19 Exquisite Places to Visit near Mysore!

Places to visit near mysore

Travelling is a thing that everybody should partake in. It not only refreshes the mind but also lets one get all the experiences about a new place. To explore a destination one needs to delve into the essence of the place entirety. In recent times, there are city tours and other experiences that others can opt to know a place in a much better way. So, people should try to take in as much as they can when they are traveling. India is that one country that is bustling with life and each of its cities has a different story to tell.

places to visit near Mysore

Mysore is a historical city situated in the state of Karnataka. It has a history that everyone will feel in its air as soon as they step in the city. The official name of the city is Mysuru, and it is the third most populated city in Karnataka. Wadiyar Dynasty ruled the place, and they have left their impression on the city. Because of its historical beauty, the city is also known as ‘the cultural capital of Karnataka.’ This article will delve into many Places to Visit near Mysore.

A mix will be present in the list to make it diverse. Some places will be near the center of the city, and one has to travel to some places. In any case, the best thing about experiencing a city is to tour like a local. Be it a pleasure trip or a relaxation trip one can keep track of the Places to Visit near Mysore. It would help them in having a much better trip. So, let us start with the list.

Places to Visit near Mysore


The exquisite place was also named after a General of the Hoysala Army. The place is known for the Hoysala architecture. The place is 35 Kms from Mysore so that it will be a quick trip. The Prasanna Chennakesava Temple is an amazing temple to visit. 1268 marked the year of construction for the temple beside the Kaveri River. Being a UNESCO Heritage site, everyone should visit it at least once. One can tour the place for 3-4 hours and also enjoy the village. The temple will leave people who love architecture awestruck by the carved structure. So, Somanathpur becomes a part of the Places to Visit near Mysore. The temple premises are open to visitors from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. A nominal fee of Rs 15 is also charged to every Indian visitor.

Places to visit near Mysore-Somanthapura


Continuing with the beauty of architecture this is a place close to Somnathpur. It is 49 Kms away from Mysore, and one can visit it from Somnathpur as well. The place has temples excavated from the sand. People who like to explore history and archaeology would love this place for sure. There are temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The place is the sanctity of several rulers who ruled over it. A festival called Pancha Linga Darshan is also held in Talakadu in every 12 years in Kartika, a Hindu month. The place operates from 6 AM to 6 PM. It is a must visit among Places to Visit near Mysore as well. People should visit it to bask in the glory of South Indian history.

Places to visit near Mysore-Talakadu

Bandipur National Park

Let us now shift to the wonder of greenery and wildlife. This national park’s base is at 80 Kms from Mysore. It is one of the best National Parks that anyone can experience in India. One can spend a beautiful day at the place amidst of the greenery. The place used to be a hunting destination for rulers of Mysore. But now it is well preserved, and a person can experience a wildlife safari in it. The whole area of the park measures 874 sq Km. One can enjoy different types of safaris like the Jeep Safariand Mini Bus safari. The park has several species of animals like the tigers, Asian elephants, leopards, sloth bears and an array of birdlife. The safaris are also held at different times of the day. So, one should inquire about their choice before visiting the park. This option in the list of Places to Visit near Mysore is definitely for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Places to visit near mysore-bandipur national park

Nagarhole National Park

Continuing with the love for wildlife, here is another well-known National Park. The place is just 88 Kms away from Mysore making it a perfect for a one day trip. The park falls under the Western Ghats Nilgiri Sub Cluster, and so it is a UNESCO Heritage site. Its other name is the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The animals that are part of the forest are tigers, wild dog, hyena, languor, jungle cat, civet cat, giant flying squirrel and many others. The forest is dense and filled with several streams. One can enjoy forest safaris and Kambini River boat tours when they visit the National Park. If someone wants to stay at Nagarhole, then they can book the restrooms available in Kambini. One has to make every arrangement in advance as the facilities are tight. The visiting hours of the place are between 6 AM and 6 PM. It is a must among Places to Visit near Mysore if someone wants to visit a nature’s abode.

Places to visit near Mysore-Nagarhole National Park

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Birds are beautiful and exquisite species that anyone would like to see. This place is just 16 Kms away from Mysore making it a perfect entry among Places to Visit near Mysore. It isn’t very big, but one can visit it for its serene nature. Several migratory birds flock the place and breed at the place. Some of the birds that one can see are spoon-billed storks, white ibis, painted stork and many others. The place is also lined with six islets of the Kaveri River. One can enjoy the boat ride portraying the beautiful birds flocking the place. June to October is the best time to visit the sanctuary. It is open from 9 AM to 6 PM and charge Rs 60 for each adult and Rs 30 for each child. Parking of both two wheelers and four wheelers are available at the place.

