February 16, 2018

17 Amazing Getaways From Chennai To Gift Your Employees

It's a great idea to encourage your employees to take up traveling. Check out these amazing getaways to  help your employees refresh and unwind. Traveling and vacations help in relaxation which encourages one’s mood and emotion. India is a place where traveling can be awe-inspiring. The beautiful terrains, oceans, rivers, and forests count for a soothing experience. Often due to heavy workload and busy schedules, people cannot take time out to travel. But weekend getaways can be refreshing and promising as well. One must choose a place that isn’t far from home, and it should be interesting to serve the worth of the weekend vacation.

Chennai is one of the busiest cities in India. Life and noise fill the city and its people. The busy lifestyles often hinder people from taking a pleasure trip. But weekend vacation is an option that will make them happy and contained. There are several Weekend Getaways from Chennai that one can choose from. The situation of Chennai allows people to go on amazing trips in several directions. Some places are of religious heritage whereas others are lovely hill stations.

With so many Weekend Getaways from Chennai options, one can always find an ideal one. One can even rely on a car to visit one of these places. They can make the decisions based on the budget and taste of the person thinking about the trip. So, let us begin with some of the amazing places that are in close proximity to Chennai.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai


The place is no more a surprise to one as it is quite near Chennai. The distance between the places is hardly 56 Km which makes it a perfect destination for a weekend trip. The place gets famous due to the presence of historical elements. The marvelous architecture along with the location makes it a beautiful place visit. The monolithic temples, the Shore Temple portrays the past of South India. Things to see in Mahabalipuram include the Five Rathas and Arjun’s Penance. It has also been declared a UNESCO heritage site. Accommodation is very easy to find in Mahabalipuram. One can take a whole day to explore the different attraction that the place offers. It is one of the easiest Weekend Getaways from Chennai and affordable as well. Mahabalipuram stands perfect for a quick trip for family or friends. The winter months are the best time to enjoy the place due to its pleasant weather.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Mahabalipuram


Pulicat is also frequently visited by tourists from all parts of India. The distance from Chennai is 66 Km, and one can even travel by car. The Pulicat Lake is quite famous, and people love the boat rides offered there. Along with the water bodies, one also gets to enjoy the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. In the winter times, one can see several species of Migratory birds. But the common birds too make a beautiful sight if people visit sometime other than the winters. The town present in Pulicat tells the story of its colonial past. Today visitors can see the fort and other buildings that they left behind. Pulicat is one of the topmost Weekend Getaways from Chennai due to its proximity as well as its beauty. The blissful water and the relaxing ambiance make it a perfect weekend destination.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Pulicat


People who are religious can definitely include Kanchipuram in their checklist. Many people visit Kanchipuram throughout the year because of its relevance to Hinduism. The amazing temples and their intricate architecture is the main attraction. The 70 Km distance from Chennai makes it a perfect place for Weekend Getaways from Chennai. Both children and adults will have a lot of fun here due to the number of places to visit. A few notable temples are the Kanchi Kailashnathar and the Vaikuntha Perumal Temple. The unending temples will definitely keep people busy on their trip. Another important thing to see in Kanchipuram is the Vednathangal Bird Sanctuary. One can see several species of birds in the beautiful natural setting. So, we can say that Kanchipuram is a great place to be for people wanting a short trip from Chennai.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Kanchipuram


Another pilgrimage site whose popularity prevails in all over India. The distance from Chennai to Tirupati is 135 Km. There are several temples that one can visit in Tirupati like the TirumalaTirupatiDevasthanam, which is the most visited temple in the world. Another famous temple in Tirupati is the Venkateswara temple. Roaming through the beautiful place will definitely bring anyone harmony and peace. Accommodation is also available throughout the place. A rock bridge called Silathoranam adorns Tirupati. This rock bridge is famous for being formed naturally. The lush green environment of the hillocks and the brilliance of the historical places make Tirupati an apt part of Weekend  Getaways from Chennai.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-tirupati


Vellore is an important part of the history of Tamil Nadu. The marvelous and gigantic fort that stands in the city makes it extra special. About 80 km from Chennai, people can spend their weekend in the beautiful city. Along with the ancient history, the city also has the colonial past. The Vellore fort is the most notable sight at the place. The construction took place in the 16th century. The fort saw several dynasties ruling over it. Apart from the fort, one can visit the Jalakandeswarar Temple which has beautiful Vijayanagara architecture. There is also a church inside the fort called the St. John’s Church built by the British Rulers. Vellore is one of the easiest among the Weekend Getaways from Chennai. The beautiful architecture and the calm ambiance of the city bring a lot of travelers. It is a great place for quick travel with family or even for a solo trip.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Vellore


