Corporate Diwali Gifts – How to Surprise Your Employees?

November 2, 2019
Malavika Mallya

This Diwali, stand out from the crowd with a unique corporate gift.A Giftxoxo Experience Box lets the happy recipient choose from several experiences. These experiences help them to treat themselves to little luxuries they might not otherwise consider, or be able to justify splurging on. Wish an auspicious Diwali to your professional associates with somespectacular experiences from Giftxoxo that will light up their mind, body and soul.

Diwali holidays are about to come and everybody is in gift-giving mode. A well thought out corporate surprise gift experience during this festival of Diwali is going to boost the productivity of the employed. It also cultivates a feeling of oneness and builds positive vibes at the work place. It gives a perfect opportunity for the corporate and the employees to understand each other personally. You can give a personal touch bygifting experiences from Giftxoxo.

Corporate gifting is important as it is an impetus for the employees to contribute more and therefore, help the business grow. It functions as a token of acknowledgement for the employees’ hard work. Consequentially this strengthens your business and happy employees boost relations with clients. A company’s employees are its most natural base of advocates for its value proposition, brands and services. As the web continues to drastically change how we gift, entrepreneurs are finding a renewed faith in the power of gifting an experience to the employee.

When employees have an unexpected positive experience, it’s likely to be one they remember. That being said, employees probably know what type of experience to expect when they come into their workplace. After all, they’re coming in because they know you can give them something they’re looking for. But, what if you surprised them with something fun and delightful that they weren’t expecting?

Create Lasting Experiences with Surprises

So how are we supposed to build lasting memories? With a surprise, of course! The reality is that it's been proven in a number of consumer studies that a vast majority of consumers will pay for better service and a great experience is a known cause for increased brand loyalty and word of mouth referrals.

When you remember something clearly, it’s probably because a surprising element sparked your memory.
If you want to build lasting memories and if you want employee gifting to be memorable, surprise your staff! Here we share 5 exceptional ways to 'WOW' the socks off of your employees this Diwali which will help you in creating happier workplaces.

7-D treat

For employees who have been working with two-dimensional papers and screens or a software which lets them depict a 3-D projection, gifting them a 7-D experience will be a wonder treat - a welcome break of sorts. They can take a spring of incredulity to experience 7D effects with XD shoot. While they explore the world of technology and creativity in animation they can experience the effects of snow, rain, thunder, wind, fire & leg tickling.

Gift your employees this unique experience from Giftxoxo which is a fun and interactive activity for the entire family.

Let Them Play Sherlock

No employee would expect to get locked in a room this Diwali. But a Mystery Prevails Experience voucher from Giftxoxo will gift them the excitement which will keep them on their toes. The thrill of solving the clues to get out of the room is an experience nobody can forget. The mystery solver, in this case, the employee is the story, he will make the moves, solve the clues and puzzles to find a way out before the time runs out. This will test their observation, detective skills, ability to keep calm under pressure.

Tickle Their Feet and Senses

A soothing foot massage will give all the attention that can help the feet relax and calm, relieves stress and improves sleep. The feet support the entire body, connecting us to the ground and moving us about our world; yet we mostly use, abuse, and then sadly neglect these important workhorses. Instead of lovingly caring for and properly appreciating them, we cram them into tight and uncomfortable shoes and repeatedly slam them into paved surfaces. Why not surprise your employee’s feet by having experienced therapists exercise the power of therapeutic touch?

Giving some sweet attention to your employee’s feet will help him unwind, soothe those tired, overworked appendages, and it just plain feels good, so why not? Gift them a eflexology Heavenly Experience voucher.

Give Them the Wings to Fly like a Bird

Take a high-flying ride above the site, getting a bird's eye view of the location and feel the thrill at sights not even the tallest balcony can rival. Parasailing is an exhilarating aero adventure. As you fly far above the ground, with the wind rushing all around you, you feel like an unfettered bird soaring over the azure scenic location. You will be able to view the setting and its surroundings from a high altitude, leaving you with a sense of wonder at nature’s splendour.

This Diwali is the time for them to take a jump in and buckle up for Parasailing. Gift them this experience of Fly High with Giftxoxo, you will surprise them to the core.

High-spirited Surprise

Your employee may be expecting champagne or a wine bottle. Why not let them get down and dirty by actually making some wine the old-fashioned way? Giftxoxo offers a unique experience voucher which will amaze them and truly write home about – from “a day in the life” of a harvest to making their own custom blend to stomping the grapes with their feet.

Let them take off those shoes and socks, roll up their pants and get ready to do some barefoot grape stomping. But the fun isn’t over yet, it’s time to step into a barrel and feel the grapes between the toes which never fails to be the perfect photo op! This will be followed by delicious lunch and a glass of wine.

A perfect weekend & a great way to celebrate Diwali. Ain’t it?

Originally published on
November 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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