Awesome Experiences Around Mumbai To Gift Your Employees

October 31, 2019
Ananthan GT

Gift your employees a chance to enjoy the amazing getaways in Mumbai's natural destinations. Traveling counts as an important part of peoples’ lives for countless reasons. It helps one transcend to a gateway of calmness for a while and helps them think beyond their ordinary days.  To experience the essence of traveling, one must visit the famous cities of a country they actually live in. Mumbai is a key place in India, and everyone needs to visit it. The life of Mumbai is toiling, and often people struggle with it. But it is also easy to get lost in places to visit around Mumbai. They can be exotic and breath-taking, and that is why everyone should take some time out to appreciate such places.

places to visit around mumbai

Adventures can happen in the form of local tours or even weekend tours, Mumbai is one ideal city for having such adventures. It also depends on the available vacations and other factors of the tourists. But there is something for everyone residing in Mumbai or anyone else.

Enjoy these places to visit around Mumbai


A suitable place for couples or even a family. People have raved about the place over and over again. A ferry is easily available from Mumbai to reach this place. The ferry ride on the ocean is a worthwhile time to visit Alibaug among places to visit around Mumbai. The pleasant weather and beautiful scenery will make anyone love the place. Alibaug is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai. Hotels are easy to find, and no one will need to pre-book the hotels. But one must remember that it may get crowded during the holiday season. The place looks exquisite in the winter season. Some spots that everyone must visit are the Kolaba Fort, Kanakeshwar Forest, and Nagaon Beach. Packing swimming clothes is a must in this beach attraction. And for riders who are looking for a road trip from Mumbai, Alibaug will be a great option.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Alibaug


We are taking the easy way out in the first few places. Mahabaleshwar is a crowd puller from both Maharashtra and Pune. The beautiful hills have the power to calm anyone down. This among the places to visit around Mumbai is one that is best as a place to Visit during May in India. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year except for the monsoon seasons. The amalgamation of the rivers and the valleys make it a perfect spot to visit. One can also choose to stay at Panchgani to take in the awestruck beauty it offers. People can take a bus from Mumbai to reach Mahabaleshwar. A road trip by car can help one having an adventurous trip.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Mahabaleshwar

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

A historically significant place in the history of India. The place is well known throughout the country because of its rock paintings. The beauty of the place lies in the architecture, rock carvings and temples of different religions. People can easily visit this among places to visit around Mumbai. The place is just about 300 Kms away from Mumbai making it one of the Weekend Getaways from Mumbai. It is easily connected by buses and trains. Guides can help tourists knowing the place even better. Booking a hotel in the place is fairly easy, and one should spend at least a day or two. We cannot coax anyone enough to visit this beautiful historic place.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Ajanta and Ellora caves


We are going deep in the basic places to visit around Mumbai. Lonavala is a cult favourite and is one of the best private places for couples in Pune. The journey takes less time and offers serene views throughout. The hills make it the most romantic place possible for anyone. The Hot Air Balloon Ride would be the most romantic activity over there. The best part of the place lies in the monsoon season. But other than that, the affordability and relentless beauty make it a go-to place. One can pack the least amount of stuff and set on a road trip to Lonavala. There is an abundance of hotels and restaurants to choose from. The place also offers some caves, a lake and a beautiful fort that one can visit.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Lonavala

Daman and Diu  

None of them is far from Mumbai, but people have neglected the places for a long time. The beaches are beautiful and worth going to. These are notable ports in the history of India and hold some amazing mixed cultures. The food, the bazaar and everything else make it worthwhile among places to visit around Mumbai. As they aren’t so well known, it never remains crowded. Couples, families or even a group of friends can visit the place. They can mix the two into a single trip or even visit the places individually. Some places to visit in Diu are Diu Fort, Naida Caves, Ghogla beach. In Daman, one can visit, Devka Beach, St Jerome Fort and Mirasol Lake Garden. The shopping experience of both the places is brilliant because of the variety and affordability.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Daman and diu


This breathtakingly beautiful place is set about 4 hours away from Mumbai. The phenomenal view of the Arabian Sea from the top of Sagargad is amazing. A full day Trek to Sagargad is really a worth experience. People should delve into the trek that several companies organize quite often. They can contact them to take part in the day-long trek.  Going through the lush green forest and the pristine environment is worthy of any price. The journey starts early in the morning to make it fresh for the participants. There are beautiful waterfalls in the place as well. So, anyone who wants something different from places to visit around Mumbai can try Sagargad. Never shy away from a trek as the adventure will be a revisiting memory.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Mahabaleshwa


Another beautiful place amidst the love of mountains! Perfect for people who love romance and nature. Matheran, in fact, has got one of the Best restaurants in Mumbai. The place hasn’t received the love that it should have received years ago. Being 2 hours away from Mumbai, it is the perfect recluse for locals. One can plan to visit the place in some hours. Experiencing the sunrise and the pleasant can make people bemused with the place. Away from the hustle and bustle, Matheran stands out among places to visit around Mumbai. So, if someone is in need of a holiday, they can choose to visit Matheran. The vacation may coincidentally fall in the monsoon months as they make Matheran look like a princess. People can take in the smell of nature and visit its beautiful lake. The virgin nature and the hilly paths make it a perfect romantic destination for couples.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Matheran

