Best Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

Employee Engagement
October 11, 2019
Suryalaxmi Radhakrishnan

Promoting healthcare practices at the workplace finds a place of importance among the many different agendas for employee wellness. As employees spend most of their time at the workplace, it is of utmost importance to create and cultivate a culture of a healthy lifestyle that is given prime importance. As rewards and recognition form an intrinsic part of the company’s culture, including healthcare vouchers as rewards makes a positive impact. We are going to learn how to improve employee engagement and wellbeing along with employee experience.

Here’s what employees want as a gift from their employer | Source: Knack 
Here’s what employees want as a gift from their employer | Source: Knack 

I. Improve Employee Engagement and Wellbeing with Health and Fitness

In the rewarding trends, healthcare vouchers are emerging not only popular but also immensely effective to improve employee engagement and wellbeing. It brings positive results in strengthening the employee journey as well. There is a wide range of healthcare vouchers with heavy discounts that employees can avail through rewards. Here are some employee wellness program ideas to enhance employee engagement.

  1. Beauty and Wellness
Beauty and Wellness
Credits: Pixabay

The beauty and wellness vouchers offer discounts on consultations for beauty and spa therapies. Xoxoday has a wide range of offers from brands across the world for purchases on beauty and wellness products.

Kaya clinic, VLCC, Spa Finder, Four Fountains Spa, Lakme Salon, Spa and Wellness, Bath and Bodyworks, Cake Beauty, Mind Space Mind and Body Wellness, The Third Eye Wellness, WellnessCode, Ulta Beauty, Ogawa, Robinsons, Chelsea Beautique Kenya.

2. Health and Drugs

Credits: Pexels

Medicine deliveries, booking for doctors’ appointments, and many other services can be availed by employees at discounted prices through Xoxoday’s vouchers.

CVS Pharmacy, Himalaya Herbals, Portea, Pupsik Studio, Elixir Juice Alchemy, Invite, Hello Alvin, Clinikk, DocsApp, Practo, Total Health Chiropractic, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, La Source Spa and Hair Singapore, Vaniday Singapore, Tulia Wellness, Natural Glam Kenya, Beauty Click Kenya.

3. Sports and Fitness

Credits: Unsplash

While fitness is an important part of our lives, it is also one of the most neglected parts of an employee’s wellness. Rewarding employees with sports and fitness vouchers help to inculcate the value of healthy living in one’s daily life. You can reward them with gym memberships, sports and fitness purchase vouchers, fitness equipment, yoga class memberships, and many more.

Talwalkars, Sports and Fitness- Zeven, Adidas, Smaaash, Rookie USA, Planet Sports, New Balance, Reef, Arena Philippines, Fitness First, Sportsmans Warehouse, Evans Cycles, Nike, Decathalon, Chris Sports, Relaxo, Bliss Yoga, Beyond Yoga, De La Mer, Blue Salon, Guavapass Singapore, Zen Yoga.

Gift vouchers are widely popular in employee wellness. Improve employee experiences with these gift vouchers and give them the joy of purchasing their favorite products on amazing discount rates. Make the best of the offers on Xoxoday.

II. Improve Employee Engagement and Wellbeing with Top Lifestyle Vouchers

From apparel shopping to home décor, Xoxoday has an amazing range of vouchers to make shopping an enjoyable and money-saving experience. Avail varying discounts on the shopping vouchers to buy personal articles like clothing, watches, bags, and home decors like upholsteries, kitchen appliances, and many more. Improve employee engagement and wellbeing with these vouchers to help them choose the best items from big brands while the bill is light on their pocket too.

In the age of personalized playlists and movie suggestions, gifting world has to follow suit.
Personalized gifts are a thing now, and one-size-fits-all presents are frowned upon (Knack).

Gift vouchers are widely popular in employee gifting trends. Reward your employees for their performance with these gift vouchers and give them the joy of purchasing their favorite products on amazing discount rates.

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Vouchers are apt as a gift for festivals, employee’s personal milestones, or outstanding achievement at work. Rewards/gifts not just serve as a great way to show your appreciation but improves the motivation levels of the employees and help them work with improved focus. This only proves that employee wellness is a rather crucial spot. 

  1. Apparel
Credits: Pixabay

Get heavy discounts on a wide range of apparel for both men and women wear. There’s plenty of variety to choose from while one can avail heavy discounts on brand products. We have an exciting range of international brand vouchers in apparels and your employees are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Adidas, central, Flipkart, Jabong, Van Heusen, Arrow, U.S. Polo, Myntra, Allen Solly, Flying Machine, Planet Fashion, Shoppers Stop, Lewis, Westside, Jack and Jones, Vero Moda, Only Apparel, United Colors Of Benetton, Marks And Spencer, PN Rao, Peter England, Amazon.

