November 25, 2017

14 Best Experiences In Goa To Gift Your Employees

Goa has an amazing platter of experiences for team outings for your employees. Explore the best in Goa through the following list.

Goa, the smallest state in the country has a lot to offer for serious fun seekers either for singles or for couples. It owns some of the most thrilling nightlife choices in the nation. Lazy in the morning, Goa comes to life as the sun sets and stars take over the sky. The entire state turns into a party hub every night, all 365 days. December end – that’s Christmas and New Year, is the best season to visit this state and to make the most out of Goa nightlife. And, there really is something for everyone in Goa, from popular hill stations, to romantic candle light dinners, to adventure sports to wild all nightlife in Goa, to mellow yoga retreats to cheap and cheerful beach huts and hippie markets.

Best Places to Experience Amazing Goa Nightlife

Best Places to Experience Amazing Goa Nightlife

Goa is one of those places that have something to offer everyone. Be it dancing in a party with people all around the world or experiencing the tranquil nature and admiring its serene beauty. If you are in Goa, you will never feel lonely. Goa has everything that you can think about the Goa nightlife under one roof.

Nyex Goa

nightlife in Goa - NYEX

Nyex Beach Club is a lifestyle venue on the shores of Anjuna beach. Spread across five levels between their indoor and outdoor spaces for the nightclub, restaurant, bar, pool and sunbed decks. The first level has the restaurant area which overlooks the outdoor bar and pool area which in turn has infinity views of the sea. Further below are private sunbathing decks and a sunset corridor. The topmost level is the main indoor nightclub and a private dining area. Gaze into the horizon with unobstructed views of the sunset during sundowner lounge sessions or dance the night away to techno, house, and commercial tunes through the week.

Treat yourself to Continental and Indian dishes from the extensive menu on offer. Nyex presents a host of nightlife events all year bringing artists from all over the world. Surprise your loved one with a lavish evening at Nyex which will include salads, starters, mains, and desserts. To complement the delicious food enjoy a VIP liquor package. Be assured to be thoroughly impressed by the great ambiance, mouthwatering food, and impeccable service.

Marriott Resort & Spa

nightlife in Goa - marriott

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Marriott Resort & Spa in Goa and savor upon a wide variety of delicious delicacies. To add the sparkle to the experience imported wine along with a delicious cake will be served to you. Your table will be setup on the beach with a beautiful and personalized decor where you can indulge in some romantic chat sessions with your partner whilst enjoying the romantic evening.

Dinner at Vivanta by Taj

nightlife in Goa - dinner at Vivanta

Drawing inspiration from the lotus and cherry blossom, contrasted with mud-finished tiles and intriguing artifacts on the walls, one of the best Asian restaurants in Goa, Tamari in Vivanta by Taj does Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine (Sushi) in fine style. A Teppanyaki counter makes for an interactive dining experience, while two private dining rooms set the stage for an exclusive experience. With this experience, Tamari invites you and your loved one on a romantic night out.

Taste the sumptuous 4-course dinner and be assured that every bite will take you on a delicious ride. You will also be given an option for a non-alcoholic drink. The menu will include appetizers, soups main courses and desserts. Here's a delightful spree of food and flavors that you are sure to remember for a long time.

Fisherman's Wharf

nightlife in Goa - fisherman's wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf in Goa has captured the tastes of the multicultural Goan community with the best authentic Goan cuisine. The place serves, along with the Goan cuisine, decadent seafood, and Continental cuisine. This multi-cuisine restaurant is located on the banks of River Sal in the South of Goa. With cool breeze hitting your face, live music playing in the background and delicious food to gorge on, Fisherman's Wharf is a perfect place to bring a loved one and enjoy a delicious meal.

Enjoy a 4-course multi-cuisine lunch/dinner and take your taste buds on a delicious ride. Be assured that the beautiful ambiance, sumptuous food, and impeccable service will thoroughly satisfy you.

Sun Peep Cycle Party

goa nightlife at sun peep cycle party

Yes, a party – on a cycle. It is India’s very first and only party bike or beer bike concept. The concept is popular in the North America and Europe but has been recently accepted and enjoyed by Indians too. As the name suggests, it is a fun way to drive through Goa while drinking, eating, partying crazy and even dancing, if you want.

Tired of the usual club nights? Sun Peep Cycle Party is a unique way to experience the thrill of Goa Nightlife. The cycle is an eco-friendly ‘Pedibus’ that can accommodate up to ten people. It is light to pedal and even a single person can easily pedal the whole vehicle. You can call it the party on the pedals. It is one of the most popular tours in Goa amongst the tourists from all around the world.

If you book this tour, you will get a chance to experience a different Goa Nightlife than usual clubbing and dancing. This is an initiative from the Ministry of Tourism. Hence, it is safe as well as pocket-friendly. Plenty of tours are scheduled Daily. Most of them start from Baga or Candolim beach. These can be booked online, on a call or you can even ask your hostel or hotel reception to book it for you. The tour ends in the morning and you can have a breakfast of your choice with your new friends. So, hop in and get ready to experience an amazing Goa Nightlife.

