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Employee Engagement

Effective Employee Reward Management using Empuls and Plum | Sept'19 Update

Know all about the Empuls and Plum product updates of September 2019 for effective employee reward management

October 11, 2019
Rani Joseph
Employee Engagement

Effective Employee Reward Management using Empuls and Plum | Sept'19 Update

Effective Employee Reward Management using Empuls and Plum | Sept'19 Update

New Product Updates on Web Version of Empuls

1. Universal search in Empuls

With the September product update, Empuls goes live on the universal search feature that has wide-ranging applications in knowledge management within the platform. Users can now search for users, groups, messages, comments and file attachments. The system auto-suggests user and group results that are closest to the search, to help users quickly find results.

Fig 1: Screenshot of the search option

a. The search option in the shortcut menu bar

 Fig 2: Screenshot of the search screen

b. Searching messages

Information within a message posted on the feed or in the comments can be searched by entering the relevant keyword into the search bar. All messages and comments in which the keyword occurs will be populated as search results.

Fig 3: Screenshot of the message results

c. Searching attachments

File names of the attachments that are uploaded along with messages or comments can be searched by entering part or full name of the file into the search bar. All attachments that contain the searched keyword in their filename will be populated as search results.

Fig 4: Screenshot of the attachment results

Future improvements

a. Searching users

Users can be searched by entering user names, email id, first name or last name. Clicking on a search result would take the user to the respective employee’s profile page.

  Fig 5: Screenshot of the user result

b. Searching groups

Groups can be searched by entering the group name fully or partly. Clicking on a  search result would take the user to the respective group’s profile page.

Fig 6: Screenshot of the group results

2. Jury Awards

Empuls enables its users now to execute Jury awards. The Jury awards feature helps organizations set up awards workflows that require approval by a jury (a panel) of users to collectively decide on who receives an award.

1. Creating a Jury award

An Empuls admin can now set up a jury award by selecting a new award option that now appears in the ‘Add Awards’ wizard.  The option reads ‘Create a jury based award. Awarding is based on jury rating and approval workflow.’ (See Fig 7.)

Fig 7: Screenshot of the create an award wizard

Now, the admin can go ahead and choose the criteria of deciding the award. (See Fig 8.)

Fig 8: Screenshot of  defining the criteria of the award

The Admin can even decide on who the jury members should be. (See Fig 9.)

 Fig 9: Screenshot of deciding the jury members

2. Nominating for a Jury award

Eligible nominators of a jury award can give a jury award and meanwhile, can enter criteria wise details of why the nominee deserves the award. (See Fig 10.)

Fig 10: Screenshot of entering nominee details by the nominator

3. Rating a nominee by a jury member

A jury member can give ratings on each criteria defined by the admin. He can also see the criteria wise detailed justification of the nomination. (See Fig 11.)

  Fig 11: Screenshot of rating the nominee by the jury member

2. Editing a nomination

An award nominator can now edit the citation previously provided for a nomination thus enabling users to make corrections if needed. These edits can be done only before the award review process has begun. (See Fig 12).

Fig 12: Screenshot of edit option of the award, as seen by the nominator

3. Edit Awards

Organizations, at a certain point of rewards cycle, may want to change the way their awards behave - for example, change the users who can receive, send or approve these awards. This requirement is now solved through the ‘Edit Awards’ feature. Empuls now allows the new admin to change the criteria or the workflow of an award nomination process while the nomination / rewarding is in progress. The nominations submitted previously would continue to follow the older nomination workflow and the newer nominations received shall follow the updated award nomination workflow.

4. Download Survey Reports

Survey reports are now downloadable to be shared further or reused for further data analysis. (See Fig 13)

Fig 13: Screenshot of download option available in survey reports

5. Cost center and Cost head

Empuls now provides an option to incorporate matrix organisation structures by including cost center and cost head entry fields in the employee record, in addition to the department and department head fields. Earlier, the admin could only add department and department head fields to a user, restricting the organisations with matrix reporting. With the introduction of these new fields, users are tagged to both their cost centers and departments - thus helping admins derive accurate cost center and department reports.

6. Disabling a super-admin

Now super admins cannot disable themselves unless they create a new super admin and provide them the super admin rights. With the earlier settings, a super admin could disable themselves and be locked out of the system - causing unnecessary service escalations. With this update, the option to disable themselves in inactive for the super admins unless they have created a new super admin by transferring all the rights.

7. More image options in greetings and badges

This product update comes with quite a few additional image options for awards, badge, and greetings. These options can be seen in the greetings attachment options while creating a message on a group and free to use and distribute.

