January 31, 2018

Best Adventure Treks in Goa To Gift Your Employees

Goa is not just a paradise for beach lovers but it is also popular among trek lovers. Consider rewarding these trek experiences in Goa to your employees and they are sure to love it. Goa, popular for its pristine beaches and spectacular landscapes, it is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in India. Being a place of limitless fun and entertainment, Goa enthralls every kind of tourists and travelers.

Exploring the countryside of Goa can be intensely rewarding for the adventure-seekers and intrepid explorers. The majestic mountains and mystic valleys, verdant forests and spectacular waterfalls - the outskirts of this state is less explored. Of late, trekking and hiking trips have become quite a trend in Goa as it turns out to be a great way to explore the untouched beauty of the state.

In spite of being a tiny state of the country, Goa covers a wide range of forests and accommodates several challenging trekking trails within the state border. All of these trails offer breathtaking scenic beauty and intriguing sights that will rejuvenate you. These hiking trips get more adventurous during the monsoon season when nature blooms at its best.

If your someone who has visited Goa a multiple number of times and looking for something different to do in Goa rather than beach-hopping and partying, here is some of the enchanting trekking trails in Goa that will surely exhilarate you.

Firstly, if you're looking for less of an adventure here are things to do other than Trekking in Goa

Sail through the Arabian Sea: Board in a luxurious yacht and learn the basics of sailing. Some highly qualified instructors will be assisting you during the journey so that you can have a joyful sailing experience.

Scuba Diving At Grande Island: Experience scuba diving at Grande Island in Goa and indulge in exploring the beautiful coral reefs and breathtaking marine life. You will be guided by experienced instructors throughout the session.

Go for Snorkeling and Island Tour: When it comes to the best beach destination in India, no other place can beat Goa. Discover the best of Goa followed by snorkelling activity with the assistance of an experienced local guide.

Take a Bicycle Tour Of Divar And Chorao Island: Explore Goa in an offbeat way. Take a bicycle on rent and start your day trip after a short briefing of safety instructions. Cover a distance of 25 kilometres, this trip will cover Succour Church, Comburpha Ferry, Chorao Island, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Divar Island.

Experience Dolphin Safari at sinquerim beach: Spend a fun-filled day by spotting Dolphins in the Arabian sea. The duration of the safari is 45 minutes, and on this safari, you will come across few famous historical sights like Fort Aguada, Portuguese Jail, Asia’ first lighthouse etc.

Embark on a Carnival Cruise: Cruising is one of the most attractive things to do in Goa. Book a Mandovi River Cruise and enjoy with family and friends. The cruise ship will take you to the confluence of Mandovi river and the Arabian Sea - an unforgettable experience!

Detox and Rejuvenate your soul: Treat yourself with a 60-minutes Aroma Fusion Massage at  JW Marriott in Miramar beach. The deeply relaxing body massage is done with aromatic essential oil sand herbs that helps in detoxifying and de-stressing.

Enjoy Kayaking in Goa: Admire the natural beauty by experiencing Kayaking in Goa. One of the most popular kayaking trip in Goa is the Spike's River Goa kayaking trip. You may also go for Moonlight Kayaking at Zuari river, which is another enchanting experience.

Top 8 Waterfall trekking in Goa that will leave you spellbound

Adventure Trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar waterfalls is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Goa, especially during the full-fledged flow in monsoon. Standing tall at an altitude of 310 meters, it claims to be one of the highest waterfalls in India. Located close to Karnataka border in Sanguem district of Goa, it lies under the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary. The trail-route boasts of rich flora, fauna, and breathtaking scenic views. Besides, there is a railway track that doubles up the charm of this trekking route. Kulem is the nearest station to Dudhsagar waterfalls. Jeeps and taxis can be hired from there to the waterfalls.

trekking in Goa - Doodhsagar falls

The adventurous trail begins at the base of the waterfalls, proceeds to Castle Rock and makes its way to the Kuveshi falls. Apart from trekking, the other activities that can be enjoyed here are swimming, elephant riding, rock climbing etc. Some of the must-sees along the trailwalk are Devil's canyon, Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Tambdi Surla Temple etc.

Trek to Todo Waterfalls at Netravali

An exciting trek to the dense forest of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a major attraction for the nature-lovers, adventure-freaks and wildlife enthusiasts. Being one of the top trekking places in Goa, the trekking expedition takes place through the rugged terrains, offering you a magnificent view. This place is home to many highly endangered wild species including Great Pied Hornbills, Black Panthers, King Cobras, Slender Loris and much more.

trekking in Goa - todo falls

Indulge in the wilderness, walk along the riverbed and admire the breathtaking sights that will leave you mesmerized. The trekking expedition starts with a safety briefing. Get revitalized as you conquer the summit point. Also, capture some camera worthy photos before you start the downward trek.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek

A refreshing trek to Tambdi Surla waterfall is one of the top recommended things for the adventure-freaks and nature lovers. It is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Goa. Located amidst the dark green forests, this trekking trail takes around one and a half hours to reach the summit point. While you walk through the fairly steep route and get closer to the waterfall, the breathtaking views will soothe your soul and you will completely be amazed by the misty atmosphere. A famous highlight of this route is the Tambdi Surla Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

trekking in Goa - tambdi falls

Trek to Savari waterfall at Netravali

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous waterfalls and some of the best trekking destinations in Goa. Savari waterfall is one among them. Situated in the Kali river basin at Sanguem Taluka, it is a five Km long trek towards the waterfall. The hiking route proceeds through the old Goan villages that are highly influenced by Portuguese culture. As you move ahead, you will come across lush green paddy fields, farming plots, barren lands and a couple of canals. The entire route boasts of abundant natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. Once you reach the waterfall, you will be smitten with the stunning view.

trekking in Goa - savari falls

Sada Waterfall Trek

Sada Waterfall is yet another top trekking places in Goa. Located at the picturesque Chorla Ghats near the Goa-Karnataka border, it is an enjoyable trek for the adventure enthusiasts. If you’re anywhere in North Goa, you need to reach to a little village called Sattari taluka, which is the nearest place to begin this trekking trip. This one hour moderately challenging adventure trek features a magnificent view of the cascading waterfall that flows through two adjacent hills. You will get to discover the best of nature once you reach at the base of the waterfall, which is about eight Km from the embarking point.

trekking in Goa - sada falls

Pali Waterfall Trek

One of the picturesque and offbeat trekking trails in Goa, Pali waterfall is also known as Shivling waterfall. Located at a small village named Valpoi, the trail route to the waterfall is covered with dense forests. It is a six Km long trail that goes through rugged terrains, rocky tracks, muddy paths, wild bushes and small gushing streams. Once you reach the spectacular waterfall, soak in the natural beauty and get refreshed by the misty spray of water that will steal away the tiredness of your journey in moments!

trekking in Goa - pali falls

Trek to Kuskem Waterfall

Located at the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in Canacona taluka, it is another offbeat trekking trail in Goa. This trekking expedition is best enjoyed during the end of monsoon when the waterfall is in full swing. Standing at an elevation of 20 feet, this waterfall is worth a visit. The twelve Km long trail takes you through dense dark forests. There are a number of short to medium length trail routes throughout the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. While you’re on this expedition, you can also explore Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary where you can witness rich diverse flora and fauna.

trekking in Goa - Kuskem waterfalls

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