5 Simple and Effortless Ways To Appreciate Your Employees

Employee Engagement
November 2, 2019
Malavika Mallya

As Employee Appreciation Day (4th March) is upon us, it’s time to implement some employee motivation ideas so they would understand that the company doesn’t take them for granted. The company is just like a flower plant; each and every employee works as united cells within the plant to bloom a fragrant flower!

Here are some of the initiatives that can be taken not only by employers but by employees as well:

Say ‘Hi’

Ways to Appreciate your Employees

It might look like a useless idea but it can make a different. Every week day when you enter the office premises, greet (Hi or Good Morning or anything that is relevant) with a smile to your colleagues or whomever you face. This practice among team members can brighten your work life from the first second of your day.

So, next time if you ran into someone while reaching your desk in the morning, do not make weird faces or ignore; smile and say ‘Hi’!

Good Job

Ways to Appreciate your Employess - 2

Yes, we organize monthly office meeting to give employee recognition with awards to the one who has done an extraordinary job for the respective month. Few companies use employee rewards programs to offer reward points. But we don’t want other employees to feel undervalued. But the award can’t be given to everyone.

One of the simple practices that can be followed is: you can write ‘Good Job’ with your message and name on a sticky note (no mails; only paper) and give it to the one who you feel has done a fabulous work. It gives the surprise element and keeps them feel valued.

The practice can be done any day of the month and is valid for senior as well as for junior. Yes, senior needs appreciation too!

Thank You Note

Ways to Appreciate your Employess - 3

With so many tasks going parallel, we often miss out to say or send ‘thank you’ for the effort employees had put. Instead, we focus on improvement too much. Sure we need to discuss on the enhancement of our capabilities but being appreciative on regular interval won’t harm.

You can say or send personal ‘Thank You’ note to everyone or an appreciation mail can be written with everyone’s (all members of team) contribution after the completion of specific project.

Give A Surprise

Ways to Appreciate your Employees

We spend 9 hours a day in the office. And believe it or not, it becomes like our second home. The people here are not just people they become your friends or acquaintances. You can surprise someone by arranging a small party or cake or gift on their special occasion (birthday, work anniversary or marriage anniversary etc) or without any occasion; just to give the gesture of appreciation for his/her hard work.

Shout Out Loud

Ways to Appreciate your Employees

No matter how reachable and efficient employee recognition system is, it may always miss some names that deserve the appreciation. The lack of admiration is one of the reasons why people quit their job.

To make the office culture more engaging and break the monotonous working day, you can host where the entire team gather at one place and each member shout out the name of the person who he/she feels deserved to be recognized for last week.

This can be a good practice for entire office since teams would get a chance to see who has been pro-active in other teams.

Did you find these tips to be very simple, usable and effective? If yes, implement it. If no, tell us what’s missing? After all, feedback can be a form of appreciation if it is taken positively!

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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