GanpatiGadad, Sangaon

Raigad is a district in Maharashtra which has many beautiful places. GanpatiGadad is one of them, and it has historical importance as well. There are seven beautiful caves at the place that one must see. But one needs to trek to this place. So, the trek to GanpatiGadad can be a worthwhile adventure. Companies are taking the initiative of holding treks in notable places to visit around Mumbai. GanpatiGadad does fall under it, and one can easily book a tour. They will require reporting early in the morning to start on the beautiful journey. The best part is that the trek is friendly to beginners. The whole journey will last for about 15 hours. Trekking with a company ensures safety and awareness among the tourists. They can have lots of fun on their adventurous trip to GanpatiGadad.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Ganpati Gadad


If air adventures like paragliding excite you, then Kamshet is the perfect place. Paragliding in Kamshet will be one awesome experience for adventure lovers. It is specifically known for paragliding, but the location is beautiful as any other places to visit around Mumbai. One can choose to participate in the adventure or stick to sightseeing. The Pawna Lake, Bhairi Caves, Kondeshwar Temple are among some of the places to visit in Kamshet. The monsoon months make the place more beautiful. One can easily find hotels in Kamshet. It is a place where people who love nature can breathe freely.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Kamshet


Nashik is a valley which people know for its beautiful wine and the Kumbh Mela. One can visit the place during the winter months to witness its whole and real beauty. A music festival called the Sula Fest also takes place at Nashik. Nashik is a well-known destination among places to visit around Mumbai. The food, the history, and culture stand out when compared to other cities. People who want to be close to nature can choose to visit Nashik. Transportation and hotels are widely available at Nashik. People visit places like Trimbakeshwar, Dudhsagar Falls,andPachvati when they are in Nashik. Taking a tour of the Sula wine garden is also a worthy thing to do.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Nashik

Elephanta Caves

If someone doesn’t want to spend hours on a destination, then this is the perfect place. Known for its relevance in the history of Hinduism and India, the caves stand out. They have beautiful architecture, and the guides can explain the place in the best possible way. As a matter of fact, a tour to Elephanta Caves will give you so much to remember Every person who is in Mumbai should include this among places to visit around Mumbai. The construction took place in the early 16th century, and it is also a UNESCO Heritage site. People who love history should consider a visit to this place.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Elephanta Caves

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Not that well known, but this place pays protection to many animals. It is 35 Kms away from Mumbai and can be easily visited. Unique in this list of places to visit around Mumbai, animal lovers can visit the park. One can find dense forests filled with the love that nature provides.  Numerous species of flora and fauna welcomes everyone. A zoo is also present in the premises of the place. People can ride the toy train or be on their foot. There is an entry ticket of INR 30 for adults and INR 15 for children. A toy train attraction is available at the place as well. The park remains open all days except for Monday.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Sanjay Gandhi NationalPark

Dharavi Slum Tour  

This isn’t the tour that anyone prepares for when they come to Mumbai, but people have found Dharavi interesting for a long time. It is unique to Mumbai because of the way that it works. It is one of the biggest slums present in the world. But Dharavi has made itself numerous industries for its sustenance. If someone ever felt intrigued by their lifestyle, they can now take a tour. Several knowledgeable guides and companies organize Dharavi Slum Tour. They talk you through the origin and workings of Dharavi. The lovely people welcome the guests into their life and their world. Consult with the organizers and see the perils of the people with your own eyes.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Dharavi slum tour

Vasai Fort

People are often interested in the ruins of a place. Vasai fort is one such place that is in ruins after the attack from the Portuguese. But it hasn’t lost its charm, and people can still enjoy its phenomenal beauty. They can take in the bits and pieces of its architectural glory. The fort is also situated near the confluence of UlhasRiver. Getting to the fort through the Vasai Road station is easy. They can also choose to come to the place by car or bus. The place remains open till 5 PM. It is a perfect place to visit if someone wants to be quick.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Vasai fort

Juhu Beach

This is among the quintessential places to visit around Mumbai. One cannot overlook the famous beach when they are in Mumbai. This is one of the most Romantic Places in Mumbai. The famous houses of celebrities make this a unique place. The city of dreams holds a place like this which anyone can visit anytime. The breezy beach remains a hit among the locals. One can spend several silent hours on the beach and munch on peanuts or puffed rice. Gorging on Mumbai street food is a must thing when someone is on the Juhu Beach.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Juhu Beach

