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Make Diwali as a Great Beginning for Better Days!

Having a little mini break or a day out to look forward too is great and it's even better if it has been bought for you as a Diwali gift voucher. A gift of vacation lets the receiver take pleasure

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February 12, 2021

Diwali is looming. With sparkling crackers and lamps, the country wears dazzling brightness and mesmerising hues. The relevance of gifts in the corporate industry lies in the fact that Diwali gifts show care, respect, thankfulness, and also appreciation. Thus, festival reinforces the bonding in the corporate circle as well.

Choosing a suitable gift for corporate associates can be a fiddly business, indeed.The right gift can give momentum to a good business relationship while an incorrect gift could bring negotiations to a halt. Ideally, the corporate gifts you choose should reflect your thoughtfulness and good taste.

Gone are the days when employers were gifting sweets, chocolates, crockery, cash rewards. Nothing material is essentially valuable, except in whatever promise of happiness it carries. To say the least, satisfaction in owning a thing need not come at the moment it's acquired.

Now, the fashion is to gift happiness wrapped as experiences. The content of breathing in moment-to-moment experiences gives immense ecstasy. Gifting experiences will make the employees live in anticipation, gathering stories and memories. The experiences will build and strengthen the bond between you and your employees whom you care about.

Make this Diwali an opportunity to pamper your employees and clients with engaging, memorable and pleasurable experiences which light the inner spark in them.

Kindle the Adventurous Streak

Adventure Experiences on xoxoday stores, Let your corporate circle indulge in an outdoor adventure. It gives them the perfect opportunity to cut loose and enjoy the kind of heart-thumping adrenaline-pumping thrills that make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up and they will remember your gift forever! An adventure brings them a fresh and exciting memory that will always remind them that their journey has just begun. It will also help them learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. Make their natural quest for adventure come to life by gifting them an adventure voucher.

Empower with Holiday Retreats

Tours and Getaways with xoxoday stores, When life is one long round of work, sleep, eat, there's nothing like having a few excursions planned to lift spirits. Having a little mini break or a day out to look forward too is great and it's even better if it has been bought for you as a Diwali gift voucher. A gift of vacation lets the receiver take pleasure in ample time away from their jobs to loosen up, and bond with family and friends. A holiday retreat pays off for both employees and employers. Employees, who take time out for holiday retreat, return with zeal to perform at higher levels, are more productive and are more satisfied with their jobs. Shut off the stressors and pressures of work by gifting them a vacation gift voucher.

Tune into Recreational Activity

Hobbies and Activities at xoxoday stores, Give them a refreshing break from monotony by gifting a hobbies and activities voucher. A nudge into participating in leisure and recreational sports can foster a range of positive experiences: from simple relaxation, fun and enjoyment to personal development and fulfilment, and improved health. Help them pursue a forgotten hobby, or trying opened to a new skill or indulge in a sport that might just grab your attention. Let them engage in delightful activities that bring happiness this Diwali.

Delight them with Entertainment

Entertainment With xoxoday stores, Gift vouchers for a fun-filled day at cinemas can make for a great Diwali gift. A popcorn tub, chocolate topped ice creams and chilled cool drinks while they royally sit in the luxury seats in the back row is kind of an experience which thrills anybody. No matter what genre they prefer, nothing beats watching a movie on the big screen. Choose movie ticket gift vouchers and experience the magic of film. Not only will it delight them no end, it will keep them feeling grateful and enjoy working at the organisation too!

A Pandora's Box of Experiences

Experience Boxes on xoxoday stores, An experience box voucher allows the employee to have a choice over how they want to redeem their corporate gift this Diwali. If you are not sure of the specific experience which your corporate circle will like, then they can select one of them from the range of experiences which you curate for them in an experience box. Each experience box variety of theme based gift boxes, which may include gourmet dining, health & wellness, adventure activities, tours & getaways and hobbies & activities. Each experience is unique, exclusive and crafted with the intention of delighting the receiver.

Tempting Treats to Tickle the Taste Buds

Premium Gourmet Experiences with xoxoday stores, Indulging anybody into gourmet experiences is not soon forgotten. Diwali is the time to treat your corporate circles with the lasting memories over delicious food and drink. Let them fall in love with food and drink in a whole new-fangled way when you treat them with Gourmet vouchers this Diwali. A unique range of tantalising and memorable dining experiences may include amazing fine dining experiences,celebrity chef master-classes or luxury tasting sessions.

Plan a Spa Escape

Spa Experiences with xoxoday stores, Endow a hard working employee with a much needed time of repose. Health and Wellness gift voucher in a luxury spa make the perfect gift for Diwali. Who doesn’t want to be groomed while they are relaxing? It lets them choose from an assortment of spa treatments that will be the ultimate in bringing some magic and vitality into their life. The finest essential oils blended into chocolaty bars of shea and cocoa massaged into the skin. The clouds of beautiful fragrance engage senses and take them on a journey. Let them experience forgetting names, titles and expectations – gift them an experience which will make them tick. You are making a memory which they will never forget in their life.

In today's competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to keep your employees motivated and your customers coming back for more. By gifting them experiences - you motivate your employees to perform at a higher level, and increase their excitement in being part of your team. Why wait? Book an experience package at xoxoday stores!

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