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May 13, 2020
Syed Maaz

The month of April comes with a plethora of new features and updates for Xoxoday Empuls, as we cope up with remote working forces amidst the pandemic. This month’s release note features a special COVID-preparedness survey, formidable UI/UX improvements, and much more. Let’s look at what the April update brings forth.

COVID-Preparedness Survey Template

With the special survey on preparedness against coronavirus, organizations can ask important questions on how their team is holding up in these turbulent times.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has been hovering over us for a good amount of time, a COVID-preparedness survey is a need of the hour.

The employees are not in their best emotional state and it is crucial that the organization gives them a hint that “we are there for you”. The most lucid form of communication for this problem is the COVID-preparedness survey.

Admins can see this survey under My Survey tab of Surveys feature.

Survey Template
Survey Template

Not only would this give an idea of how the teams are holding up, but the questions also clear out a lot of doubts with respect to communication, team-coordination, health, and fitness of the family and special care, if needed, to particular employees. With the morale down and people in fear, a positive message in the form of a COVID-preparedness survey would be a relief to the employees.

The ‘Employee Benefits’ Page

The employee benefits section is now live on Empuls! All the employees can now browse through the hottest deals, discounts, vouchers, and experiences from the Xoxoday store.

The employees can browse through the catalog of options irrespective of the amount of points and can grab the given deals from the redemption store at discounted prices. This makes it easy for employees to check out the deals and keeps them aware of the offers.

Visit the “Employee Benefits” section and take your pick from a myriad of options and deals. Click “Buy Now” to move ahead with the purchase.

Perks and Benefits
Perks and Benefits

UI/UX Improvements

The drive to perfection brings formidable improvements in the user experience, design, and interface, the Xoxoday Empuls platform gets pixel-perfect with every passing update.

With regular usage, the developers, admins, and the users have it in their mind about how a particular feature could be aesthetically pleasing, more click-able, and easy on the eyes. These minute and considerable changes in the update revolutionize the user experience altogether.

The UI/UX improvements make Empuls a seamless experience for all the stakeholders in terms of communication, sharing of information, announcements, surveys, and more.

The UI/UX overhaul can be seen and felt throughout the course of the Empuls platform. With this product update, the UI-improvements focus on maintaining its uniformity.

UI/UX improvements
UI/UX improvements

Budget Utilization Dashboards

A detailed representation of budgets being utilized goes a long way in deciding on the results, outcomes, differences, and the further course of action. For that, the reports dashboard has come up with the budget utilization graph.

The budget utilization graph really helps in getting a gist of the allocation of budgets, how it’s been utilized, and how efficient did it turn out to be. With the new update, now access budget utilization graphs across departments, locations, etc so as to plan the budgets accordingly.

The managers, HR, and CXOs can keep track of spending in a better manner to calculate the ROI.

Budget utilization dashboard
Budget utilization dashboard

Here are the salient features of this dashboard

  • The budget utilization graph elucidates the total budget used for rewarding and the budget left unutilized.
  • The employees’ data can be grouped by department, location, cost center, grade or designation and clearer insights related to the budget can be obtained for each group.
  • The reports can be filtered by date to observe the utilization for a defined period of time
  • Any user with no information for departments, cost centers, grades, locations, and designations shall be tagged “N/A” for that respective input.
  • The program administrator can know the absolute values of allocated budgets along with its utilization so that s/he can act on its improvement.

Enabling/Disabling the Awards

The toggle on/off feature in awards is now available. The admins and managers can now toggle awards on and off with ease.

With due research, we understood that organizations generally have a quarterly rewarding cycle where the action of rewarding/nominating team members is open for a defined period of time.

This really gives the control of rewarding in the super admin’s hands and that is why the latest Empuls update allows super-admins to enable/disable awards for better control.

Award List
Award List
  • This capability is limited to Super Admin by default. General Admins can be given this access through ACL controls
  • All awards shall be enabled by default
  • Users with relevant privileges can enable/disable awards anytime
  • Nominations / Direct rewarding will not be possible for awards in a disabled state
  •  The enabled/disabled state has no bearing on nominations already submitted in the past.
  •  This capability shall also be applicable to sending of awards in bulk

Billing Screen UX Improvements

With a major overhaul of the subscription and payments dashboard, the procedure is much simpler now.

With seamless payment mechanism, hassle-free subscription management, and easy cancellation, the new interface is smoothly defined in terms of user experience.

Not only is it easier to operate with a well-defined user interface, but the experience is also seamless on the following fronts:

  • Subscribe to a plan
  • Unsubscribe to a plan
  • Add Billing Details
  • Edit Billing Details
  • View and Download Invoices
  • Apply Coupon code
  • View estimated next month billing
Billing information
Billing information

Notify Stakeholders for Instant Gifts

With the new update, there’s an option with which the stakeholders can be notified when an instant gift is given out. This is similar to getting notified when automated gifts are rolled out.

Instant gifts act as a crucial motivator for employees and what motivates them is the nudge that notifies them about the reward.

This update gives the gift-holders a sense of praise and recognition while other stakeholders can be notified of their latest accolades.

That’s all for the Empuls Product Release for the month of April 2020. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us, or book a demo.

Originally published on
May 13, 2020
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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