February 26, 2018

9 Best Water Sports Experiences In Goa To Gift Your Employees

Team outings promise a great time for your employees especially when it takes place at Goa. On your team trip to Goa, here is a list of thrilling water activities to try out to ensure a great time for your employees.

With sandy beaches, sundown in the sea and romantic cafes Goa is all about living the life to fullest. Even hardly find a person in India who haven't heard about the amazing tales of Goa. Another two obvious associations to Goa has always been drinks and yacht party. But since past few years, Goa is becoming famous among adventure seekers for the unforgettable experience it offers in water sports. Goa is popular for its lengthy coastline, white sand, and fresh water. It has placed itself in providing its tourist with the best water sports in India. While you plan your vacation in Goa, make sure you add at least one of these to the itinerary too.

Whether you are a game for a little adventurous or not, make sure you try at least one of these water sports in Goa. These water sports will not only give you an opportunity to see a new side of yourself but also experience something new. This summer, latest travel to the lesser known side of Goa and enjoy getting high on the adrenaline rush for a change.

Water sports in Goa


Parasailing is one of the most common yet exciting water sports in Goa. People also call it Parascending or Para kiting. So, if you see bored that sates so, don’t get confused. It’s a stylized version of parasailing. Here, you are attached to a parachute or a specially designed canopy. This parachute or canopy is then tied with a long rope of around 30-40. The rope is then attached to a sailboat or a speedboat.

It is a magical experience where you can not only enjoy flying in the sky but also you can watch the birds flying along with you and admire the scenic beauty. Parasailing in Goa is one of the most popular water sports activity as the winds are not too fast during the summer and winter. If you are fine with the idea of flying high in the sky along with the cool breeze and the height, the boatman asks you if he can change the speed of the boat every now and then to spice up your adventure.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-parasailing

Experience water sports in Goa at least once in your lifetime. If you think to enjoy parasailing you need to know swimming it is not true. Even if you are not comfortable do not forget to wear the safety jacket that the instructor provides. The cost for this sport varies between rupees 1000 to 2000 according to the quality of your parachute as well as the season. If you are visiting Goa during off season you might as well get cheaper deals.

Where to try parasailing in Goa: Almost all the beaches in Goa have this facility. But Dona Paula, Majorda Calangute, Colva and Anjuna are some of the major beaches where you can experience the best water sports in Goa.

Best time to try the sport: October to March


When it comes to Banana Boat Ride, don't think this is an easy one banana kind of problem. Rather it has been one of the most adventurous water sports in Goa that will test your strength. It is a fun sport to play along with the family members though. It is one of the most major attractions in Goa others being nightclubs and beaches.

Banana Boat Ride is a fun activity that both grown-ups it can and kids can enjoy. One Banana Boat can accommodate around 5 to 6 people. The best part about Banana Boat Ride is you don't have to worry about your children's or your own safety. The life jackets are compulsory and you won't be able to board the boat without them. But there is an age bar for Banana Boat Ride your child must be above 10 years old to enjoy this water sport in Goa. It is a ride where you'll be seated on an inflated boat shaped like a banana. The boat is tied to a speedboat and pulls it through the water letting you enjoy the Waves that come your way.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-Banana Boat ride

Banana Boat has two variants- single boat and a double boat. A double boat is safe for a ride if you don't want to fall in the water. While riding a single boat has always been fun and thrilling experience as you struggle to stay on the boat and not falling off or float on the water. The single ones are always in demand. This water sport in Goa is the best for families and friends that plan to visit the city for a vacation. Cost per person for a Banana Boat Ride from the beach to beach but it is between rupees 250 to 1000 approximately.

Where to try banana boat ride in Goa: The beaches of Agoda, Calangute, Candolim, Miramar, Paolem, Baga, Anjuna and Vagator.

Best time to try the sport: October to June


Kayaking is the only activity that you can do at any time of the day. Do it is an adventure sport, it is definitely for the ones who love peace, serenity and being close to nature. Adventure and peace at the same time. It sounds contradictory - yes, we know! But that is the best way how one can explain this water sport in Goa.