Pondicherry or Puducherry is a Union Territory of India. Its situation is by the beautiful sea. The place has the glorious past of the French who ruled over it. The food, the people, and the culture are tied to the past. One can definitely visit Pondicherry from Chennai either by car or train. The journey is quite marvelous to the beautiful place. A few must-visit places in Pondicherry are the Paradise Beach and the Auroville Ashram. Auroville is a unique concept of a place where everyone lies in an equal position. One can visit the place to feel the spirituality and peace that it offers. Everybody should try the street food of Pondicherry. There is also the building that the French left behind. The markets, the monuments, and everything make Pondicherry a perfect part of Weekend Getaways from Chennai. Due to the beauty of beaches, it even calls for perfect picnic spots for couples.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Pondicherry


The distance from Chennai to Chettinad is 320 Km. One should visit a rich and culture-bound place like Chettinad. It makes a perfect Weekend Getaways from Chennai. The place bustles with the wealth that it had in the past. It used to be a hub for traders and merchants, and its name actually denotes the wealth. The architecture is quite intricate and made from expensive things. Along with that, the food and temples around Chettinad are also quite famous. The Chettinad Palace, the museum, Pillaiyarpatti are places to visit around the town. The Chettinad sarees are also famous in the entire country. So, ladies can have a shopping expedition in the local markets. A person can have a beautiful trip to Chettinad, and they can relax as much as they want.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-chettinad


Nellore is a place in Andhra Pradesh, and it is by the river Penna. Being a rich producer of rice, it got its name from the Tamil words ‘Nel’ and ‘oru.’ The city is a beautiful place visit or spends a vacation at due to its natural beauty and vast fields of crops. People like Nellore as an easy Weekend Getaways from Chennai. Its location, affordability, and easy accommodations make it a nice place to be in for a day or two. Some points to see in the city are the Ranganatha Temple, and Narasimhaswamy Temple. There is also the Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary and the Udaygiri Fort that people can visit. There is a small village within the city called ‘Pataru.' The village is famous for its handicrafts and handloom products. Nellore is also 180 Km away from Chennai.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Nellore


Sitting in the Coronomdal Coast, Tharangambadi is a small fishing village in India. Having the history of Danish and then British rule the place is unique. The place can act as a recluse to anyone who is in need of relaxation. The coast and the ocean have a beautiful amalgamation at the place. The entry to the village is through the carved ‘Towns Gate’ which leads one to the ‘King’s Street.’ The architecture and colonial building are different than the other parts of India. ‘Fort Dansborg’ is a famous attraction for having Scandinavian style architecture. The beautiful beach and its location make Tharangambadi a perfect option for Weekend Getaways from Chennai. People should definitely enjoy the food at the place and mix with the locals. The place also has a historical temple called the Masilamani Nathar Temple. It stands in the southern part of the beach. It has a unique combination of Indian and Chinese architecture.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Tharangambadi


The temple towns and sandy beaches can often get boring for people who like adventures. This small village situated at a distance of 285 Km away from Chennai is perfect for trekkers. The challenging paths lead people to one of the best waterfalls present in India. It is also named after the town, and it is beautiful and majestic. The location of the town is amidst the peace and tranquillity of nature. One can tour through the natural abode as much as they like and experience a completely different feel. Along with the adventure, the town provides religious sanctity as well. There is the Sri Veda Narayana Perumal Temple which a Vijayanagara ruler built. The exquisite place is a must for inclusion among Weekend Getaways from Chennai. One will definitely want to spend a lot more time here than a weekend.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Nagalapuram

Horsley Hills

A hill station often provides the much-needed peace to a person. The beauty of the Horsley Hills is about 275 Km away from Chennai. Located in the Eastern Ghats of Andra Pradesh, it is one of the most beautiful Weekend Getaways from Chennai. The hills have lots of Sandalwood and Eucalyptus plants that are native to the place. Covered with flora and fauna, the place becomes a worthy destination for a quick trip. Along with the famous Malamma Temple, there is the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. It acts as a reserve for the elephants. Other than that, one can see other animals such as sloth bears, sambar deer, etc.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Horsey Hills

The hills provide a soothing view, and they are quite romantic as well. So, if someone loves hills, then they can definitely travel to Horsley Hills from Chennai.


