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Employee Engagement
December 7, 2020
Syed Maaz

The latest development in Xoxoday’s employee engagement platform, Empuls, brings forth enhancements on all fronts. Starting from integration with Microsoft Teams to simplified appreciation and rewarding along with a few more changes, here’s everything new in this month’s Empuls update.

1. Build a winning culture from the Microsoft Teams ecosystem

With thousands of workplaces collaborating on MS teams, it’s a formidable platform for projects big and small alike. However, Microsoft Teams being a great collaboration tool doesn’t engage you and helps you collaborate. Now you can use Empuls within the MS team ecosystem to engage your teams better.

Empuls and MS Teams Integration

By Integrating Empuls with your Microsoft Teams or other collaboration tools, engage your teams right from that environment. Keep your team motivated and engaged within the workflow by integrating Empuls with your Microsoft Teams account. Give your workforce a simple and intuitive interface for sharing appreciation on the fly. Find Xoxoday Empuls on Microsoft Teams and plug it in instantly. With more updates on the way, integrate Empuls with MS Teams today to:

  • Appreciate colleagues and teammates
  • Rewards and recognition in a click
  • Nominate your peers for awards
  • Keep track of all essential actions

All you need to know about the Empuls-MS Teams integration>>

2. Empower teams to share feedback, diagnose problems, & fix them proactively

It’s only human not proactively to open up and share feedback, but you might respond if you ask for feedback. To equip all users with the power of feedback, the “Empower” section in the navigation allows them to create custom employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys, feedback surveys, etc.

Gather a holistic view of problem areas and focus on them to fix them up. By sharing these surveys within the teams or groups on Empuls, users can consider their colleagues’ opinions in one go. These can be created from scratch or chosen from a myriad of pre-set templates in the platform:

  • With the comprehensive employee pulse survey, get a detailed idea of what the organization culture looks like, or
  • Build your survey from scratch for collective feedback from particular teams, groups, or the organization as a whole.

By measuring the lead and lag indicators, build a truly engaged and happy workforce.

Every employee is empowered to create surveys and exchange feedback. To collaborate and align better, the users can gather feedback from their teams or measure the group's engagement. Do note that the “gather feedback” surveys are open for all by default, while only admins can “measure engagement.”

These settings can be changed from access controls, and wherein the admins can decide whom these options should be made available to, i.e., general admins, managers, and all users.

3. Appreciate and Reward on the go with a minimalistic interface

Appreciations are meant to be on the spot, quick and rightly so. To simplify appreciation and rewarding, you can now use a single interface to share rewards and appreciations linked to the organization’s values and awards that don’t need approval from superiors.

With the new interface, you get even more control over setting up the award workflows that work best for you. This change helps in both peers to peer as well as hierarchical employee rewards and recognition. Now give spot awards, certificates, and approval-based awards with ease.

The step by step process helps you stay in control during the entire award creation process, so you know exactly how things will work.
The step by step process helps you stay in control during the entire award creation process so you know exactly how things will work.

4. Distribute custom certificates with rewards and appreciations

Distribute custom certificates with rewards and appreciations

With a gallery of certificates on the platform, present the awardees with rewards and appreciations for jobs well done. Certificates can be labeled with the organization’s logo and specifics, which can be delivered as a soft copy and a physical copy. The certificate gallery has various templates to choose from as per the occasion.

5. With the new User Profile facelift, know all about colleagues in a single glance.

Users can manage their profiles and add everything needed to introduce themselves to others in the organization. By adding skills, proficient languages, interests, hobbies, a short bio, and much more, teammates can communicate better when they’re aware of another person’s profile—control visibility to personal information like phone numbers or birthdates.

You can keep track of all the rewards, appreciations, and perks in the User Profile section. Redeem your Empuls points and check your order history while editing your preferences then and there—all at one place.

That’s all for the new features this month on Xoxoday Empuls. Missed out on the last release’s update in features? Check it out.

Guide To Action : Interpreting The Empuls Engagement Survey Dashboard
Originally published on
December 7, 2020
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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