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Corporate Holiday Gifting Ideas - A New Approach

It's no longer about the gift boxes. Here's what the new perspective looks like when it comes to corporate holiday gift ideas for clients.

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September 8, 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and what are holidays without gifts? Corporate holiday gifts can help build strong emotional bonds with the people most important to your business– your employees and your clients. As the year comes to an end, it is the perfect time to show appreciation for your clients and employees who have supported your organization and brand throughout the year!

The Importance of Holiday Gifting

For Employees

Your employees put much hard work into their jobs and stand by you through good times as well as trying ones. Despite the many challenges they may be facing in their personal lives, they show up to work with a smile, ready to crunch numbers and meet deadlines. Giving gifts to your employees during the holiday season is one of the easiest ways to say "Thank You" and show them that you truly value and appreciate them. Gifting employees isn't merely a sweet gesture. It also gives tangible results. Recognizing employees' work helps develop a more productive work environment. According to a Gallup report, companies with effective employee engagement were 21% more profitable and scored 17% higher on productivity.

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For Clients

Holiday gifting for clients is an essential tool for creating solid, long-term relationships with your clients. A strong bond between you and your client can be the key to customer retention, ensuring that your clients return to your business year after year. In today's competitive business landscape, many brands are providing the same products and services as you. Therefore, it is vital to demonstrate gratitude to your clients for supporting your business to build strong client loyalty. A thoughtful gift during the holiday season is sure to go a long way in showing your appreciation for your clients in the most powerful way imaginable.

The Current State of Holiday Gifting

Many organizations end up sending the same or similar gifts each year, which is often either a hamper filled with goodies and snacks, a bottle of wine, or a swag bag. While there's nothing particularly wrong with these gifts, they are a pretty common practice at this point. The reasons people resort to the same old holiday gifts are:

They save time and energy

Choosing holiday gifts can take up much time, especially when you have many clients. Writing personalized thank you notes for each person, collecting their addresses, and ensuring your personalized gifts are shipped at the right time to the correct destination can be a real hustle. Hence, most organizations decide to stick to the status quo and go with a standard and 'unimaginative' hamper.

They are the ‘safer’ option

Who doesn't love receiving a bottle of some good wine and a box of chocolates? These are some of the safest options out there. Understandably, people choose the safe option due to the fear of sending out a creative gift and having the recipient dislike it.

A New Approach to Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

corporate holiday gift ideas

While gift baskets and hampers sound like a good idea, they don't stand out in a crowd. The chances are that your hamper might just get added to the stack of other hampers received during the festive season. It's essential to add a personal touch to your gifts as it demonstrates that you are thoughtful and appreciative of the recipient. Personalized gifts are, therefore, are always the most memorable gifts! To help you pick a great gift that will surely be remembered and cherished for a long time, we have put together a holiday gift guide listing some excellent options for corporate gifting for clients to choose from. Here are some unique holiday gift ideas for clients, employees, and coworkers:

Experiential Gifts

A recent survey conducted by SurveyMonkey posed the question to people- "Would you rather receive an experience or a physical possession?" A whopping 67% of people said they would prefer being gifted an experience! Experiences are certainly far more memorable than material possessions. For instance, a corporate Swag Bag won't create lasting memories. However, giving your patrons the chance to experience the raw sensation of paragliding, or the chance to explore the deep-sea marine life while snorkeling, are gifts they would remember and cherish for years to come! Gifting an experience would also help build strong emotional connections between you and your patrons.

When you gift someone an experience, whether an employee or a client, you develop meaningful connections with them; according to Forrester, emotions tend to be one of the most vital factors determining brand loyalty. Hence, experiential gifts are a significant investment that ensures better results. If you don't have a specific experiential gift in mind, explore a digital gifting platform like Xoxoday! Browse the Xoxoday Store and choose from a wide variety of exciting experiences here.

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The Gift of Learning

Mainstream gifts like coffee mugs and goodie bags aren't long-lasting (especially if they're filled with chocolates). However, helping your patrons further their education or learn a new skill can have a lasting impact on their lives, especially in the long run. Learning is a gift that keeps giving! This holiday season, consider offering your patrons a gift card from Udemy and help them advance in their professional lives.

A Hobby

Hobby-centric gifts are always fun for the recipient and help demonstrate that you have thought into finding a gift that the receiver will enjoy! Check out the Xoxoday Store for exciting hobby-centric gifts and experiences. For example, if your client or employee is a golfer, consider gifting them a paid-for session at a reputable golf club. If they're someone who enjoys playing shooter games like "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and "Call of Duty," a paintball session could be an excellent gift for them, allowing them to be part of the action and test out their shooting skills in real life!

A study by Matthew J. Zawadzki titled "Real-Time Associations Between Engaging in Leisure and Daily Health and Well-Being." This indicates that hobbies and leisure activities can have numerous health and psychological benefits like immediate stress relief, improved focus, and a high happiness quotient. Undoubtedly, hobby-centric gifts are highly memorable and enjoyable for the receiver.  

A Vacation/Time Off

Frankly, this is a massive hit among employees! Having a few days off before a festival can be a sigh of relief. Your employees would have enough time to go holiday shopping, plan decorations, and celebrate the festivals wholeheartedly without any worry of juggling work alongside. Moreover, they will show up to work after the break, recharged, and ready to hustle!

Gift Cards Never Fail To Deliver

Gift cards are great digital gifts for employees and clients alike. They're one of the simplest and most well-received gifting options out there, and every major retailer, brand, and e-commerce website offers one. Amazon, Myntra, Home Centre, Croma—take your pick. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, approximately 58.8 percent of consumers expressed they would prefer receiving a gift card over other gifts during the holiday season. A digital gift card platform like Xoxoday makes it extremely easy and convenient to purchase, send, and redeem gift cards. Head on over to the Xoxoday Store and choose from the thousands of gift cards available!

A Good Pair of Headphones

With most people working from home this holiday season, loud noises and unwanted sounds are inevitable. Whether it's the jarring sound of traffic outside your window or the ear-piercing sound of a blender running in the kitchen, unwanted sounds can make it difficult for your employees and clients to concentrate on their work. Therefore, sending out good quality noise-isolating headphones like the Motorola Pulse Max from the Xoxoday Store would be an excellent idea. It would help increase productivity and minimize interruptions during meetings (once the holiday break is over, of course). Besides, who doesn't love listening to music on a pair of headphones that give excellent audio output? Trust us; your patrons would surely love a gift like this!

The Freedom to Choose Their Gift

Without a doubt, personalized gifts are the most memorable gifts out there. However, choosing the perfect gift for someone is undoubtedly challenging, especially when you don't know the person very well. Even if you do spend a lot of time and effort in picking out something great, you can never be sure if the recipient would like it or not. Additionally, if you're planning on giving personalized gifts to a large number of people, it can take up much time.

In such a case, give your patrons the freedom to choose their holiday gifts! With our special holiday season offers, you can send out Xoxo Points and Codes to your employees and clients. From our extensive catalog of gift cards, experiences, discount vouchers, and other perks, your patrons can redeem the Xoxo points to pick out a gift of their choice!

All you need to remember is that it's all about spreading love, cheer, and joy during the holidays! Even for the sender. Let the process of picking out gifts not bog you down. For a truly stress-free holiday gifting experience, explore Xoxoday today!

Experiential Gifting

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