Stay at Holiday Inn Goa

stay at holiday inn goa

Most of the people visit Goa for relaxation or leisure. But there are a few, who must attend business meetings, events and training in Goa. Lots of foreigners visit Goa every year. While most of them are busy partying, some prefer doing business in the morning and party in the night. These people do not prefer staying at a hostel or a small hotel. They are looking for affordable five start services.

If you are one of them and are looking for a five-star resort, you must stay at Holiday Inn Resort. It is at Mobor beach. They have a huge property with plenty of facilities such as sit-outs, shakes and spa. The best thing about Holiday Inn Resort is they own a private beach. So, you don’t have to worry about taking a bath in a public washroom. Instead, you can head back to your room and shower with hot water.

They offer Italian, Chinese, North Indian and European cuisine. If you want to taste the best Goan seafood dishes, this is the right place for you. They also own a well-equipped gymnasium for fitness freaks. Some of the other facilities include luggage room and free high-speed Wi-Fi in the room and premises. There are coffee machines installed in every room so that you don’t have to wait for the coffee or go all the way to a restaurant. So, if you are looking to have some relaxed time, book a stay at Holiday Inn Resort, Goa.

De-stress and Detox

goa nightlife at de stress and detox

Often people visit Goa to get high on the adrenaline rush, booze or just to have some fun time. But recently, a lot of tourists are taking a different route and are hitting on the Stress Buster Retreat by The Farm House India. Constant changes in the lifestyle, poor diet and stress are causing many illnesses even among the young generation.

Jean Brillat-Savarin was a French lawyer and politician, who quoted ‘You are what you eat.’ Which is true. A healthy diet can bring positive changes in your life while a poor one takes its toll. Stress brings weight gain or loss, ill health, depression or anxiety if a person is dealing with stress for a long time. So, if you are looking for a quick way to get back in shape and get your inner peace back, visit the Farm House India. They offer diet based detox that cleans your body from within. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It’s like a cycle. If you take good care of one, the other will automatically be in a good shape.

Here you get guidance from Ayurvedic and Homeopathic experts about keeping your PH balanced. To achieve the same, they offer full body composition analysis which includes BMI, Body Fat, Subcutaneous Fat. Along with it Visceral Fat and Muscle Mass analysis and Vital Total Body Measurements are also performed. This 5 days 4 nights package offers free daily Yoga class in Goa, two spa treatments of your choice every day, nutrition consultation-for diet and lifestyle changes, self-hypnosis and a lot more. This is one of the must-visit places in Goa. Come here to find a new you.

Party All Night

party all night goa

Film Dil Chahta Hai introduced Goa to my generation. This classic movie took us all on a beautiful journey of friendship in which Goa plays an important role. What captivated me the most was the disco/pubs and the late-night parties in Goa. This is what Goa nightlife is most famous for. Nobody can throw such lively parties like the Goans do at night clubs.

The Goa nightlife is astonishing with all the lights, music and of course, drinks. The best places to experience the nightlife is Calangute or Baga beach. For years, party loves have been visiting the energetic pubs, cheerful beach shacks, and beaches for live music. We cannot blame them! It’s never-ending fun. One of the most important things to keep in mind for girls is, NEVER wear stilettoes on the sand. Not only because the sand will ruin its texture but also because heels and sand are a deadly combination. You might trip and fall or injure your ankle.

At beach shacks, you can eat, drink, dance also sing on the Karaoke. These beach shacks are on almost all the beaches in Goa. Those which does not have shacks otherwise, install a few in the peak season. Gloomy and laidback during the day, these shacks give themselves a major makeover in the night with flashing lights, party songs and cocktails to keep the atmosphere lively. The Pine Shack located near the boundary of Calangute and Candolim beach is a great place to start your evening. They have bonfire-barbeque placed in the sand near the beach where you can spend a relaxed evening with your friends.

Private Boat Party

private boat party goa nightlife

Hiring a boat and having a party on the boat is one of the most popular things in Goa. And if you are planning to throw a big one, this could be a unique and refreshing venue for your guests too. Goa visit is incomplete without a party that wows everyone. Private yacht or a boat party is the perfect avenue to make the same happen. Private Boat Party in Goa lets you explore the serene beauty of coastal Goa, the Portuguese Landmarks and the vintage charm of Old Goa.

The best part of this tour is most of the boats have an in-house DJ that will be playing peppy numbers continuously to entertain your guests. Along with it, the crew can anchor the boat anywhere near a beach if you want to get down, take a dip in the water and enjoy the water sports in Goa. You can also enjoy activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling and Island tour. Goa is famous for its seafood and if you are a seafood lover, this place would be nothing less than a paradise for you. The yacht crew prepares mouth-watering dishes. You will be full, but your mind would keep on asking for more of these delicious preparations.

These boats can accommodate up to 50 persons at a time. Hence, they are good for a corporate party, a birthday party, bachelors’ or spinsters party and ladies’ night outs. Along with the activities mentioned above, the crew has plenty of surprises and prizes in the box for you. The team at GoBananas (Goa Calling) welcomes you and your guests with a great pleasure. So, get onboard and get ready to experience one of the best nights of your Goa stay.

