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Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette: How to Give Gifts in the Workplace?

Is an expensive bag too much or a personalized stationary set too cliche? Here's how gift giving in the workplace works along with a corporate gift giving guide.

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May 5, 2021

The holidays are the perfect time to share your appreciation for your team, loved ones, and closest members of your network. And while this year has been an interesting one to experience, you may be ready to celebrate. But, the celebrations may start with holiday shopping and decorating for the holiday season to boost spirits. While more time is being spent at home, you may be wondering what you’re going to do for holiday gift-giving. Who should you still buy gifts for on your team? How will you celebrate with your team? And, how will you give gifts to your team when working remotely? 

Check out the Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

No need to fret — Mint put together a full guide to holiday spending this season (even in the workplace). From what to give your coworkers, employees, and boss all the way to ways to celebrate when working remotely. Even though you may be celebrating via video screen, it doesn’t have to feel that way. 

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Corporate Gift Giving in Business Ethics

As you gear up for the holiday festivities, encourage your team and still share your appreciation for one another. Celebrate with a holiday bingo and share gifts, even if it has to be over the video scream. For additional holiday corporate gift-giving tips, check out the infographic below!

Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette: How to Give Gifts in the Workplace?

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