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How are Xoxoday Empuls and Plum different?

Here's how two of the handiest employee rewards and recognition tools - Xoxoday Plum & Empuls - change the game on their own prowess.

Plum Comparison
10 Min read
Last Updated on
February 12, 2021


Features Xoxoday Empuls Xoxoday Plum
Definition  • A product meant for employee engagement. Built on the fundamentals of employee engagement which is empowerment, communication, motivation, alignment and wellness.  • A points redemption catalog like gift cards, experiences, perks, finiancial products etc. Works like a white labelled e-commerce platform for your users.
Use Case and Purpose  • For employee engagement, pulse surveys, internal communication, social intranet, employee recognition and more.  • Gifting, Survey Incentives, Earn and burn programs, Consumer Promotions, Referral bonuses, loyalty campaigns and more.
Benefits  • Helps companies to increase employee NPS, reduces attrition, increase workplace happiness & communication.  • Automate gifting, automate bulk incentive programs, distribution of gift cards, running catalog programs etc.
Target Audience  • Suited for HRs and Employees in an organization.  • Suited for all types of audience like sales, marketing, HR, consumer, partners etc.

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