April 19, 2016

5 Startup Vitamins For An Early Employee

“A corporate giant might boast the stability in terms of money and work culture but startup wing has its own way to boost your career goals and nurturing your skills to the next big step!”

Suppose you just graduated from your college with few offers including calls from startup what would you choose? The decision you will make at the early stage of your career would decide how bright your future would be in the next 5-10 years!

As an early employee, you have this conflict. Today we are giving you insight on why we should choose a startup over MNCs.

1. Work Culture

The startup has less number of people who work closely on particular project to get the things done. In the process, they no longer remain acquaintances but friends; since everyone knows everyone on professional as well as, on some extent, personal level.
They believe in meaningful work disregard of where to sit, when to take break and what to wear (Yes, in some startup there is no strict rule on dress code. People can come in their comfortable attire; sometimes in shorts and slippers.)

2. Challenges

Here, you will get exposure to not only your relevant field but to the entire process which extend your understanding ability of how things work in the industry. You will be sole responsible for your work and credible for the success or failure of it.
No one would keep an eye on you as they have their own job to do. You are free to experiment but for motivation, you can always look at seniors.

3. Respect

Here seniority is only on paper. You can go ahead with the proposal of any idea to anyone, even to co-founders or CEOs.
Sometimes, Co-founder will be sitting at your desk doing their job which is kind of motivating for you, especially as a fresher!

4. Fostering Collective Creativity

Remember the childhood game when you and your friends provide some ideas and take the best one or incorporate parts of everyone’s idea to work along for any cricket match. And you all collectively put your best effort to implement the decided plan.
The startup works on same principle. Your contributions as an individual will be given importance.

5. Recognition

If you take 5 days leave in any big organization, it won’t affect the system as someone is always there to take up. But in startup, everyday matters. Your presence will be counted and it keeps you focused on your game. Indeed, you and your team will be recognized if you succeed. Reward & recognition tool gives absolute rating instead of relative ranking like an MNC. This would be true to your performance level.

And when they say, “We couldn’t have done without you” you know they mean it!
So, what general idea you figured by reading this post. Would you go for a startup to develop your skills, expand your vision, enhance your capabilities and realize your true potential?
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Xoxoday Team

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