and layout making it stand out amongst the rest of the posts. If more than one person has a special event, the feeds are displayed as a carousel - making viewing on the mobile screen much easier.

Designs for greetings
Designs for greetings

4. Universal Search

Users can now search for users, groups, messages, comments, and file attachments over the Empuls mobile app. The system auto-suggests user and group results that are closest to the search, to help users quickly find results.

Universal Search
Universal Search

5. Image aspect ratio in comments

Images uploaded in the comment will now be displayed as per aspect ratio, as opposed to earlier when the image appeared incomplete.

6. Hashtag in Messages 

The Empuls mobile app now auto-suggests organizational values on typing '#' in the messages or comments. Earlier, these value badges had to be typed in. Selecting one of the values awards the recipient an organizational value badge.

Hashtags in messages
Hashtags in messages

7. Redirection from notification to feed

Clicking on the push notifications that the user receives if it is tagged, will now redirect the user to the respective feed within the respective group, as opposed to earlier when this redirection showed only the post content. The user can comment and engage now after the redirection.


8. Admins can delete the feed

Admins are now given the option to delete a feed that they find inappropriate or incorrect, over the mobile app.

9. Jury award

Admins can now execute jury awards over the mobile app. The Jury awards feature helps organizations set up awards workflows that require approval by a jury (a panel) of users to collectively decide on who receives an award.

10. Notifications list and read status

The users will now be able to view the notifications as an interactive list and if clicked will make the notification unread. Multiple notifications can be selected together to be marked read or not-read.

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December 20, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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