June 13, 2017

Best Hobby And Activities To Engage Your Employees Productively

Did you know that Ratan Tata loves to fly aircrafts? Or that business magnate Warren Buffet is a passionate Ukulele player? Our hobbies reveal a lot about our personalities. Hobbies are not just simple pastime acts. Hobbies actually make your employees smarter and more positively engaged. Hobby enhances cognitive skills and boosts spatial recognition. Find out what your employees' hobbies are and try to engage them beyond their work with the following ideas:

Culture, cultivate and culminate your passion and turn it into a unique hobby.

book flowers hobby

May it be dance, games, music or photography; get into the depths of it. Act, bake, cook, draw, paint, read or sew, but do it all with sheer enthusiasm. Here is the list of the best things that you can turn to a hobby! See what amuses you, pick one up and get going!

1. Photography

Explore the world through lens and capture beautiful moments for eternity. Become proficient in handling a camera. Learn basic skills and techniques of photography. Familiarize yourself with different varieties of film, DSLR and SLR cameras. Also learn the concepts like exposure value, metering methods and white balance tools. Play around filters, accessories, megapixels and bring life to your pictures!

Photography hobby

2. Dance

Learn to move your body to the rhythm of music with various dance forms. Learn the gracious moves and techniques of each dance form. It not only increases the body fitness, but also helps in weight loss. Learn the tricks of hand and shoulder movements along with different postures. If you are a dance enthusiast with a passion for learning new dance forms, this is a great opportunity for you. Under the guidance of a professional, learn some killer moves and leave grooving like a pro.

Dance hobby

3. Music

Music is ‘the food of the soul’. Musical experiences strike a chord with many. The magical tunes and mystical lyrics soothe you from within and take to a state of ultimate bliss. Pop, jazz, rock, metal or soft; there's music for every mood and occasion. Music enthusiasts find comfort, peace and solace in it. Learn to play an instrument such as drums, guitar, piano, tabla or violin, or just focus on vocals.

Music hobby

Explore music across genres such as classical, hindustani or western music. Here's a comprehensive list of musical experiences, just for you!

4. Painting

Bring out the artist in you, pour your heart out on a canvas and make it vivid. Learn to doodle, color, paint and sketch. Try out various size and shapes of canvases, use crayons, oil colors or pastel shades. Painting is an art form that increases your appetite for creativity. It develops a keen interest in the minute details of life and lets you admire the fine nuances of life!

Fine tune artist in you and polish your brushing skills. Here's an elaborate list of our painting experiences.

5. Baking and Cooking

Cooking is an art! It's all about using ordinary ingredients and turning them into an extraordinary dish. To learn how to cook good food and enjoy making it means to double your fun. Let the budding cook inside you come out and get ready to observe the master chef in full action. Learn some efficient, healthy and time-saving techniques of cooking good food. Be the perfect host to your guests, after all, delighting the guests is no child's place.

Cooking hobby

Hone your cooking skills with our exclusive baking and cooking experiences. Here's the list!

6. Fitness

Fitness is a general state of health and well-being. It's the ability to perform your daily activities without fatigue. Achieving muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and active body composition is very essential. Fitness pertains to all aspects of your life - emotional, mental and physical. Agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed enhances your strength and vigor. With our ultra-busy lives and hectic schedules, the focus should be on a holistic well being of the mind and body.

Fitness hobby

Be the best possible version of yourself with our unique fitness experiences.
7. Creative Workshops

Creative workshops involve you in the creation of something that's artistic and valued. It’s sheer fun to indulge in such activities that let you be constructive and creative at the same time. Workshops are a great way to learn any professional activity. They could be sessions of few hours, to classes ranging over multiple days. You may join these workshops as an individual or in a group. There is a great deal of learning involved in the entire process. You get well versed with both the theory and practical aspects of the course. Witness live demonstrations and be a part of practice exercises. You may be awarded a certificate of participation or competency in the end, which is an added bonus.

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Let your creative juices flowing with our list innovative workshop experiences.

Ritisha Choudhary