Kayaking is done with a special kind of boat - kayak, to sail through the waters. The paddler sits facing forward with a double-bladed paddle to move back and forth. One must be fit mentally and physically to maintain the balance throughout the journey. Kayaking is an opportunity for people who want to explore unexplored territories. And that is the reason why it is a thrilling adventure sport. Getting lost admiring the flora and fauna and making your way through the mangroves and Minnie bays is a mesmerizing feeling. Kayaking has been one of the most popular and exciting water sports in Goa . If you love water and want to feel at peace, this is the sport for you.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-Kayaking

You cannot do kayaking in the sea. To sail the boat smoothly without any interruptions the water needs to be sturdy. Hence, one must do it in the river or lake. Nature looks different at every time of the day. Be it twilight or full moon night, the water and lights look different. Choose your favourite destination and time of the day and sail away. The cost per person depends on the number of people in your group and the time of the year. It varies between rupees 2000 to 10000 generally. We would suggest you make bookings for a group as it would offer better rates.

Where to try Kayaking in Goa: The Zuari river, Mandovi river and the Sal backwaters. The Nerul River is also considered as an ideal option for Kayaking.

Best time to try the sport: October to June


If you though water sports in Goa were only available in October to May, then you should think again. This is one water sports in Goa that you can enjoy the best in monsoon. It is adventurous and a journey of wonders. River rafting is performed on whitewater or rough tides. But you need to have a heart of a lion to enjoy this sport. It is not for everyone. River rafting tastes your mental as well as physical strength.

As mentioned earlier, the best time to visit is in the monsoon as the flow of the river increases. This enables you to enjoy more than usual. The whitewater adds to the scenic view during the raft. Initially, the sport was done on an inflated boat with the double-bladed paddle. But now it's conducted with an inflated boat with a single-bladed paddle. It increases the level of difficulty enabling an adventurous sport to sustain even in future. This sport is all about teamwork and helps a person to deal with risk.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-River Rafting

For rafting, you don't need to know swimming but it is better if you know it. Apart from that, please wait your life jackets even if you know how to swim. Depending upon the place and the number of people in the amount per person varies between rupees 400 to 1000. If the transportation is required the amount increases. So, it is better to have your group when you are thinking about going rafting. Rafting is also a good team building activity. And you can think of the same as a part of Corporate training activity for risk and disaster management lessons.

Where to try River Rafting in Goa: Mahadaei River, Valpoi River and Mandovi River

Best time to try the sport: June to October


Kneeboarding is a kind of surfing. People sometimes also referred it as a modern or simple form of water skiing and wakeboarding. It is one of the most thrilling water sports in Goa. For a different kind of water skiing, you get various boards. Kneeboarding has a board that has slots for holding the knees. Reduces the pressure to focus on balancing and helps the Raider enjoy to the fullest.

Compared to the other water sports in Goa like river rafting or traditional skiing, kneeboarding is easier. Here, you are made to kneel on a surfboard. A velcro strap is tied around your thighs which helps you stay on the board. Kneeboarding is only for people who are daredevils at heart. If you enjoy the high tides and the breeze you will be able to enjoy this sport. For this sport, you don't need a lot of physical strength but you need to be fit true balance yourself on the tide.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-knee Boarding

For this particular water sport in Goa, you need to have at least basic experience in swimming. Even though you are a professional swimmer it is highly recommended to put on the life jacket provided by the organisers. The best time to experience this sport is right before the high tide starts. So, if you want to try the spot out make sure that you take the timings for high tide and low tide into consideration. The cost per person for this sport ranges between rupees 1000 to 2999 depending on the beach that you are visiting.

Where to try Kneeboarding in Goa: Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, Rajbaga Beach

Best time to try the sport: October to June


Though is the smallest state in the country, one of the most beautiful places in India. It is blessed with a beautiful coastline and beaches. And if you are in Goa you cannot go back without taking a dive into the sea. It won't be wrong if we call Goa a Paradise for Scuba diver. If you want to experience the enchanting marine life you must try this water sport in Goa ( ). It is an exciting sport for anyone and everyone who loves water as well as an adventure to watch and feel the fishes underwater.

Scuba Diving is an experience of a lifetime. It is thrilling and exciting and at the same time, you don't need any special skills. First, you will be getting trained by one of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified tour organizers. He will help you understand the underwater language as you won't be able to speak there instead you will have to communicate through languages. The training is important if you are an amateur. It will not only help you stay connected with your instructor but also enjoy the marine life in the best way possible.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-scuba Diving

The activity typically last for 45 minutes including training and driving. It is performed in a deep sea. To reach the perfect spot, you need to take a Boat Ride . The organizers provide you with safety jackets and the Scuba Suit. It is best to carry an extra pair of clothes along with your swimming costume, just in case if you are not going to feel comfortable only wearing Scuba Suit. Also, don't forget to apply a decent amount of sunscreen lotion before and after the drive to keep your skin from burning. You'll be able to experience the underwater life for 20 to 25 minutes. On prior booking, most of the organizers charge you between rupees 500 to 1000 for a large group of people. Charges for individuals vary between rupees 1000 to 4000.

