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Top Employee Perk offers at Xoxoday

Check out the best offers in our Xoxoday Plum Employee Perks section. From discounts, cash-backs, and offers to experiences, find it all here.

Perks and Benefits
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August 30, 2021

For an employee who toils through their workday and tasks, every bit of an extra benefit the organization offers i.e. employee perks, matters a lot. The sweet-smelling coffee at the office coffee machine, the array of subsidized snacks, and even the comfort of a cashless hospitalization - goes a long way in making the employee feel their worth. That is when Xoxoday perks come along and offer a wide range of exclusive benefits for them. They can make great savings on almost everything that they do outside their work - on shopping, grocery purchases, travel, education, and health. Let us look at a few of the many things Xoxoday offers that help the salaries of your employees last longer.

Employee benefits make up approx. One-Third of compensation costs.
- US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Xoxoday Employee Perks: A Sneak Peek

A. Apparels

Apparel purchase nowadays is minimum a bi-monthly affair and a major chunk of the paycheck can be written off in apparel purchases for the family. It is a great waiver when there are offers running and with Xoxoday employee perks, one really doesn’t have to wait until the end of season sales. The following are a few interesting offers Xoxoday perks give:

Ombre Lane

Ombre lane

Majorly an online clothing retailer, Ombre lane is a favorite destination for many online shoppers for chic and classy apparel. This is the right destination to find premium and versatile workwear with premium quality fabrics. Next, you drop into your favorite pair of Ombre Lane dress, remember that to get up to Rs. 550/-  off on premium wear using Xoxoday employee perks.



Another exclusive and chic men’s accessories brand, Beardo offers a huge range of grooming cosmetics for men. From body washes, creams to toiletries -  this brand’s got everything covered. When the next time you are on the lookout for a men’s specialty cosmetic purchase, remember that Xoxoday employee perks give you a 20% discount on the first purchase from Beardo.


Strategically released benefits and perks can change the tides in the organization’s favor (SHRM).
Strategically released benefits and perks can change the tides in the organization’s favor (SHRM).

B. Education


For the continuous and aspiring learners amongst us, learning tools can prove to be a great advantage. Great Learning, for example, is the right venue to take up a course in new age sciences like Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Full Stack Development, and more. Their programs are taken by thousands of professionals globally to build their competencies. With Xoxoday perks, one can take online courses from the reputed University of Texas and get add on classes worth up to Rs.20,000 free.

C. Electronics


Spends on electronics are again a recurring expenditure incurred by households. Since electronic purchases are done in phases not all in one go - expenses keep occurring intermittently, consuming a major portion of the employee’s paycheck. Knowing this, Xoxoday employee perks have Samsung offers up to 15 % off along with additional cashback of up to 6000/- and free insurance worth Rs. 3999/-

D. Experiences

The Four Fountains SPA

Going on a day outing or a weekend outing is a necessity nowadays to break the monotony of the daily work lives and households. These experiences do not come economically in general and special experiences would cost us proportionally high. Xoxoday employee perks are the right abode while in search of such experiences. For example, Four Fountain Spa offers up to Rs. 500/- off on couple premium massages and also offers a complimentary welcome drink.

72% of the organizations increased their perks to retain employees.

E. Finance


With daily and monthly expenses come the need for financing and Xoxoday perks, again, comes in with a range of offers for finance. Using Kaarva, for example, one can get loans with the option of paying interest in terms prescribed by themselves. With CashE, employees can get loans of up to 2 lakhs with fast processing formalities. Even get a 20% discount on tax advice of a CA consultant at Cleartax and also get 0% interest EMI at ZestMoney through Xoxoday employee perks.

F. Food Delivery

Box 8

Food ordering is a part of the everyday chores nowadays - people entrust their food ordering apps even with their entire week’s special food cravings. More day-to-day the activity is, the better it is for it to be on Xoxoday perks. For example, box8 gives up to 100% cash back on the first order of above Rs. 200.

G. Gifts

The Flora

For making any event special, flowers and bouquets play a special role. For instance, one can get up to 15% off on flora flowers and bouquets on The Flora using Xoxoday perks.

H. Health & Fitness

TATA Health

Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly health-conscious. If organizations have robust health initiatives and programs, it can really support the cause of the health of their employees. Xoxoday perks work with 1 MG, where one can get a 40 % discount and an additional 10 % cashback on Lab test, Tata Health for a health check-up worth 8000/- at only a 1399/  and Net Meds for a flat 20% off on all prescription medicines.

I. Insurance


Most organizations have insurance as one of the default benefits for their organization. With Xoxoday perks, go the extra mile by providing emergency and Insurance services subscription worth Rs.999 at a discounted price of Rs. 365 from McXtra.

J. Rentals

Urban Drive

Car rentals are another important part of urban life and with Xoxoday perks, get exclusive car rental offers. Get a Chauffeured Mercedes from Rent a Car at just Rs. 5000/-, airport Transfer at just Rs- 999/- and a limo at 10,000/- with Complimentary Champagne. Adding on to that, get up to 20 % off on 5 days of booking, 25 % off in 7 days booking and 30% on 10 days booking from the Urban drive.

66% of employees who receive perks are satisfied with them

K. Restaurant Delivery


Eating in is another way people choose to break their everyday monotony and they leave no eateries unturned to have a new online food ordering and dining experience. Xoxoday perks help to go easy on the pocket through a number of offers with eateries. At Faasos, one can avail buy one get one free combo, at Behrouz one can get 100 off on minimum order of 349, at Oven Story Pizza one can get 150 off on minimum of order of 299, at Firangi Bake a 100 off on minimum order of 299, at The Good Bowl, a 100 off on minimum order of 199, at Mandarian Oak - a 100 off on minimum order of 299 and at the Sweet truth, a 20 % off on the minimum amount of 199.