New Product Updates on Web Version of Plum

1.   New Admin Dashboard

The all-new Plum is a digital rewards platform that simplifies rewards, recognition and incentive programs and acts as a single dashboard to manage all the reward programs. Plum offers a global catalogue with 5000+ experiences, 2000+ gift vouchers and 10000+ perks to redeem reward points, from across hundreds of categories and over 70 countries. Plum can integrate with various business software like:

  1. Ticketing platforms (Eg : Freshdesk)
  2. Sales platforms
  3. HRMS (Eg : Zoho)

With the brand new dashboard, the Admin gets to view the available Plum points, gift voucher usage and can access all of the product admin functions right from the dashboard. (See Fig 14)

Fig 14: Screenshot of the new Plum dashboard

The Plum dashboard gives access to all the features of the platform, namely:

  • Xoxo points
  • Xoxo vouchers
  • Campaigns
  • Reports
  • Plum pro
  • Recharge and
  • Account

1. Bulk upload of Xoxo points and UX improvements

Plum offers an option to distribute points called Xoxo points that can be given to employees, channel partners and consumers in order to reward and incentivize them. Points can be burned by the recipients on Xoxoday plum to buy experiences, activities,  gift vouchers, perks etc. Points can be sent to recipients in very simple steps. Bulk upload is a new feature added on the platform that allows users to add recipients in bulk by uploading a preformatted .csv file. (See Fig 15)

Fig 15: Screenshot of the Bulk upload

There are few important UX improvements like introduction of universal shortcuts to "User Registration" and "Recharge" and new error messages that are simpler to understand.

2. Custom Voucher E-mails, Catalog and Whitelabelling in Xoxo Vouchers

Send Xoxo gift vouchers on Plum to your employees, customers or channel partners during festivals, occasions or to reward their achievements. These vouchers can be customised to give a personal touch and make the recipients feel more valued and happy. Vouchers now can also be mapped to campaigns with which you can fully customize the redemption options to fit your target audience. This customisation includes options to handpick the catalogue options, create custom email templates that fits the reward theme and have whitelabelled URLs and landing pages that reflect the company brand. (See Fig 16)

Fig 16: Screenshot of sending a Xoxo Voucher

3. Custom Landing Pages and Pricing level Filters in Campaigns

Plum offers campaign creation options for admins to run their rewarding programs for their employees or customers. Admins can create custom landing pages that displays the custom redemption options that suit the target audience. You can select and customize redemption product range, apply filters based on location, categories and in the pricing level details. The landing page can be designed with rich visual elements to reflect your brand image and/or the occasion. (See Fig 17)

Fig 17: Screenshot of creating a reward campaign

4. Resend Voucher from Reports

Plum offers a ‘Reports’ section where the admin can view and download the reports of all the transactions done using Plum in the organisation - for both Xoxo points/Xoxovoucher and Plum pro funds. Reports allows to check the status of the transactions along with details like invoice date, amount, invoice note, balance and comments. Plum also allows vouchers to be resent, right from the record of a previous transaction. In reports, the admin can also track the usage of the points by the recipients. (See Fig 18)

Fig 18: Screenshot of a plum report

5. Plum Pro

Plum pro is a premium feature of the Plum product where the admin can send particular brand vouchers to their employees, customers or channel partners. They can purchase from amongst 2000+ brand vouchers internationally, based on their needs.

Fig 19: Screenshot of  Plum Pro

6. Recharge

The recharge section of the Plum dashboard allows the admin to keep a check on the Xoxo points/Xoxo vouchers and Plum pro funds. This section also allows them to quickly recharge and add funds to your account in simple steps. (See Fig 20)

Fig 20: Screenshot of points recharge

7. Account

The account section holds details about the company and the plum account. In the section, Plum admins can view and edit the company and their personal details. Admins can edit the company name, billing address and view the GST number, time zone and currency in the company details. The personal details contain information like full name of the admin, email, contact number and password of Plum account. (See Fig 21)

Fig 21: Screenshot of company profile in Account

New Product Updates on Mobile Version of Empuls

1. New Mobile app dashboard

With this product release, the Empuls mobile users now get to experience the mobile platform in a whole new way. With a visually rich design, the mobile dashboard has quick links to everything that is important for the user to access. The user gets to quickly view any recent events around him/her, post a message, access groups, tasks and updates - right from the dashboard. (See Fig 16)

Fig 22: Screenshot of the mobile dashboard

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