  1. Home & Living

Home & Living
Credits: Unsplash

We few of the choicest brands in home décor with a variety of shopping options for upholstery, showpieces, furniture, artifacts, and much more. Employees can avail attractive discounts on prices to buy their favorite items for their “sweet home”.

Chumbak, Wayfair, Home Depot, Kohl, Prestige Smart Kitchen, Lifestyle, Walmart, Myer Australia, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Shutterfly, Lulu, Crate&Barrel, Pier1Imports, Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, IKEA Italy, Bibliotek, Hipvan, Naiise, Taobao Collection Malaysia, Home Goods, Marshalls,

  1. Jewelry and Cosmetics
Jewelry and Cosmetics
Credits: Unsplash

These sets of vouchers are exclusively for your female employees. This has an attractive range of voucher collections for products like jewelry, cosmetics, and body care range. Exciting discounts can be availed on each purchase. Reward your high performing female employees with happiness.

Bluestone, Tanishq, Caratlane, Scarabee, Christ, Damas Jewellery, Etiole Jewellery, Liali Jewelry, Kalyan Diamond Jewellery, PC Jeweller, Mococo Jewellery.

  1. Accessories
Credits: Unsplash

Accessories are indispensable in fashion in personal and professional apparel. Bags, watches, shawls, and embellishments are popular in brand shopping.

Hidesign, Fastrack, Helios, Titan, Flipkart, Amazon, ALDO Accessories, Central, Brand Factory, Max.

  1. Wellness
Credits: Pexels

What better way to experience employee wellness than indulging in Spa therapies. After a stretch of hard-working days, your employees would love to be rewarded with a refreshing experience of therapeutic massages and shower. Winning such an experience with one’s hard work is a great motivation. Reward your employees with spa vouchers to give them discounted experiences to well-known spas in the city.

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  1. Magazines and Books
Magazines and Books
Credits: Pexels

Today, employees have to keep up with the changing times and update themselves with the latest in technology and trends in the world around them. This set of vouchers are for both average and voracious readers. Read the best in the world of business, entertainment, and education with these magazine and bookstore vouchers.

Reader's Digest, Bazaar, Crossword, Jashanmal Bookstore, Fully Booked Phillippine, Business Today, Harper’s Bazaar India, Cosmopolitan India, Good Homes, GQ Annual Subscription, Hello, Home Trends, Lonely Planet, Vogue, Femina, AD Annual Subscription.

  1. Gadgets
Credits: Unsplash

You can’t give a gadget freak employee a better gift than a voucher with discounts on gadgets. Xoxoday has a range of vouchers that serves as a great gift for your tech-savvy employee. Reward them and motivate them to achieve higher at work so that they can improve on work-life balance.

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  1. Shoes
Credits: Unsplash

Footwear is all about making style statements. Help your employees get great deals in footwear from the trending gift vouchers from popular brands like Woodland, Nike, Adidas, and many more.

Woodland, Nike, Adidas, Bata,, Otto Shoes, Foot Locker, Foot Loose

  1. Hobby and Entertainment
Hobby and Entertainment
Credits: Unsplash 

It’s important that employees stay connected to their passion and interest in the workplace too. Art and music reinforce employee wellness and keeps one de-stressed and better engaged in a work environment. Vouchers like, Apple Music, and iTunes makes life easy for your music-loving employees. Art supplies brand William Penn also has attractive discounts on it’s best offerings., William Penn, Apple Music, Itunes, The Craft Central.

  1. All shopping needs
All shopping needs
Credits: Pixabay

Easing daily shopping needs is always a plus in one’s life. Gift vouchers that make daily shopping hassle-free are one that employees love to grab at once. Reward your team with vouchers that offer discounts on their daily purchases on popular shopping sites.

Bigbasket, Walmart, Wholefood USA, Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Coles Australia, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Spar Hypermarket, Metro Supermarket, Oscar Supermarket, More.

  1. Food
Credits: Unsplash

Living great and having great food go hand in hand. Reward your high performer or the entire team with great dining experiences with these vouchers.

PizzaHut, Dominos, Pizza Express, BostonPizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza,

  1. Tickets
Credits: Pixabay

Ticket coupons are highly popular among millennial employees. Gifting ticket vouchers for theatricals, music events, and movies is a great motivator especially for young employees. Ticket coupons are the recipe for a refreshing weekend.

