Empuls Release Aug' 20: eNPS Survey, Engagement Bot & more

Syed Maaz

This month’s release features key additions on the Empuls platform ranging from quick eNPS surveys & employee engagement surveys, a brand new homepage to an automated bot persona, and much more.

1. Quick check your organization’s pulse with the new engagement survey

In addition to our detailed Smart Pulse survey that gives valuable insights about the organization’s culture, we’ve come up with a short and crisp engagement survey. With the new one-question survey, to check the organization’s pulse. While the existing pulse survey throws light on multiple dimensions of your culture, this survey gets you feedback through a single eNPS or employee Net Promoter Score question.

 Setting up the quick eNPS survey
Setting up the quick eNPS survey

The shorter version of the employee engagement survey is a quick way to know where the organization is, and the single eNPS survey question can be run periodically or in custom intervals for the organization to work on the given feedback and rerun it.

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2. Reduce user dependency & task automation with the new Bot persona

When people switch teams, leave the organization, or there’s a change in access levels for users, many employee engagement actions are left hanging due to people’s dependency.

There are plenty of operations that could be implemented with task automation and hence reduce the workload of your admins, and we’ve got a solution to take care of them— Em, your personal assistant on Empuls. For tasks held up due to user dependency, Em is always active, and this system-driven user will reduce the workload.

 Em takes care of all automated things in a personalized manner
Em takes care of all automated things in a personalized manner

Em handles various task automations like budget automation, gifting, and system basics along with timely updates with respect to milestones and events. This keeps the system functioning even when admins leave so that Em can manage without a break in process.

The functions that admins take up through the automated bot are tracked by the system for your reference.

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3. Seamlessly set up Empuls with the DIY Single Sign-On (SSO)

Getting your organization onboard is simplest with the Single Sign-On (SSO) protocol, but setting it up requires supervision from Xoxoday’s end. With the DIY SSO protocol, the setup time is reduced, and your technical team can get it up and running with a simple wizard. All it takes is providing the setup information along with the metadata via bulk upload to test the connection.

A quick Single Sign-On (SSO) guide
A quick Single Sign-On (SSO) guide

After the integration is successful, it can be enabled or disabled. This makes the SSO an important component for bringing the organization onboard on Xoxoday’s people engagement platform.

4. Give your users a new avatar with nameplates

On signing up with Empuls, users can select avatars/ profile pictures of their choice. Users can toggle their profile pictures from nameplates to custom photos and a bunch of profile images in stock.

A glimpse of new avatars
A glimpse of new avatars

5. Select group participants with ease with the new invite filters

Xoxoday Empuls is all about removing the siloes and keeping everyone connected. With the new group invite filter, connect with people over their likeness, interests, task(s) in hand, and more. Choose the relevant filter(s) and seamlessly create new groups rather than manually adding multiple names to your list. 

Add multiple group participants with ease
Add multiple group participants with ease

With the new filter, you can make a group without the cumbersome process of manually entering email IDs of designated people.  Invite the group participants on the basis of departments, locations, business units, designation, and grades. Filter out users with the help of employees’ metadata and collaborate efficiently.

That’s all for the new features this month on Xoxoday Empuls. Missed out on the last release’s update in features? Check it out.

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