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Religare Health Insurance at Special Rates Xoxoday Exclusive!

Now get a Religare Health Insurance Policy at special rates for Xoxoday customers! Protect your family with Care health insurance.

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June 7, 2021

The current zeitgeist is full of uncertainty and at a time where people are concerned about health bills after what happens to their health, a health insurance policy can be a lifesaver. As most health insurance policies cover the humongous costs of healthcare when lightning strikes, it’s inevitable to ignore the high costs of premiums to be paid now and then.

Now that health insurance is a substantial part of any person’s portfolio, employees consider it important to insure themselves and their beloved. But alas, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses across the globe to change the way they operate. People have become more risk-averse and are taking proactive measures to safeguard their health and source of income and are opting for online health insurance options.

Insurance policy sales have increased by almost 40% since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by a storm. -Public Works Commission Report

With that in mind, Xoxoday has brought in Insurance as a category for Xoxoday customers. This category would feature insurance options exclusively for employees of enterprises who are Xoxoday customers — be it health insurance, general insurance, or life insurance.

To get things rolling, we have brought in curated, group health insurance products to the Xoxoday store at special rates from Care a.k.a Religare Health Insurance. Let’s learn about the options.

Care Health Insurance & Xoxoday mark historic partnership

Care Insurance has now joined forces with Xoxoday for offering health insurance policies, customized to its customer group, on the Xoxoday Store. Here’s why this partnership is special.

Registered Xoxoday users can buy insurance policies through XoxoPoints

Xoxoday becomes the first platform to offer a choice to customers wherein they can pay through a closed-loop point system. This implies that the users can get insured with a policy and pay towards the premiums with XoxoPoints. It’s been approved by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) under their recently issued regulatory sandbox guidelines.

Registered Xoxoday customers can burn their reward points to pay off their premiums — making it an attractive incentive.

Special group pricing for Xoxoday’s registered customer base

Special group pricing for Xoxoday’s registered customer base

All the insurance premiums of Care Health Insurance policies are priced at a reduced rate for Xoxoday’s customer group. The end-users, on buying the same insurance policy, would have to pay more in retail than they will when purchasing it via Xoxoday.

Get free brand vouchers up to Rs. 6,000 on purchase on Insurance policies

Get free brand vouchers up to Rs. 6,000 on purchase on Insurance policies

On purchase of an Insurance policy from Xoxoday Stores, get free brand discount vouchers that are valid on medicines, health and wellness, health check-ups, and more. This amounts to double the savings on purchasing a health insurance policy via the Xoxoday Stores: (a) discount on the premium (b) free brand discount vouchers.

Now that we are well in sync with how this partnership between Xoxoday and Care (earlier Religare) Insurance would work, let’s check out all the Religare health insurance policy options in Xoxoday’s catalog.

Religare Care Health Insurance Plans & Offerings on Xoxoday Store

Religare Care Health Insurance Plans & offerings on Xoxoday Store

In partnership with Religare Health Insurance (now Care Insurance), Xoxoday will bring the following 3 insurance products to the Xoxoday store:

  1. Hospital Cash: Get assured cash, Rs. 2,000 on a per-day basis, to cover your hospitalization charges and loss of income due to hospitalization, without having to submit any bills.
  2. Super Top-up: Top up the sum insured amount of your existing health policy, from any insurer, by Rs. 20 Lakhs.
  3. Critical Illness: Coverage against 32 critical illnesses to choose from, with a sum insured amount of Rs. 10 lakhs.

The Care Insurance policies are applicable to Xoxoday's registered Indian customers and are to be claimed and used across the insurer's network of hospitals in India. Let’s discuss the Religare health insurance policy in a glimpse.

Hospital Cash Insurance

Specifics of the Hospital Cash insurance.
Specifics of the Hospital Cash Insurance.

This cover gets the user Rs. 2,000 per day of claim on hospitalization at just Rs. 4-a-day! There are no bills required and it’s a great way to cover for big medical expenses that occur in the unfortunate event of hospitalization. With Hospital cash cover, the insured can:

  • Use it to cover their medical expenses
  • Take care of travel and post-discharge costs
  • Secure their savings in the event of hospitalization

For more information on this policy, check out Care Hospital Cash insurance >>

Top-Up Health Insurance

Specifics of the Super Top-Up health insurance.
Specifics of the Super Top-Up health insurance.

Get added coverage worth Rs. 20 lacs on your health policy, from any insurer, at just Rs. 1,472-per-year. This health insurance is great for bearing a predefined policy amount, over which expenses up to Rs. 20 lacs would be borne by Religare (now Care) insurance. This cover comes with a Rs. 5 lac deductible and is potentially a must-have in case of unforeseen circumstances.

This policy of top up health insurance only covers the insured person.

The super top-up package comes with benefits of up to Rs. 6,000 with brand vouchers from the following health, wellness, and medicine brands:

  • 1MG
  • Apollo Pharmacy
  • Care.fit
  • Lifecare Health
  • BodyCraft

For more information on this policy, check out Care Super Top-Up insurance >>

Critical Illness Health Insurance—Men & Women

Specifics of the Critical Illness insurance for women.
Specifics of the Critical Illness insurance for women.

This is affordable medi-claim insurance offering a cover worth Rs. 10 lacs for 32 critical illnesses. Available for both men and women, the Religare (now Care) critical illness health insurance starts at just Rs. 1,882 premium per year. With the insured getting the coverage in case s/he, unfortunately, falls victim to the given critical illnesses; this health indemnity cover is for the age group of 18 to 35 years under the Religare Care health insurance plan.

This insurance only covers oneself. For more information on the critical illnesses covered, check here.

Buy Religare Care Health Insurance Corporate Plans

Critical illness health insurance is always a priority for the breadwinner of the family. Now that Religare Care Health Insurance Plan is available on Xoxoday Plum, you can buy health insurance online at just the right price and ease of access. No need to step out of the house, just get in touch with Xoxoday Plum and get low cost health insurance for your family. Low cost health insurance for family now at Xoxoday.

About Care Insurance

Care Insurance is a comprehensive health insurance provider for families. Earlier known by the name of Religare, Care Insurance is all about providing safe and secure low-cost health insurance plans to users and their dependants at an affordable price.

NOTE: These insurance offerings are only available for Xoxoday’s group of corporate customers that are based in India. For any information, feel free to reach out to your Point of Contact or talk to us at cs@xoxoday.com.

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