Where to try Scuba diving in Goa: Grande Islands, Suzy’s Wreck, Bat Island, Navy Island, St. George Island, Devagh Island, Pigeon Island, and Netrani Islands

Best time to try the sport: October to February


Zorbing in general means rolling down in a transparent ball. It is a popular sport among children. But water zorbing is even more fun. Water Zorbing is one of the most popular water sports in Goa among the adults as well as children. It is a kind of tiring sport and needs tremendous fitness level. Hence it is good for kids. Do the activity has been recently introduced in Goa, it has become famous instantly among the tourists that visit Goa with family. It is a family-friendly water sport that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Why you are visiting Goa, can get away you might be searching for something that is safe yet entertaining. And your search concludes here. Water zorbing has a large inflated ball or sphere. It allows you to take walk across the water surface. This giant ball usually has a zippered entrance that allows easy entry and exit. Running on water inside a plastic ball may sound easy but it is not. Often you find that you are unable to move the ball in any direction due to its shape and the waves.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-water Zorbing

It is a perfect spot for someone who wants to stay dry yet enjoy the water and the scenic view. Who won't love floating over the water without getting wet at all? You could sleep, roll and run around the place with the inflated ball. If you are with family and children, sit in the ball and play some games as if it is your private Zorb. Or if you are a person who is looking for some peace, bring your book along and read or sleep. It is a great way to admire the scenic beauty while you keep floating over the surface of the water. The what this would be one of the most memorable water sports in Goa activity for you and your family. You don't need prior swimming experience or training. Nor is a life jacket as you have no contact with the water. It is also suitable for kids above the age of 1 year. Charges for group start from rupees 5,000 where are the charges for one person very from the beach to beach. But they are between rupees 750 to 1000.

Where to try Water Zorbing in Goa: Mayem Lake is the best place for the activity.

Best time to try the sport: April to June


Yoga has a lot of benefits. It is not just an exercise but a lifestyle for many people. We all have done yoga at some point in life on a mat. But have you ever heard about yoga in water? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to float into a position with ease and grace instead of having aching muscles and sweat all over your body? Aqua yoga is a revolutionary concept that brings us back to basics. Yoga is not an adventure sport but this is surely one of the most interesting water sports in Goa that you can enjoy.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga or water yoga is beneficial for joint pain and other related issues. Even though it is easy on your joints, it is hard when it comes to balancing due to the movement of the water. So, what is so different about Aqua yoga that everyone is going crazy about it? The water keeps your body in an upright and balanced position serving as a natural prop. When you are in the water you can concentrate on your breathing better. It also helps children to concentrate better.

Anyone above the age of 12 years can attend a short aqua yoga course. Ladies who are about to be a mother also prefer Aqua yoga over the regular one. Research says that the water currents make the baby calmer. You can also meditate underwater while practising water yoga. It helps you in increasing your stamina. Charges per person vary between rupees 2000 to 4000 for a seven-day course.

Where to try Aqua Yoga in Goa: It mostly takes place in calm water. So, try some swimming pools and lakes.

Best time to try the sport: All around the year.


Wakeboarding is another sport for adventure seekers. Though it is not much popular in among Indians yet, foreign tourists enjoy this water sports in Goa. Wakeboarding resembles surfing for a newbie, but there are many differences. The board is different. It is smaller and wider than a surfing board. While surfing, you are on your own. Wakeboarding is all about speed and tackling the waves while performing some amazing stunts.

9 Best Water sports in Goa That You Must Give A Try-Wake boarding

Your surfboard is attached to a speedboat which tows you through the sea. Kneeboarding is a type of wakeboarding. It needs a lot of arm strength as you need to hold on to the boat and perform the tricks at the same time. It is a sport that needs a lot of practice. Thankfully, there are a few courses for wakeboarding in Goa that you can join and learn more about this sport. You can also get hands-on experience under the guidance of experts. The fees per session are around rupees 1500 to 2000.

Where to try Wakeboarding in Goa: Ashwem beach, Zanzibar shack- Baga beach.

Best time to try the sport: April to June

To all the water sports activity that has been added to this list is of the moderate or easy level. Also, to be noted that most beaches provide you with a complete package of water sport which in turn is cheaper for per person, but the only drawback is the time is limited to every activity. We hope you have a great time with these water sports in Goa.

Malavika Mallya