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Employee Engagement
December 11, 2019
Rani Joseph

A year long of toil leads to the much anticipated, scantily few, days of celebrations and festivities. Imagine not having to wait even a day to bring in festive cheer for your employees. At the dawn of this new year, we present to you a calendar of days that makes EVERYDAY a celebration. This calendar of 366 days of Employee Engagement helps keep your employees actively engaged - every single day of the month and every month of the year.

The days in the calendar are categorised based on the kind of engagement activity it can include, such as:

  • Learning and Awareness themed days
  • National festivals
  • Food themed days
  • Fun themed days
  • Employee well-being themed days
  • Team Development themed days

Learning and Awareness Themed Days

Heineiken’s ‘Go places’ campaign
Heineiken’s ‘Go places’ campaign to engage future talent

Learning and awareness themed days are ideal to plugin your learning plans of the year and to get your employee aware of important technological, social and environmental phenomenons. For instance, TSC ran awareness campaigns on three of their clients to successfully illustrate how important awareness campaigns can be to the success of a company's information security policies and infrastructure.

Following is a list of learning and awareness days that are included in the engagement calendar:

Engagement Calendar
Engagement Calendar
Engagement Calendar
Engagement Calendar

Engagement Calendar

National Festivals

Diwali Celebration at Gurgaon Google Office
Diwali decorations at Gurgaon Google office

National festivals are an integral part of all employee engagement programs. These are days unique to the country and the region and are celebrated in significant grandeur. It is critical to be accurate and inclusive while planning for a festival engagement activity. Chron talks of how workplace festival celebrations are critical to drive employee engagement at work place. This calendar ensures that the entire list of national festivals is covered in the yearly employee engagement plan.

There are 7 versions of this calendar, each listing the national holidays and festivals of India, USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore and Philippines, respectively.

For example, the version that includes the festivals and holidays of India contains:

Indian Festivals
Indian Festivals

 Following are a few suggestions on activities that can be used for workplace celebrations associated with national holidays :

  • Festive themed dress up day
  • Festive themed office parties
  • Gift exchange
  • Festive themed competitions
  • Festive themed office decorations

Food themed Days

Taco Tuesday at San Francisco, CA
InMobi employees celebrating Taco Tuesday at San Francisco, CA

Ideal for potlucks and nurturing organisational culture, food themed days are inspired around classic food items. It is an opportunity for the employees to explore different cuisines and individualistic cooking styles. We have made sure that most of the foods in the food themed days are staple and are easy to source from a local provision store - thus ensuring the programs are inclusive for all.

Following is the list of office food themed days that are included in the calendar:

Food days
Food days

A few suggestions for activities to celebrate office food days are:

  • Pot lucks
  • Employee food stalls
  • Recipe sharing
  • Team wise food presentation
  • Live kitchen
  • Employee lead cooking classes
  • Cooking competitions

Fun Themed Days

Employees at Weber Shandwick during their yearly holiday party
Employees at Weber Shandwick during their yearly holiday party

As the name suggests- these are the days that could finally help you tackle those monday blues. The office fun days can be tactically used to fill gaps in the traditional employee engagement calendars. This helps break monotony and add in an element of constructive quirkiness to the office environment.

Fun themed days
Fun themed days
Fun themed days

A few ideas for the engagement activities to celebrate fun themed days:

  • Fun themed dress up to office
  • Fun-themed competitions (Ask a stupid question day)
  • Fashion/ Costume Shows
  • Talent shows
  • Fun themed poetry/ literature/ art contests
  • Treasure hunts
  • Fun themed office parties
  • Fun day awarded as a Reward/ Recognition (Stay Home because you are well day )

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Employee well-being themed Days

Free onsite employee massages offered at Rally Health, San Francisco
Free onsite employee massages offered at Rally Health, San Francisco

This Deloitte insights article explores how employee well-being is not only a responsibility of  the employer, but also is a part of the human capital strategy. The employee well-being themed days help this year's employee engagement plan to be inclusive of physical and mental well-being initiatives for the employees.

Following is the list of employee well-being themed days included in the calendar.

Fun themed days
Fun themed days

‍Ideal ways to celebrate these Employee well-being days are:

  • Free one-on-one counselling sessions
  • Group counselling sessions
  • Wall of creatives
  • Act the day ( Bike To Work Day , regifting day)
  • Workshops
  • Kindness ballot
  • Family/ Best Friend office party
  • Gift a professionally drafted plan (diet plan, tour plan, session plan, wellness plan)

Team Building themed Days

A team building activity held by GISInc Birmingham
A team building activity held by GISInc Birmingham

Team building initiatives are important to elevate the engagement of team members and is a key function of the leader to ensure it. This article in Entrepreneur discusses how such initiatives can have long standing effects in team engagement.

Following is the list of Team building themed days:

These are a few suggestions on how to celebrate Team building themed days:

  • Open house, Q & A with the CXOs
  • Meet the leadership team
  • Act the day (No one eats alone day, Thank you note day, etc)
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Guest inspirational speeches
  • Training sessions
  • Inter team competitions
  • 'Celebrate the stars of the day' office party (Techies day, Bosses day). (Plan parties using this checklist)

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December 11, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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