Activity on Island

activity on island goa nightlife

Goa is a small state with a scenic and tranquil coastline that has much more to offer than just flora and fauna. The state has more than 8 marines, 40 estuarine about 90 riverine islands. Grand Island, as the name suggests, is the largest marine island with breath-taking views and serene atmosphere It is close to the Marmagoa Harbor in the Arabian Sea. You can book a one-day trip to this Goan island that is also a gastronomic heaven.

The tour starts at 12:30 PM. You should have a heavy brunch in the morning. A ferry boat with the capacity of 50 persons will take you to the Grand Island. Oh, did we mention to the surprise visitors? You guessed it right – Dolphins. You will be able to spot them in herds, in the waves, far from your route. Or if you are lucky, they will come close too. The boat drops the anchor on your arrival at the Grand Island. This is the time to get ready for some fun activities. This one-day tour includes snorkeling and mid-sea floating. You will get the snorkeling kit from the crew upon confirming before the tour. But, one must carry their swimsuits and towels for these activities.

After having fun in the clear water, admiring the captivating colours and charm of the underwater world, it’s time to enjoy some barbeque fish and chicken on the ‘monkey beach’. You can spend rest of the day swimming, playing in the water with your friends, sunbathing, relaxing on the beach or simply admiring the beauty. If you are a photographer or like to capture moments in the camera, this island will make you go crazy with its picturesque landscapes. Enjoy the shifting colours of the water as the sun sets and create beautiful memories on the Grand Island that you would cherish for the rest of your life.


goa nightlife kayaking

Goa is a water sports hub. There are plenty of things to do in Goa that you can choose from. If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to try something new, try Kayaking on the Bambolim beach. There’s something about the twilight that can make anything and everything romantic. And when you are in the water, alone in your kayak, admiring the beauty of nature, it just can’t get better. You can choose the location of your choice or just paddle near the bay area.

If you are a little scared of being all alone in the wild waters, the Sea Gulls flying around wouldn’t let you feel alone. Seeing the sun meeting the horizon is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. The Evening Kayaking is safe for both swimmers and non-swimmers. You will get a life jacket and it is better to keep it on till you reach back on the shore and can feel the sand below your feet. It is best to wear comfortable and full body covering clothes while Kayaking.

If you happen to be in Goa during the Waxing phase of the moon, don’t miss a chance to go for moonlight kayaking. 8 days in every month from the half-moon to full moon, the experts at Sand-n-Sea Shack can take you to kayak on any night. The bright moon makes the water sparkle and makes the landscape come to life. After kayaking for 2 hours, Sand-n-Sea shack offers you drink and snacks. You can choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Crocodile Safari

crocodile safari goa nightlife

Goa has much more to offer than insane parties, music and seafood. It also has a special Crocodile safari that you can enjoy near Candolim beach. HEM travels take you to the backwaters of Goa in a boat. You will be able to see plenty of fierce crocodiles through the mangroves.

Often, people get scared about their safety when it comes to adventurous safaris like these. But there is nothing to worry about as the crew from HEM travels on the boat provides you with a safety jacket. They and are well trained in driving the boats. If they sense any danger, they simply retreat. June is the mating season for crocodiles and you can see a lot of them during these months if you visit Goa before the monsoon hits.

Juice Fasting Detox

juice fasting detox goa nightlife

Sanda Retreat is at Sernabatim beach. It offers plenty of wellness programmes that can help you fight all your stress and digestive issues. The Juice Fasting Detox Program is a way to balance your body, emotions and mind. Starting with Yoga every morning, they have various programmes throughout the day that detoxify your body. These include broths, juicing, massages, spa therapies and enemas. Specialist consultations with in-house Ayurveda doctors, Hypnotherapist and nutritionists are also done.

Before the course starts, they do various tests to find out the problem areas. After all the medical assessments, the experts consult with you. They give you a personalized retreat programme that will help you combat all your issues. This detox plan can work for plenty of years to keep your stress and issues at bay.

Mandovi River Cruise

mandovi river cruise goa

This is one of the most attractive tours in Goa and you shouldn’t miss it for anything. If you think Goa is only about beaches and sand, look at this tour. There are plenty of tours that take you on this amazing expedition through Mandovi River. Yes, there’s a river in Goa. And it is a big one! You can book a Mandovi River Cruise tour for couples, family and friends in advance or right before the tour. But it is always better to book it in advance especially during the peak season. Most of the times it is over-crowded and there are high chances of you coming back without tickets to the tour.

This two-hour tour includes snacks, drinks and DJ – though the dance floor is usually crowded. If you are not visiting Goa during the peak season, this could be the best romantic dinner date you can have with your better half. If you book a tour during sunset, the colours, coffee and light music will add a magical touch to your date. A group of local dancers performs a local folk dance to entertain all you while you sit back, relax and enjoy the snacks and beverages.

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