March 9, 2018

Digital Signage - The Advertisement Boost That Every Business Needs!

Where business is concerned, we live in a highly competitive world, where you have to work extra hard to promote your brand, advertise your business and market your products and/or services.

Fortunately, digital signage is a technology that is taking the world by storm. Advertising, branding and marketing have become much easier and though the use of digital signs. This post is meant to help you understand the power of digital signage and why you need to consider it for your business. So, if you have any doubts or burning questions about this trending technology. Read on for some satisfying answers

First things first; a great majority of people never stop asking what digital signage really is. So, it is important that we understand what digital signage is before proceeding. It is a specially designed LED or LCD display screen that business owners are using for advertising and communication within their business premises. In fact, digital signage is a fundamental part of advertising and businesses that are already using this technology have a lot to celebrate.

Forget about the traditional forms of advertising like print media or brochures. Digital signage is the in thing at the moment and if you are keen enough, you must have noticed its great impact in the corporate sector. Experts say that it is the most useful technology apart from other online marketing technologies and a great way to make sure your digital signage content reaches masses.

If you are not fully convinced that digital signage technology will boost your brand awareness, here are 4 different types of digital signage solutions that you can use to not only market your brand or products but also be one of the best service providers in the market.

Creating posters – With digital signages for your business, you will be able to produce digital posters for your customers and target audience. Unlike print posters that would take so much time to produce, digital posters will save you time and money.

Moreover, you can change the details in your digital poster to your liking at any given time unlike with print where once the information was out in the public domain, it was irreversible.

Now, imagine displaying your posters on your LED or LCD screens inside and outside your business premises. That is something that will definitely grab the attention of the viewers and at the end of the day, a great majority of people will have seen the message on the posters.

Menu boards – This is mainly for restaurants, hotels and cafes. It is a great way to grab your customers’ attention as they make some purchase choices. Digital menu boards are designed to display relevant and important information to customers in a single display. Using an LED or LCD monitor and a media player that are both connected to a specific network, you can easily give your customers updates, notifications, information on promotions and offers, prices and so on.

Private digital displays – This form of digital displays is meant for private institutions like schools and hospitals where the displayed content is only meant for people who are within the facility. These digital signs are used specifically when the concerned institutions want to convey different messages, give directions to customers, notify them of any changes or updates or just generally pass any information that would be time consuming if at all it was conveyed to one person at a time.

For example, hospitals will use private digital displays to provide medical updates about their patients and/or their services. As for schools, digital displays can be used to give academic updates and outline different procedures that students need to undertake.

Alfresco digital signs – Yes, you read that right. There are digital signage solutions that are specifically meant for the outdoors. This form of digital signs is meant to capture the attention of as many people as possible. Both regular customers and first-time customers are targets here. However, unlike the way it is with indoor displays, the outdoor digital signs are a bit tricky to install. Not to worry though; just make sure that you find a good enclosure to protect your system from harsh weather, vandalism and/or theft.

Of all the 4 types of digital display solutions, it is important that you choose one that caters to your needs. Putting all your hard work and money into a digital solution that is not favorable for your business needs will be as good as nothing at all. And now that you are aware of the types of digital signage solutions that are out there, here are some exciting ways digital signage is ideal for your business, small or big. No matter what you do, through digital signage.

Your business will attract more customers – Let’s be honest; digital signage is all about advertising, brand awareness and marketing, right? Well, with all the power that this technology is associated with, you can rest assured that your business will be attracting new customers day after day. Moreover, in this day and age, more people are drawn to screens than printouts. With the right content, the right connectivity and the right message, you will be drawing new customers in and giving regular customers reasons to stay on board.

Your business will suffer fewer advertising costs – You might be spending a fortune to have everything up and running but the beauty of all this is that it is a onetime expense. Unlike print media where you will have to pay for new printouts every time, you will be able to change the information on your display screen with a simple touch of a button. Therefore, if your business has been suffering from the high printing costs, it is time you considered digital signage for your business.

Lastly, your business will be believable – Customers are attracted to digital signage and when you use it to your advantage, your business will become believable. More and more customers will want to purchase goods or pay for services from you. In addition to this, digital signs are also known to keep the customers engaged and are therefore among the most influential technologies today.

Xoxoday Team

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