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10 Ways to Use Corporate Gifting Other than the Holidays

Here are some unique corporate gifting ideas which enhance the practicality of corporate gifts in the current zeitgeist.

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July 22, 2021

Expressing gratitude and appreciation genuinely and thoughtfully goes a long way in building lasting relationships! Whether it is a physical item like a corporate swag bag or coffee hamper, or a digital one like an e-gift card or an exciting experience (a fine dining experience perhaps), corporate gifting is an excellent way of showing your clients and employees that you value them.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is one of the most significant components of a business or organization’s overall client acquisition and employee retention strategy. Most people respond very positively to gifts. If done right, corporate gifting can increase client and employee engagement and make them feel welcome into your corporate family. Additionally, using corporate gifting to reward customer behaviour (like completing a download or making a purchase) can increase brand loyalty! While festivals and holidays make for great opportunities to gift, they’re often far apart. Ideally, you shouldn’t put your corporate gifting strategy on hold just because there’s no upcoming holiday. Here’s why-

1. Holidays and festivals come at specific times each year, but your clients stay with your brand all year-round. Surprising a client with a thoughtful gift makes them feel welcome and strengthens your relationship with them. Keep in mind that gifting during the holidays is a very common practice at this point, which is likely to dilute the impact of your gift. Sending out a small gift now and then to show your clients how much they matter to you is likely to be far more impactful. The smallest gestures are the most appreciated ones!

2. Employees prefer to be (and should be) recognized for their accomplishments and hard work instantaneously. You shouldn’t wait for a holiday to tell your employees “Hey, you did a great job.” According to “Gen Z & Millennial Work Recognition,” a study conducted by DaVinci Payments, a whopping 79% of millennials expressed that an increase in recognition of their hard work would make them more loyal their employer. Giving gifts to your employees as an acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication would not only ensure loyalty to the company. Still, it would also motivate employees to be more productive and give better outputs!

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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas other than Holiday Gifting

Now that we’ve established that gifting shouldn’t only be limited to the holiday season, here are 10 ways to use corporate gifting apart from the holiday season:

For Important Life Events

It’s vital to celebrate the important moments in one’s life. Congratulate your associates by sending them a personalized gift (preferably with a personalized message). A thoughtful gift like sending a housewarming gift when an associate moves into a new home not only shows support but also strengthens your relationship and creates lasting memories that both you and the recipient would cherish forever. If you’re struggling with good corporate gift ideas for employees and clients, you’ve come to the right place! Xoxoday Plum is your one-stop-shop for corporate gifting solutions.

The basic rule is to give your employees or clients personalized gifts. Gifting personalized gifts that are truly useful for the recipient demonstrates that you care about the other person and have put a lot of thought into finding a great gift for them! Did your client or employee just get engaged? Send them gift cards for apparel and fashion from Xoxoday Plum to help them start their wedding shopping. Did they just have a newborn baby? Send over a Xoxoday Plum gift card from Hamleys or FirstCry. The possibilities are endless.

For Milestones and Achievements

Presenting your employee with a “milestone gift” is one of the best ways to acknowledge their accomplishments, as it demonstrates that you care about them, understand what they have been through to reach this milestone, and are proud of what they have achieved! Milestone gifts can be motivational, inspirational, or simply congratulatory. We understand that finding meaningful and unique corporate gifts for employees can be challenging. Consider Xoxoday Plum to gift them a relaxing experience, such as a vacation in a luxury resort with a handwritten note saying, “You’ve earned it! We’re extremely proud of you”.  

For Performance Recognition

We cannot stress this enough! Recognizing your employee’s efforts and rewarding them for good performance is important for both the employee and the organization. Employees put in a lot of effort and dedication to their work and acknowledged by their managers or team leaders means a lot! Recognition can be as simple as making your employees feel special by praising them openly or as specific as sending them an Amazon Pay gift card as a personal reward from a corporate gifting platform like Xoxoday Plum.

Welcome Kits

If you have recently landed a new client or have a new employee in your team, send them a corporate Swag Bag along with a handwritten message and some quick-start guides to welcome them into the company family! Welcome kits make for delightful gifts and help get your clients and employees excited about joining your community!

For Event Registrations

You can significantly increase registrations for your webinars, conferences, meet-ups, and workshops by offering incentives like early-bird discounts to prospective attendees. For example, you could run a promotional offer wherein the first 50 or 100 people sign up get a gift card for coffee with a message that says, “Here’s a cup of steaming coffee. It’s on us”. While it is one of the most traditional corporate gifting trends, simple offerings like these could work wonders to boost people’s interest in your event and help you boost registrations.

Meeting or Event Follow-Ups

Instead of sending plain old “Hey, just following up on our last discussion” emails, consider sending a handwritten or customized note with a small box of chocolates, even coffee beans or artisanal teas! Most marketing professionals and executives receive a ton of emails on a daily basis. A message with a personal touch has the potential to really awe the recipient, and that can make all the difference, especially when it comes to closing a deal or a sale!

For Customer Support/Satisfaction

There are always days when you’re having a tough day at work resolving major customer support issues. Thank your customer for being patient by sending them a gift card. For instance, offer them a discount on a specific company product. Alternatively, you could refer to Xoxoday’s extensive catalog to explore a wide range of personalized gifts for customers! By doing this, you’re reinforcing the customer’s trust and loyalty in your brand, all the while showing them that you value their precious time and are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

For Work Anniversaries

Frankly, one of the best ways to show your employees how much you appreciate them is by giving them a personalized and thoughtful gift. On their work anniversary, have the whole team write a personalized note for them describing all the precious moments and accomplishments from the past year could be a meaningful and treasured gift! Additionally, you could take your employee out for a work anniversary lunch, offer them a staycation at a city hotel on that day, or better yet — a raise!

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Work from Home Enabling Kits

Offices and workplaces have traditionally been designed to keep productivity and functionality in mind. Now that most people are working from home and may continue to do so in the foreseeable future, a few work-from-home essentials could end up being the perfect gift! Gifts like an office chair, computer accessories, headphones, and good quality webcams would greatly help your employees set up their workspace and improve their health and quality of work! Alternatively, since we are all surrounded by wireless devices like phones, routers, and laptops in our homes, consider gifting your employees some radiation protection solutions like EMF dampeners for a stress-free and radiation-free working environment!

Just Like That

Yep, you heard us (or read perhaps) right. Why wait for an occasion to show someone how much you appreciate them? The best gifts are ones that come in unexpected! Send out small surprise gifts to your clients and employees now and then. The surprise element is sure to woo them and make them feel cherished! A box of cookies or a goodie bag full of chocolates and assorted treats would serve as an excellent pick-me-up in these trying times! The Xoxoday Plum store has an exceptional variety of different gift cards and experiences from top brands and retailers! Seriously, go check it out.

In conclusion, there are different types of corporate gifting options available for different occasions. Keeping your clients and employees happy is one of the key factors in running a successful business. The most important thing is to curate and plan for gifts according to the occasion, personality, and needs of your clients and employees. This will make sure they feel appreciated and ensure that the gift makes the impression you desire. So don’t think of corporate gifting as an expenditure, but think of it as an investment that will yield the best returns.

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