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January 24, 2020
Rani Joseph

With the January 2020 release, Empuls gets even better with new features for easier rewards and recognition with better relevancy in feeds, dedicated page for appreciation and options to mask  personal information on  the employee profile page. The Empuls mobile app also launched  a few much awaited features.

Empuls Web Updates for Easier Employee Appreciation

The January Empuls update witnesses a number of new features and functionalities - in addition to ample design improvements.

1. Ability to roll-back awards and gifts

The cases where the admin sends an award to a wrong user - due to reasons like incorrect data or rewarding duplicacy - are now addressed by Empuls. In the event of such an error, the Admin now has an ability to revert back a gift or an award. This will be available as a menu option to ‘Awards’. (See Fig 1) Even users can request for roll-back, in case they send an award to a wrong user- to the super admin who can approve it.

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot Awards
Fig 1 Xoxoday Empuls screenshot Awards

2. Allow bulk awarding for awards with restriction

The last release of Empuls brought about bulk rewarding for awards without restriction. With this release, admins can bulk reward even during approval-based awards.

In large organisations with innumerous teams, HR Managers would otherwise find it challenging to implement large, standardised award formats without any restriction. With bulk awarding options available for approval-based awards, HR Managers and Team Managers can execute their award programs faster.

3. Improved relevancy in feeds and user search 

(Released in both Empuls web and mobile app)

The Empuls ‘town hall’ group is core to engaging an employee with the rest of the organisation. The leaders and managers can use this group to send out important organisational information to employees and get them involved in meaningful conversations. Earlier, the ‘town hall’  feeds were sequenced based on the latest activity - in other words, the post  with the latest comment (s) appears on the top. This logic restricted  the user to view only the most popular feeds instead of viewing the most significant ones. With the new release, feeds that have relatively higher importance will be shown on the top. The user can filter feeds posted on the ‘town hall’ group based on the following factors that they consider relevant (See fig 2):

  • Feeds and comments that are posted by the user’s subordinates (up to 3 levels), superiors (up to 3 levels), HRBP,  Business Unit head, cost center head, or department peers.
  • Feeds that the user is tagged in.
  • Award feeds in which the user’s subordinates (up to 3 levels), superiors (up to 3 levels), HRBP,  Business Unit  head, cost center head or department peers are tagged.
Xoxoday Empuls screenshot Relevant posts
Fig 2. Xoxoday Empuls screenshot Relevant posts

4. Add Archived reports in Empuls- applicable for migrated clients

Many of Xoxoday’s clients have successfully migrated from Xoxoday Enterprise (E1) to Xoxoday Empuls (E2). This release provides an option to our clients using E1 to see all of their E1 reports archived to Empuls. They can get the data from January 1, 2018 till migration.   All data that includes details of award configuration and appreciations are given as reports. (See Fig 3)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot archived reports
Fig 3. Xoxoday Empuls screenshot archived reports

5. A single dashboard for budget owner’s points

It gets difficult for HR Managers to track all their reward budget transactions on a day-to-day basis from across different reports. Now, each of the budget responses and requests are created as logs. In other words, transactions of adding or spending points from the budget are entered in the same transaction format. This data allows users to monitor the inflow of points (whether through points sharing or points administration), changes in budget definition and outflow of points through rewards and gifts -  from a single dashboard.

6. Standing instructions for adding members to a group

A group’s administrator will now be able to restrict the addition of members based on selections like department, business unit, user reportees, or location. This feature helps create groups with highly relevant target group members. (See fig 4)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot member addition
Xoxoday Empuls screenshot member addition

7. Adding managers and department heads in CC for automated greetings

The new release adds the functionality of marking the managers and department heads on their emails whenever the  automated greetings are triggered to their team members. This functionality keeps them informed on important milestones of their team members.

8. Cost Center head added as an Approver

In addition to  having only the admin or the manager as approvers for an award, now even the Cost Center head can accept or reject an award.

9. Independent Business Units

In addition to departments and locations, Empuls now provides an option to classify users into multiple business units or individual organisations. These business units have capabilities to have their own gifts, awards and groups.

10. User can now define his privacy

(Released in both Empuls web and mobile app)

In the last release, Empuls added rich fields to make user profiles more meaningful. To avoid misuse  of this user details, the users are now given a choice to manage the public visibility of their personal information like birthdays, anniversaries and phone numbers. (See Fig 5)


Xoxoday Empuls screenshot account information
Fig 5 a (Empuls web)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot mobile
Fig 5 b (Empuls mobile app)

11. Dedicated page for Appreciation

(Released in both Empuls web and mobile app)

Appreciation in Empuls has now become easier with a dedicated page with an option in the menu bar. During the process of appreciation, the list of employees closest to the user’s function will be suggested as recipients - making it easier to give value cards and tag organisation values. Even the group where the appreciation should be published can be easily defined by the nominee. (See Fig 6)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot value cards
Fig 6 a (Empuls web)
Xoxoday Empuls screenshot appreciate
Fig 6 b (Empuls mobile app)

12. Reminder to Super admin on low reserve fund and balance

Super admins will now be notified on ‘low reserve funds’ based on a threshold limit that can be pre-defined. When the reserve funds are less than the threshold,  the super admins will be notified once a week and when the reserve fund is less than 25% of the threshold, a reminder is sent daily.

13. Choosing an award in ‘Give award’ section made easier

Users can now search for an award by typing the award name and the user will automatically be taken directly to the citation screen. (Essentially, we have reduced one step in the awarding process.)

14.  CSV support for Adhoc Gift

Admin can give Adhoc gifts to multiple users using bulk upload feature that allows uploading of.csv sheets with the list of user details.

Empuls Mobile Release

1. Greetings in Comment

 Users will now have an option to add the greetings in comments right from their mobile devices.  With this functionality, giving greetings will become much easier. (See Fig 7)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot greet
Fig 7. Xoxoday Empuls screenshot greet

2. Edit feed and comments

The users will be now able to edit the feeds and comments posted by them from their Empuls mobile app. They will also be able to remove tagged users, tag new users and also add or remove attachments from the comments posted. (See Fig 8)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot feeds
Fig 8. Xoxoday Empuls screenshot feeds

3. Mobile app dashboard UX improvement

The mobile app dashboard has undergone yet another facelift - with the user able to access their groups, pending tasks and celebration right from it. (See Fig 9)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot landing page mobile
Fig 9. Xoxoday Empuls screenshot landing page mobile

4. Enhanced banner with point information

In addition to the budget information added in the last release, the mobile now also displays the user points - both total received and redeemed.The budget information now also shows the cumulative current monthly and quarterly points that  were allocated to the user.(See Fig 10 a and b)

Xoxoday Empuls screenshot landing page mobile
Fig 10a
Fig 10b

Plum release

1. Multiple Admins in the ‘Stores’ platform

Plum now supports more than one admin or super admin from a single registered organisation. The super-admin will now be able to add and delete an admin and can even update the budget threshold limit for an admin. The admin  has the functionality to send xoxo vouchers, xoxo points and check reports. (See Fig 9 & 10)

Fig 9. Xoxoday Plum screenshot admin page
Fig 10. Xoxoday Plum screenshot admin page

2. Quick access to voucher validity check

Many users have queries related to details of the gift vouchers like validity or balance and they would like to access it even without logging in. With this release a link on the homepage gives the user the option to check the details of their gift vouchers. With only the entry of voucher code, Plum displays the voucher validity, original voucher amount, vouchers balance and previous transactions.

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