Employee Engagement Trends in 2020

Employee Engagement
October 2, 2019
Frank Hamilton

It has long been known that a business with a low level of employee engagement is subject to reduced productivity. On this basis, engagement must be maintained and enhanced. Just imagine, only 15% of employees worldwide constitute an engaged workforce. We have analyzed the best practices of the most successful companies that directly or indirectly affect engagement, and will share the latest Employee Engagement Trends in 2020. 

But first, you need to properly understand what is meant by engagement.Understanding employee engagement will help make your employee experience better. Let’s start!

What Is Employee Engagement?

 employee engagement

Engagement is an increased emotional connection with an organization that causes employees to voluntarily make more efforts to do work. You can assess the degree of involvement by the following features:

  • based on the positive feedback from employees about the company;
  • the desire of staff to be part of the organization;
  • application of additional efforts in the work on their own initiative.

Remember that engagement is also a conscious choice of the person himself. It’s impossible to force an employee to be involved, even if working on his motivation. Nevertheless, it is possible to create conditions that will affect the choice in favor of engagement.

Trends to Follow in 2020 to Improve Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

If you have already noticed some of the above situations in your company, then it is an alarming bell. However, there is always the chance to improve the situation, increase employee engagement leading to better employee experience increasing the chances of your business success. Be sure to follow the next trends that are now relevant in HRM.

1. On-boarding of New Employees


It is vital to create a positive impression of employees about your company in advance, at the stage of recruitment. When a new employee enters the company, he or she should immediately feel the general atmosphere of involvement. 

This is especially true of the case when the manager had the opportunity to hire a very valuable professional. Conducting an interview, you should try to immediately establish a trusting relationship with the candidate and prepare the ground for entry into the team. The point is that the employee does not even have the idea that it was a  mistake with the choice of place of work.

If you want to hire new foreign employees to the company, you can prepare a greeting or motivating card for them in their native language. 

Such an approach will make everyone feel really necessary. Secondly, it will give the opportunity to quickly join the workflow.

Adapt newbie with following methods:

  • “attaching” experienced mentors to newbies;
  • intermediate interviews with new employees in a month, two and three months, in order to track changes in the level of engagement;
  • development of an adaptation course.

For example, 
EducationSuperHighway company uses the method of “Learn and Launch”. The essence of the approach is to allow new employees to study the theoretical part, implement knowledge into practice, and if there are some bugs, all the team helps to fix them. This also contributes to improved learning and development within the team and its new members.

2. Individual Development Plans for Each Employee

Training of an employee

This is another factor that influences market performance - the professional development of employees of the organization. It is believed that the higher the involvement of an employee, the greater is the need for self-development and increased skills, which a person will be able to apply in the future. 

According to statistics for 2018, only

of employees saw the prospects for their career growth in their company.

Staff engagement can be effectively increased by creating individual development plans. First, the preparation of such a plan can be one of the methods for effective communication between the employer and the employees.

And secondly, the plan will take into account the interests of the best employees and give them the necessary opportunities for professional growth. Personal development should be the common goal of each employee and management, for the implementation of which the efforts of both parties are made. In turn, the result of these efforts will also please both.

An employee development plan may include various courses, training, rotation, coaching, discussion on work life balance with mentors from among the most experienced employees of the firm. It is worth noting that such an approach is especially welcomed by young people!

For example, Marks and Spencer use the following approach to individual development plans. They are focused mostly on self-development, providing fruitful conditions for it. New employees are gathered in groups guided by a manager who is performing the role of just a supervisor but not a dictator.

3. Inviting Employees to solve problems that have a larger scope

team activity

The engagement of staff has a positive effect on the feeling of being full of work with meaning. Most companies that have high levels of it, work from time to time on important and vibrant projects. The participation of staff in such projects gives a sense of the significance of their work and, as a result, increases production efficiency

For example, DHL transportation service aims at completely green logistics and that is why its employees regularly take part in ecology problems solutions and initiatives.

Of course, it’s impossible to attract everyone to participate in strategic events, but the possibility of joining the team of “chosen ones” also motivates employees.

The best employees who have a high level of engagement should be encouraged to enter a new level in professional and research activities. Due to the survey, 51% of workers said they would quit their jobs if they are not offered training! This may include participation in international conferences, attending any professional events, and so on.

4. Creative Thinking and Innovation


Innovation always requires long-term research and planning work, which is difficult to combine with daily concerns. Staff's interest in finding new ideas can be maintained by allocating time on a weekly or monthly basis.

Employees will work with desire and efficiency on long-term projects that are aimed at modernizing production if you allocate individual hours for this. Modern firms also often take the opportunity to direct staff engagement to develop progressive ideas. 

For example, Zappos employees say that they are working in a really fun environment that really contributes to creative thinking since one of the main goals of the company itselа is to make its staff happy. Company executives should understand that employee engagement is one of the most significant factors that affect the overall performance of the team.

5. Staff Workspace


Often, in order to increase staff engagement, it is enough to revise the design of the working environment. It’s not a secret that the environment has a great influence on the mental health and emotional state of a person, including their well-being.

For example, you can divide the workspace into several zones. One zone can be designed for the work of one person, another for brainstorming with the participation of the whole team, and the third for recreation. The effectiveness of the staff will be much higher if the surrounding space will contribute to the work. Apple is so picky about the organization of the working space that the walls in the office are absolutely smooth, and the doors do not stand out against the walls. According to the designers, this is done so that visual obstacles do not distract developers from generating ingenious ideas.

Particular attention should be paid to recreation areas, which are still not developed in many organizations. They help increase staff engagement by providing an opportunity for psychological relaxation and maintaining physical health.

Summing up, we want to remind that workers should feel necessary! Try to introduce these methods to your company and your team will change! Motivate your employees, measure and analyze the results. Your team will be grateful to you, and your business will reach a new level!

Originally published on
October 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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