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Malavika Mallya

Diwali Celebrations at Xoxoday

Diwali Celebrations at Xoxoday

Diwali is by far one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals that we celebrate in India. And the significance of celebrating it in the workplace goes a long way. For many, the office is like the second home, and we decorate the office with Diwali decorations and distribute sweets.

At Xoxoday, today, it was no less. Dressed in their best ethnic wear, the Xoxoians came to the office looking all colourful, cheery, and of course in the festive mood. Clearly, the essence of Diwali was seen on everyone's face.

How the Day Unfolded

The Diwali celebrations kicked off with a small puja in the main campus graced by all the Xoxoians. The pundit started with a small arti followed by mantra chants.

Once the puja was over, Prashad was distributed to one and all. Specially packed sweet boxes were also distributed to everyone.

The day ended with games and activities conducted by the HR Team. The classic game of musical chairs was played with much gusto by everyone. Also, in the mood of the festivities, a content for selecting the best-dressed man and woman was also held.

To say the least, Diwali for Xoxoians started with a bang!

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