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Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas for Employees

10 great gifts that you as an HR or Senior People Manager can gift your employees in 2021.

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July 29, 2021

Christmas and New Year has gone by, but employee rewarding shouldn't. We at Xoxoday know that shopping for your employees can be difficult for any point in time of the year. We have come up with a list of 10 great rewards that you can give your employees over the year 2021. Before we dive deep into this rich list of new year gift for employees, it's important to remember that employees play a huge part in a business's success story. Keeping that in mind, we have created this list where you can show to your employees that they are important. It's as they say, 'a special and memorable employee gift is a great way to show your gratitude.

Top 10 Corporate New Year Gift Ideas for Employees

1. Books

Books are one of the best corporate new year gifts to give away - especially for the bookworms amongst your employees. Books that cover management and specialised subject matter can even work as learning material.  The best way to implement a 'book give away' is to send out a form asking people to name one book they want to read in 2020 and gift them that book over the year- it will be a surprise that they will remember fondly. Use employee survey tools like that available with Xoxoday Empuls to capture employee inputs effectively. Giving out book store e-vouchers instead of a physical book is another efficient way to let your employees choose the book that they want.

2. Chocolates, Cookies, and Assorted Snacks

Who doesn't love food? And who doesn't love anything that's sweet and delicious and perfect munchies for snacks? You can send out customised gift baskets that contain a wide range of assorted cookies, chocolates, and snacks. The best part about sending sweets, cookies, chocolates and snacks as corporate new year gifts is that they can share it with their friends and family. Also, just to throw in a bit of branding, you can add customised 'Thank You' cards to each basket.

3. Field Trip

Group activities are one of the best ways to ensure that all your employees are working towards a common goal. Only this time, the goal is about having fun and relaxing. This is a perfect opportunity for your employees to rub shoulders with the top execs and not feel awkward. It also helps create a cubicle-free or open-door environment in your office.

4. Desk Plants

If your employees feel there's a lack of greenery or life in their space, there's nothing more perfect than gifting them small miniature potted desk plants. These little green things will add life and colour to daily work and make your employees feel extra happier. Potted desk plants like bonsai trees, lucky bamboo trees, money plants, and cactus are some of the new year gift items for office that are most popular. 

5. Holiday Bonus

This is a rather self-explanatory new year's gift for employees. If your employees have performed well throughout the year, giving them a bonus is the best way to reward the hours they have put in to achieve targets.

6. Gift Cards

These are are some of the best new year gifts for employees to show your gratitude while still allowing your employees to pick out whatever they want or like. There are various e-commerce companies and retail stores that deal in gift cards.

7. Experience Gifting

While a lot of the above gifts are tangible, this one is different. Experience gifting is the new trend in the market, and and is definitely one of the best new year gifts for employees. And we, Xoxoday, are a pro at it. From gifting your employees a microlight flying experience to a weekend getaway in an exotic place,the choices are plenty. Find out more about why experiences are perfect new year gifts for employees.

8. Tech Gifts

In an office, that's filled with millennials, graphic designers, or tech wizards -tech gifts are the best. From power banks to cool laptop sleeves to Bluetooth speakers, the options are far and wide and are amongst the most preferred new year gift items for office.

9. Company Branded Clothing

Everyone loves to flaunt the company they are working for. This New Year gift for employees can have tees, hoodies, windcheaters, and scarves. Let your employees wear your brand on their this New Year.

10. Personalised Stationery

People love personalised gifts. Gift your employees personalised stationery that includes notepads, pens, books, stick notes, and badges. For companies gearing up for the new year, we have created an extensive list of curated experiences that you can gift your employees, business associates, and stakeholders.

Do go through the our catalogue page to explore all of them and enquire for more rewarding ideas.

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