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Rapid Stipend Solution For Remote Working Deployment During A Crisis

Working from home is quickly becoming mandatory across all organisations where remote working is feasible.

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July 22, 2021

Working from home is quickly becoming mandatory across all organisations where remote working is feasible. Meanwhile, in a Work From Home productivity poll on Blind (20th Mar 2020), 36% employees voted that it negatively affected them.

These sudden disruptions are creating pressure on HR and business leaders to procure, organise and manage resources that facilitate business continuity and productivity while working remotely. 

Purchasing work accessories for ‘business as usual’

Anxieties are rife with regards to the possible effectiveness and productivity from the employees’ spare bedroom or even the kitchen table (further reaffirmed by the above Blind © survey).

The pressure to continue function seamlessly from the inconvenience of their home infrastructure is even on the employees. They are scrambling to purchase office furniture and devices that help them make Work From Home better. 

The fold-away camping chair against the bedroom dresser won’t cut it.  Cheap earphones don’t have the comfort or audio qualities that will be required for the new way of working – conference call after conference call all day. 

A few remote workers might even end up avoiding alternatives that facilitate productivity at the face of an unforeseen cost. 

The new procurement challenge

During other times, procurement would have purchased IT accessories centrally and distributed these to employees. In a few other cases, employees might purchase products at the local store with prior approvals would claim the expense. But, both these methods are impossible while adhering to social distancing guidelines. 

The elegant brand currency solution

Brand currencies (or gift vouchers as they are called) are the right modes to disperse employee stipends for online purchases of furniture, IT accessories, office supplies and other unforeseen expenses to ensure that their job roles are effectively executed. 

For instance, Xoxoday Plum offers e-vouchers that grant choice and flexibility to the employee to fits their personal preferences and home environment. It also offers a dashboard to manage these expenses and redemptions to further facilitate employers to sync them with their procurement ledgers.  

Following the likes of Facebook, Shopify and Survey Monkey, a small investment per employee such as this, will also be acknowledged as a considerate empowering act and will be returned quickly in fiscal productivity. 

For an existing Plum client, kickstarting the WFH stipends can be done in a matter of a few clicks. It can be done by uploading the list of employees working from home in bulk, selecting a stipend amount and with a single click, dispersing the amount as Xoxo points or vouchers to the employees. The employees can redeem these vouchers in part or full on 3000+ brand vouchers that inturn offer millions of redemption options across the globe. 

If you want to get started with you Plum account to get through the Work From Home challenge, do send in your enquiries to sales@xoxoday.com or visit www.xoxoday.com

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