Book My Show, PVR, Regal Entertainment Group, Redbox, Virgin Megastore.

  1. Gym and Health/Salon

In the health and wellbeing, beauty, and gyming vouchers, there are attractive offers on various gyming memberships, salons, and beauty/wellness treatments. This section of vouchers also serves as a boost for health and employee wellness practices among employees.

Talwalkars, Lakme Salon, VLCC

Gift vouchers are widely popular in employee gifting trends. Reward your employees for their performance with these gift vouchers and give them the joy of purchasing their favorite products on amazing discount rates. Make the best of the offers on Xoxoday.

III. Improve Employee Engagement and Wellbeing with Thareuputic Experiences

Your employees know the importance but find it difficult to balance their busy lifestyles with it. Help your employees inculcate fitness in their daily life with these experiences- Fitness is a general state of health and well-being. It's the ability to perform your daily activities without fatigue. With our ultra-busy lives and hectic schedules, the focus should be on a holistic well being of the mind and body. Achieving muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and active body composition is very essential.

Engage your employees by keeping them happy with gifts.
The connection gets better when your employees are motivated and recognized for the work that they do (Knack).

Being fit refers to the optimal health and well being of a person. Fitness pertains to all aspects of your life - emotional, mental, and physical. Agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed enhance your strength and vigor.

1. Inner Journey With Floating Therapy

Floatation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation involves lying in light and soundproof pod. The pod is filled with 10 inches of water containing Epsom salt solution. This solution contains 600kg of magnesium sulfate, creating buoyancy for effortless floating. This experience gives your brain a chance to disconnect from the surroundings. It enhances the ability to be cognitive, mindful, and introspective. The Epsom salt solution contains essential minerals that leave you feeling deeply relaxed. The tension in your body melts away releasing vibrant energy and leaving you amazed.

Fitness - flotation therapy
Highlights - Inner peace, deep relaxation, enhanced cognitive ability with floatation therapy.

2. Light Therapy

Experience the highest levels of consciousness with Lucia N°03 light therapy. It involves a combination of constant flashing of light. This stimulates temporary EEG brainwave patterns that help users achieve a hypnogogic trance. Hypnagogia is the wonderful state you experience right before you fall asleep or wake up. White light passes through the closed eyelids and to the pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye. This stimulation produces mind-activating hormones creating unique visual experiences.

Fitness - light therapy
Highlights - Lucia light therapy, EEG brainwaves leading to hypnagogia

3. Fitness Workshop - Stretch N Dance

This fitness workshop is the perfect convergence of Dance and Yoga. It involves stretching with yoga and burning calories with contemporary moves. Groove with dance styles such as freestyle, jazz, Bollywood jazz, and powerful dance. Sync for 40 minutes of dance sessions to vibrant beats and music. It aims at gaining flexibility, strength building, and cardio for the body. The routine starts with a 5-minute active meditation that revitalizes the mind. It also relaxes the body by eliminating stress and strengthens the whole body. This results in further toning of muscles and weight management.

Fitness - Stretch and dance
Highlights - active meditation, dance, stress management, weight management and yoga.

4. One Day Soukhya Package

This experience strives to make the ancient Indian Holistic Health techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga, a way of life. The age-old practice of Ayurveda provides a perfect solution to modern-day stress. Their herbal medicines, physical massages, and other therapies offer remedies for many illnesses. They provide you with a relaxing ambiance of the timeless wonders of Ayurveda. They will assist you in reaching your fullest potential and help you lead a harmonious life.

Fitness - Soukhya
Highlights - Akshi Prakshalanam (eyewash with medicated decoction) Gandoosham (mouthwash with medicated decoction). Swedanam (steam bath), Mukhalepam (facial therapy) and Abhyangam (herbal oil massage)

5. Float Therapy, Pune

Float therapy is undertaken by floating in warm salt water in a float tank. Relax for some time as you get down into the water. Let your body float effortlessly. Allow the therapist to perform pressure techniques. The therapy helps regulate your blood pressure; cellular, muscular, and nervous functions. The floating technique stimulates the creative part of your brain. This leads to you feeling instantly rejuvenated. Experience ultimate relaxation with the 'float experience' in the top-of-the-line dream-pods.

Fitness - float therapy
Highlights - massages to regularize your cellular, muscular and nervous functions, pressure techniques.

These were some of the best ideas for improving employee engagement through gift vouchers, programs, and experiences. Want to get more ideas?

Explore Xoxoday Plum and give your employees the gift that keeps in giving!

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October 11, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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