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5 Simplistic Ways to Strengthen Bond Within Team

healthy and engaged workforce leads to smoother functioning of an organization. Many positive results can be observed in employee motivation increase overall productivity at workplace

November 2, 2019
Xoxoday Team

5 Simplistic Ways to Strengthen Bond Within Team

Feb 14, 2020
Xoxoday Team
5 Simplistic Ways to Strengthen Bond Within Team | Xoxoday

Having a happy, joyous, healthy and engaged workforce leads to smoother functioning of an organization. Many positive results can be observed in employee motivation when employers and their workers mutually respect and trust each other.

Good employee relation helps reduce workplace conflict, raise staff morale and increase overall productivity. There are various modes by which a company can improve employee relations and help to make the workplace coherent and constructive.

Here is what makes for a good relationship between employers and their employees:

1. Communication

The key to any good relationship is communication which goes both ways. Unfortunately, employees don’t feel like that their bosses are really listening.

As an employer, don’t hide important information from your staff or only grant the information to a select group of workers. Always keep your team members in the loop. This holds good for the employees as well, they should freely communicate with their employers.
“Recognizing good ideas and encouraging team to implement it can be a boost for employee motivation.”

2. Guidance And Support

A manager can’t lead without providing direction. To build a stronger relationship with employees, employers must provide them with the necessary guidance and support to achieve their work goals.

Be empathetic to your workforce and appreciate the efforts that they contribute to your company. Create plans that include career pathways and succession planning, with input from your line reports and potentially their staff.

3. Opportunities & Investments

Ideally, both parties benefit from this relationship. A good employee-employer relationship includes a workforce that is highly engaged, productive and satisfied in their role within the organization.

Just be sure to provide them with opportunities to grow and improve. After all, investing in employees ensures they’ll invest in the company.

4. Appreciation

It’s in our nature to want to be praised for a job well done. Appreciation reassures and fuels us to continue doing what we do well thus employee motivation level would increase.

Be grateful for the work your employees do and show your appreciation through public or private recognition, parties, gift cards or whatever else would appeal to your team. xoxoday which is a major player in Rewards & Recognition space in India feels that we should create a ‘Culture of Appreciation’.

5. Life Beyond Work

The employee-employer relationship should be professional, but that doesn’t mean employers shouldn’t take the time to get to know the person behind the work.

Strive to treat employees as people, not just worker bees. Employers should know their employees at a personal level. This helps them make sense of individual employee actions and preferences, and forms a much stronger bond.
What else we could do to strengthening bond between employees and employers? Share your thought on our comment section.
You can always visit our Employee Rewards & Recognition platform Xoxoday to give your employee a token of appreciation for their work.

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