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Award the Employee of the Month Handsomely

Why choosing the ‘Employee of the Month’ based on the performance of your employees and awarding them handsomely is a must appreciate your employee for working hard in a personal manner

October 31, 2019
Shreya Dutta
Rewards, Benefits & Incentives

Award the Employee of the Month Handsomely

Award the Employee of the Month Handsomely

Running your own company can be a pleasure if you have a team of employees who work hard and help you achieve the target. Alone, it is not possible for you to take your brand to the next level and emerge as the strongest competitor that people look up to. However, if your employees deliver their best and help you realise the dream that you had set for your company, half the battle will be won. Thus, the dedication and the effort which these employees put in for the betterment of your business must not be ignored.

In order to truly appreciate and encourage your employees to perform better at work, you need to inspire them constantly. And, nothing can be better than motivating them for their hard work through awards. Thus, this is why choosing the ‘Employee of the Month’ based on the performance of your employees and awarding them handsomely is a must. And, in case you are wondering what can be the best way of inspiring your hardworking employees, get to know the ideas that would make the Employee of the Month get the best award ever.

A Shimmering Trophy:

Right since the childhood days, holding a trophy in front of the crowd and hearing your name being called in appreciation has been a heavenly feeling. Thus, this feeling should be revived in the employee of the month so that every employee at your organization gets to dream of winning the same. A customized trophy with the name of the employee and the company logo embedded on the same can be an eye-candy for many. This will make your employee feel happy and will give him/her the zeal to perform better. Thus, follow the path that companies like Wipro, Accenture, TCS and others have been following for years now.

A Crisp Certificate:

It is true that not all employees will retire from your organization. Some of them will switch to other companies if they get a better opportunity. And, if that person happens to be the one who had been the ‘Employee of the Month’ once, he/she will want to showcase that on his/her CV and LinkedIn profile. This is when attaching a photograph of the trophy will be meaningless to justify his/her achievement. As an employer, you should award the employee of the month with a certificate bearing the signature of the issuing authority and other company credentials. If possible, get it framed and embossed to give the employee the feeling of being treated in a special manner for putting in so much labour.

An Honourary Lunch:

When the successful team of PwC in Kolkata were treated to the best biriyani in town from Kaabuliwala for lunch, their joy knew no bounds. Most of the employees look forward to an occasion where they would get to interact with the boss freely. It is usually not possible when a business meeting is taking place. However, when it comes to awarding your employees, you should show them your gratitude by dining with them on the same table. This way, you can raise a toast in order to thank the employee of the month for helping you take your business to the next level. You can also get to know your employees at a personal level which will help you to analyze and assign them a project accordingly so that your organization flourishes in the long run.

A Gift that They Can Cherish:

Expressing your gratitude is inadequate without a token of appreciation. If you want to award the employee of the month in a friendly manner, you should give him/her a gift that will last a lifetime. When it comes to giving gifts, personalized utilities work wonders. From customized t-shirts to funky accessories, you can give your employee what he/she is interested in. This is something companies like Hike, Google, Facebook and others had been doing to acknowledge the effort put in by their employees. You can also gift the person something related to the industry. For example, if you are into publishing, gifting the first edition of your employee’s favorite author’s book would be like taking him/her to the Land of Paradise. And, if you can arrange for the signed copy, your employee will be ever grateful to you for your thoughtfulness.

Fun Freebies and Advantages:

The employee of the month deserves to get some special treatment. And, this can be done with the help of freebies and little advantages. For example, you can give the employee a transport fare waiver for a month; you can allow him/her to leave an hour earlier or arrive an hour late compared to the rest of the employees if he/she can handle the work pressure in the reduced amount of time; you can let him/her eat at the cafeteria at the expense of the company for a month or so; you can allow him/her to choose the next project as per his/her convenience so that he/she can deliver the best results; and, the list can go one.

Shout Out on Social Media:

With social media being the new trend, recognizing your employee’s effort on social media can be truly praiseworthy. This way, your employee will get to share the post with his/her near and dear ones and celebrate his/her effort in his/her own way. You can also insert a section on the company website where the employee of the month will be featured. You can also allow the employee to share his/her ideas on the company blog and to share the same on social media with an aura of pride. Almost every leading company that you can think of puts up an eye-catching graphic on social media to celebrate the success of the employee of the month.

Thus, you can perceive by now that there are plenty of ways in which you can award the employee of the month. You don’t always have to spend a lot in order to execute your ideas. Always remember that even the smallest gesture can turn out to be both impressive and heart-touching if done in the right way. Thus, appreciate your employee for working hard in a personal manner. And, awarding one employee every month will not make you a biased leader even if the same employee bags the awards consecutively. Though some people may say that it would aggravate the other employees against you and call you partial, know it for certain that the other employees will be filled with the determination needed to put in their best effort so that they too can get acclaimed as the employee of the month the nest time.

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