Situated at about 370 Km away from Chennai, this small hill town is an exquisite place to be in. The natural beauty of the town mesmerizes everyone due to its photographic nature. There is a lake surrounded by marvelous hills which also gives the place its name. One can enjoy the water of the lake and take a trek through the hills. The town is mainly known for its relaxing attitude and hospitality to the tourists. People can find many local food shops, and they are quite affordable as well. Some spots to see are the Servaroyan Temple, 32-Km Loop Road, and the Silk Farm. The lives of the locals are very important to this amazing hill station. People looking for less crowded Weekend Getaways from Chennai can give Yercaud a try. It isn’t far away from Chennai, and it is one of the safest places that one can be in.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Yercaud


About 250 Km away from Chennai, this beautiful hill town welcomes tourists. Surrounded by hills and forests, Yelagiri is one of the best hill stations in India. A lake called the Punganoor Lake stands in the middle of the town. The trails leading to the main town are quite beautiful and make a person love the place even more. A beautiful waterfall is also present quite close to the town. The Jalagandeeswarar Temple is a notable part of the town. Though it is a temple, its architecture and heritage are of great importance. Some other points to visit in Yelagiri are the Velavan Temple and the Swamimalai Hill. One can trek to the beautiful destinations and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Yelagiri is an easy inclusion in the list of Weekend Getaways from Chennai. People who love mountains and greenery should definitely visit Yelagiri at least once.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Yelagiri


People who can travel a little bit more can choose Mysore as their weekend getaway. Like Chennai, Mysore is a city with a rich past. Many kings have ruled over the city, and it has also seen the colonization. The palace, the museums, and other monuments speak of the rich past of the place. Some points to see in Mysore are the Rajendra Vilas, Mysore Zoo, Brindavan Garden and many others. The city is a fun one to be in, and tourists should enjoy it to the fullest. It is one of the longish Weekend Getaways from Chennai. People would love their stay in the beautiful city of Mysore. A person in Mysore can be a part of an interesting walk of the royalty of Mysore. The tours include different places that have historical importance to Mysore. One should pre-book their tour well ahead of time to be sure about it. Mysore is a place for those people who love royalty and its essence.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Mysore


One of the notable hill stations of South India is Kodaikanal which is a very special place. Situated at a distance of 518 Km away from Chennai, it is a great option for Weekend Getaways from Chennai. The town has several beautiful waterfalls and the hills. The soothing weather and the beautiful nature's view make it an amazing option to visit. Things that are must experience in Kodaikanal are the Pillar Rock viewpoints, Berijam and Guna caves. There are also trekking sites that one can enjoy in the hills. Several accommodations can also be booked in the place, and it is well connected to a city like Chennai. In Kodaikanal, people can enjoy camping in the lush greenery of nature. The natural camping gives them the experience to cherish throughout their lifetime. The camps hold several fun activities, games and camping traditions. This helps campers create good memories. People should contact agencies that hold the mountain camping regularly in Kodaikanal.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-kodaikanal


Rameshwaram is another temple city that one can visit. The Pamban Bridge is the best thing about reaching Rameshwaram. The Ramanathaswamy Temple is the most visited place in the city. But along with that, there are other temples and sites that one can see. One can also plan a trip to Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram. The water of the ocean is quite clear, and the place has also been associated with Ramayana, the epic of India. Rameshwaram becomes a great option for Weekend Getaways from Chennai. One should stop at the Pamban Bridge and inhale the beauty of the ocean.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Rameshwaram


We can analyze many hill stations situated near Chennai. Munnar can also be a part of it due to its natural beauty. A place that was a relish for the British is now visited by people from all over India. People often associate Munnar with its tea estates and the beautiful hills. It holds the biggest tea plantations of South India. Along with it, the hills are memorable places that one can spend their weekend in. Some of the notable points in Munnar are the echo point, photo point, and Kolukkumalai Tea estate. There are much more things to do at Munnar, and this makes it one of the best Weekend Getaways from Chennai. People who enjoy tea can take a tea plantation tour in Munnar. The professional guide gives you the brief of the tea plantation. The person will also get to see a factory where the procession of the tea happens. They can touch the leaves and also experience how the workers spend their days in the tea gardens. One should never miss an experience of creation of one of the favorite beverages of humanity.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Munnar

Places close to Chennai

Some people cannot go far away to enjoy Weekend Getaways from Chennai. But there are plenty of places that they can visit to relish their weekend. Some of these places are the Covelong Beach, Nanganallur, Ramapuram, and others. One can visit several of these spots in a single day. For an interesting weekend, people can also take a tour of the South Trail of Chennai. It gets them closer to their city, and they can also learn about the place in a much broader way. They can know about the culture, art, and history of the people of South India. Dakshinachitra is one of the best places to visit for all amazing reasons. It will help you gain cultural knowledge about South India.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai-Covelong Beach

So, here are some of the Weekend Getaways from Chennai that one can visit. The places range from mountains to temple towns and have various distances. One should pick a single destination or a few according to their choice. Chennai and the rest of South India is a great place to be at for any tourist.

Kamna Agarwal