Empuls Features Release: May 2020

Syed Maaz

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Hey, May went fast ! We were kept busy on improvements in the engagement survey, adding brand-new email templates, building empuls- exclusive Slack-integration, and much more.

Dig deeper to get more actionable insights through engagement surveys

Engagement survey results can now be broken down by departments. Average scores across the organization hide the variations across individual teams.With this added capability, you now have the ability to focus corrective actions exactly where they are needed the most.

The activity of sending survey invites is now more streamlined with an improved distribution logic. The users will be asked to respond to a weekly survey only 4 times in a quarter thus addressing responder fatigue. This change keeps surveys interesting to the users, minimising responder bias and  ensuring a high  response rate.

Engagement insights of eNPS
Fig. 1: Engagement insights of eNPS

Engage in the flow of work through Slack integration

Use Slack for work collaboration? Now manage your engagement initiatives right there!  The Empuls app integration with Slack creates a dedicated channel inside Slack. With important notifications pushed into this channel, stay up to date with all things employee engagement.

Empuls and Slack integration is a smart and cost-effective solution to keep your workforce motivated and drive them to optimum productivity. With the new release, improve participation in employee engagement activities by sending out notifications directly to the organization’s Slack channel.

Organizations using Slack as a collaboration tool can see what’s happening on Empuls through their channel and take action from there.

This is how Empuls looks on your Slack channel.
Fig. 2: This is how Empuls looks on your Slack channel.

Here’s a simple procedure to integrate your Slack channel to Empuls in just a minute:

Slack integration with Empuls
Fig. 3: Slack integration with Empuls

Simplified tracking of product usage and metrics

With the newly added “Live Status”, get a birds-eye view of the overall performance of your rewards and recognition initiatives.

You can find Live Status reports under the reports menu available to Super Admins.  

 Read more about Live Status Reports here>>

Fig. 4: Live status report dashboard

Easier survey setup and management

Survey cloning now helps you create multiple variants of the same survey at the click of a button. Create duplicates and customize the cloned survey for different target audiences.

With regard to the custom surveys feature, we have equipped admins with templates related to the employee life-cycle needs. Near ready-to-use templates are a massive time saver relative to creating surveys from scratch.

Further to that the Empuls custom survey is manifestly better than any other form-filling mechanism as the employees’ meta-data is already in the database, making it really easy to analyze data.

Read more about Survey Setup & Management here>>

The Custom Survey Feature
Fig. 5: The Custom Survey Feature

The Custom Survey Feature

Notifications that matter

Not all notifications are created equal. And not all of them need immediate attention. We’ve simplified notification content and made it easier for you to spot what is important.

These emails are easy to customize, promptly coded and the template has some visual improvements.

An example of the new email template
Fig. 6: An example of the new email template

Exclusive HRMS Integrations with Zoho & SmartDrive

HRMS integrations with Zoho and SmartDrive are seamless now. With these integrations, admins no longer have the hassle of manually creating new accounts for users, updating information, and deactivation of leaver accounts. All thanks to automatic synchronisation.

Empuls is Faster, Better & Stronger with UI Component Changes

As we continue to add more features and functionality, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance. The latest release includes several changes, under and above the hood to make your experience of using the product more smooth.

A major UI refresh rolls out with the new update which is both easy on the eye as well as smooth. With major performance improvements and lesser load times, the user experience is enhanced.

This makes it an easy streak for users as well as the admins. These changes improve the UI across different features in the platform, be it the changes in feeds, ‘post a message’ box, text color, and size, iconography, and more.

That's it for May 2020 feature updates. To see these live, book a demo. Finally, don't miss on other Empuls news - subscribe to the Xoxoday newsletter in the box below.


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