A Food Tour in Mumbai

Yes, of course, this isn’t a place that one can visit. But it is one of the best Things to do in Mumbai. Everyone should taste the spicy, tangy and rich food of Mumbai. Especially tourists should have a comprehensive tour of the matter. Food enthusiasts hold food walks for tourists to get them acquainted with the street food of Mumbai. But it is a worthwhile experience for a local as well. A few hours in the evening dedicated to food can be the best thing ever. So, one shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get in tune with the cuisine of Mumbai.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Food tour

Gateway of India

One cannot miss the monument when they are in Mumbai. Flocks of people visit it on a daily basis, and it is a heritage site in India. One can visit it any time of the day, and it looks forward to the Arabian sea. It is one of the places to visit around Mumbai that no one should miss because of its importance. People can also taste great food around the area. It is also perfect to see the lifeline of a city like Mumbai. The phenomenal amalgamation of architecture present in the monument makes it extra special.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Gateway of India

Haji Ali Dargah

People know this place due to the shoot of numerous films at the place. But apart from that, the place is also frequented by people. Mumbai has left its past of hardships and moved forward beautifully. The dargah is present on the Arabian Sea, and it makes Mumbai look more beautiful. If you are looking for a one-day-trip near Mumbai, you shouldn't miss this place. It is also one of the best forms of the Indo-Islamic architectural monument. One can spend a peaceful hour at this shrine. One has to include it in the places to visit around Mumbai when they are in the city.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Haji Ali Dargah

Girgaum Chowpatty

We find the Mumbai city by the Arabian Sea. So, beaches are abundant where people can enjoy a quiet evening. Anyone can visit the Chowpatty beach after the sunset. Especially in the evening, the beach looks beautiful. One can sit on the shores and enjoy the quiet breeze. This is one of the most romantic places to visit around Mumbai. Taking long walks on the beach with one’s loved one can be exhilarating.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Girgaum Chowpatty

A Romantic Helicopter Ride

There is nothing like seeing a city from the top. It can turn true for a couple who wants to enjoy the experience. Helicopter services in Mumbai are eager to hold such experiences. They can make quality time happen for the couple in the air. The view from above will be a memory for life. Couples must realize that it can be quite expensive. So, it will be a perfect thing for a proposal or even an anniversary. One needs to book it ahead of time to get the best experience. Others can also choose to take short helicopter rides over the city. The helicopter tours are also organized for the whole family.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-helicopter ride

Prince of Wales Museum

Visiting a museum is a definite task to do when someone wants to know about a city. So, include the location in places to visit around Mumbai. The architecture of the building has received appreciation from many notable people. It is a heritage building and contains several renowned art pieces. One can spend quite a bit of time touring the museum. The museum remains open from 10:15 AM to 5:00 PM and remains closed on Mondays. People need to pay INR 30 for entering the premises. Everything is also labelled simply to help people note the things. The perfection of the place lies in its significance and architecture.

Places to Visit around Mumbai-Wales museum

National Gallery of Modern Art

Art doesn’t excite everyone, but it is an important part of any culture. The government created the gallery to motivate Indian culture in people. It has been doing its job ever since its opening. Several renowned works of art are in this building, and regular exhibitions are also held. Renowned people from around the world have come to visit the gallery. So, people who find an interest in art can visit the place. One needs to pay INR 20 to get inside the building. It does remain closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

Places to Visit around Mumbai- national gallery of modern art

The Marine Drive

The overhead shots of the marine drive can make anyone nostalgic about Mumbai. An iconic place to visit, everyone should enjoy the place. It can be the place where you start your own Bollywood film. One can never find Marine drive empty as it is always filled with a crowd. Experience a sunrise or sunset at the place is a dream of many. So, we do need to include it in the list of places to visit around Mumbai. At evening, people can experience music, lighting, food, and romance coming from the city of dreams. One can enjoy the constant traffic and cacophony of Mumbai at Marine Drive.

Places to Visit around Mumbai- The marine drive

Film City

Mumbai is a well-known city around the world for being the hub of Bollywood. People from all parts of the world come to pursue their dream of being a superstar. So, no one should miss the experience of the film city. One can be on their own or take a guided tour of the place. There are different categories of tours that take place at the location. People can even catch live shootings at the place. The place is a dream for many who visit the city.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Film city

Essel World and the Water Kingdom

This may seem like a cliche,butEssel World is famous throughout India. Every kid will love the innovative rides and adventures in Mumbai. So, if someone is thinking of visiting Mumbai, they shouldn’t miss this attraction. The water park is the largest in Asia. It is accessible from Mumbai and is open every day. Families with kids would love the place and enjoy it. The cost of the place depends on the rides and attractions that one avails.

 Places to Visit around Mumbai-Essel world

So, here are some of the places to see around Mumbai. The possibilities are endless, and it entirely rests on the decision of the person. Mumbai is a romantic city to visit and an iconic place in the world. A tourist or even a local should live the city and the places surrounding it in their entirety. Be it the glamour of Bollywood or the hills of Lonavala; no one should miss the flavour of Mumbai. If any of the places interest you, never forget to pay them a small visit.

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October 31, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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