L. Travel


The world of travel can also get a tad pocket-friendly, with the use of Xoxoday. At Oyo Wizard, one can get up to 33% off in membership, at Vista Room, a 10% off on all the bookings, and at Airbnb, up to Rs. 28,000 off on your first home booking.

M. Online partners


Xoxoday perks also has partnerships with top brands such as Amazon for up to 35% off on electronics, Flipkart for up to 40% off on white goods, Myntra for up to 60% off on women’s apparel, Tanishq for up to 10% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs. 10000, Croma for up to 22% off on electronics and Big basket for up to 33% off on groceries.

68% of employees said they think work perks are just as important as health coverage, life insurance, and other traditional benefits.

These are all but a little of the wonderful world of Xoxoday perks. The more you explore within the perks catalog, the more you unravel. Next time you go out for a shop or a trip make sure you are well aware of all the things Xoxoday perks already are offering you.

Save time and money in offering motivating perks for employees

Do you want to motivate and engage your staff? Beyond paying them a reliable salary and treating them with respect and gratitude, there are perks for employees that can attract new talent and can make current employees feel more valued. In fact, according to career tool Glassdoor, 57 percent of workers say benefits and perks for employees factor heavily into whether they take a job. Another research report from the same site that lets current and former staff members rank their employers found that a staggering four out of five employees would prefer an increase in benefits over an increase in raise.

Perks Millennials prefer from employers: flexible schedules (70%), good benefits (60%)

By finding the right employee rewards program that works for you, you will be in a good position to increase productivity, motivation, productivity, and retention. Today we will break down the common kinds of employee perks for employees and how to best manage it all.

Go Traditional or Cliche

What is an employee perk? It can be anything outside of the guaranteed salary that sweetens the deal. First let’s start with the most common ones, which are often the most expensive.

Employees’ most desired summer perks are flexible schedules (52%) and early departures on Fridays (27%).
Robert Half

There’s no doubt that healthcare and family leave have the most strived for company perks. In countries without regulated maternity leave and healthcare like the United States, these are almost mandatory in order to attract the right talent. Facebook made news when Mark Zuckerberg took his four months paternity leave as an example that his employees should take also the advantage of the company’s perks, while Netflix covers up to a year of family leave. In countries around the world, companies often offer extra leave and supplemented healthcare to public options. Again, this is a sought after, but expensive series of perks. They need to be policies made transparent and tracked by human resources software.

There are other perks for employees in this area that are important ways to attract women to your office, without risking huge amounts of capital. Across the board, in an effort to seem mommy-friendly, global companies are not only building the required (but not always complied with) pumping rooms, and companies are allowing women to ship their breast milk when traveling for work, a perk that Zillow estate agent website first got noticed for.

Millennials are the generation most likely to want in-office perks from their employer.

And, of course, a lot of companies offer matching retirement funds and life insurance, something that for many employees are making or break.

Go Out of the Box with Experiences

Beyond the traditional benefits that often have come to be expected almost as much as the salary itself, you have a further opportunity to engage employees with experiences and activities-based rewards that are catered to each unique and beautiful culture represented in your human resource pool. With thousands of local experiences available at Xoxoday, you can offer exciting memories that dive into the flavor of each place instead of cash, gift cards, or bonuses that just come to be expected.

49% of employees say that receiving perks/benefits means they know that their employers are invested in them as individuals.

Since we all have too much stuff already, experiences are a great way to create memories with your employees. You can even offer perks that give employees a sense of empowerment through unique philanthropic and volunteer experiences.

Like with all things, getting to know your current employees and the top talent you want to attract are the best ways to know which perks are right for your organization — and when benchmarked against other organizations within your industry. This is a logical part of your annual employee feedback survey. Never be afraid to ask what’s important to your staff.

How to Manage a Successful Employee Perks Program

And once you know what to offer, it can be a whole other thing to organize all your perks for employees. Sure, when you’re still a fledgling startup, a spreadsheet is fine. But, like all things with a growing team, perks become more complicated to manage, the more employees you have to manage.

Leverage perks for employees tool like Xoxoday to manage it all in three easy steps:

  • Sign up for or log into www.xoxoday.com
  • Look through the perks you want to offer your teammates, filtering by categories and locations offered. (Have an international company? Make sure your perks reflect that!)
  • Choose the perk you want and click “Get it now.”
42% of full-time employees have no employee perks at all.

More than 800 enterprises use Xoxoday with good reason, not only does it offer a wide array of options, it’s easy to use and manage each company’s unique perk program. SKF, the world’s largest manufacturer of bearings and seals, employs 44,000 people running the largest industrial distributor network in the world with 17,000 distributor locations in 130 countries. Instead of the traditional (but a bit boring especially in a company of this size) cake and song, SKF decided to go for an alternative way to mark work anniversaries. They decided to go with a tree plantation experience that gave them a sense of giving back to the environment and getting a chance to honor loved ones by giving trees in their names.

SPI Cinemas has about 20 multi-screen movie theatres across the south of India, run by 1,200 employees. It wanted to reward its aspirational employees for achievements like ticket sales, time at the company, and referrals. SPI looked around and around at different voucher programs but found the whole tracking process tedious and time-consuming. They now leverage Xoxoday’s enterprise version to allow employees to log onto the portal and exchange their points for perks of their choice.

| Read all about SPI Cinema’s marvelous makeover here |

Xoxoday is an automated and seamless way to incentivize and reward with perks for employees. Companies like SKF and SPI have an opportunity to not only offer perks that their employees will actually want, but also to manage it easily with a simple human resources business software that also makes it very easy for employees to redeem their perks!

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