Places to visit near Mysore-Ranganathituu bird sanctuary

Shivanasamudra Falls

The best things to enjoy at a place are the wonders of nature. These falls are an amazing scenic view to anyone that visits them. 81 Kms is the distance of the place from Mysore. Kaveri River is the situation of the falls, and it is one of the most noted Places to Visit near Mysore. The falls divide into two sections, the Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki. Both are exquisitely beautiful, and they are best during the monsoons. As tourists have increased the construction of viewing points, have happened accordingly. One can enjoy the serene environment of the falls comfortably. Also, the area is as safe as possible. It is a perfect place to experience a slice of nature.

Places to visit near Mysore-shivanasamudra


This place is an important religious place for Jains. But anyone can visit it to enjoy the beauty. The white pond situated at the place inspired the name that it has. A 58 feet Bahubali Statue stands tall at the place, and it is a monolithic statue. One can access the temple after climbing 620 steps from the bottom of the hill. Two hills called Vindhayagiri and Chandragiri are present at the place. One can easily make the place into a one day trip and enjoy all the temples and shrines in it. Mahamastakabhisheka festival is being held at a place in intervals of 12 years. People note the place for its history and religious importance. So, it easily becomes a part of Places to Visit near Mysore.

Places to visit near Mysore-sharvanabelagola

The Brindavan Gardens

The Krishnaraja Dam has become the place for into this beautiful garden. It is present at just 18 Kms away from Mysore making it an apt place for day tours. One can have a beautiful family picnic at this place. Sir Mirza Ismail built the garden after he got inspired by the Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir. This place should be present in this list of Places to Visit near Mysore because of being an important garden in India. It has everything from stretches of different plants, fountains, lawns and water channel. There is a 4-star hotel present in the southern part of the garden as well. The park is open from 6:30 AM to 9 PM. Entrance fee is just Rs 15 for anyone, and an extra Rs 15 lets one boat at the place.

Places to visit near Mysore-Brindavan gardens


History is the strongest thing that binds South India. Melukote hails 51 Kms to the North of Mysore and presents itself as a beautiful place. The rocky hills of Yadurini, Yaadavagiri, and Yadushailadeepa enshrine the place. Many people find the place sacred. Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple and the Yogi-Narasimha Temple are famous temples of the place. There are many more shrines and temples that one can visit at the place. It is also said that Sri Ramanujacharya lived in Melukote for 12 years. That is why this place is holy to his devotees and followers. One can also visit the Sanskrit College and the Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary if they have time. The nearness gets it a place among Places to Visit near Mysore. Along with that the devotion of people also makes it a peaceful and important place to be in.

places to visit near mysore-melkote

The Mysore Palace

Mysore as a city is full of different spots of historical and cultural importance. So, we can make use of the beautiful places a tourists spot. One of this is the Mysore Palace which is at just 2 km away from the center of the city. The palace is magnificent and still houses the Royal family of Mysore. It is also one of the biggest palaces of India and construction took place around 1912. The Wadiyar Dynasty but the palace and it possesses several styles of architecture. It is the second most visited tourist place in India after the Taj Mahal. Several pompous festivals happen on the grounds of the palace making it a worthy mention among Places to Visit near Mysore. A light and sound show features from 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM every day. The entry fee for the place is about Rs 40 for adults, and the palace opens from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM on a daily basis. One can see the royalty of Mysore throughout the city. That is the reason for several Royal city walks are being organized. It takes one through the notable royal place of Mysore and explains people the history and stories attached to it. Several people are utilizing these tours to know about Mysore in a far better way.

Places to visit near Mysore-Mysore Palace

Mysore Zoo

If you are traveling with kids, then you can easily spend a day at this place. Established in 1892, it is a notable zoological garden in India. It has also been maintained in a pristine way, and the animals are in their natural habitats. One can experience around 168 species of animals when they visit the zoo. It has to say that they should take out a whole day when planning to visit the zoo. One can enjoy all their favorite animals when they are at the place. The zoo stretches over an area of 157 acres and holds several exhibitions throughout a year. One can visit the zoo any day except Tuesday, and it is open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. One should utilize all the daylight that they can to enjoy the animals. The zoo’s heritage and history give it a permanent place in Places to Visit near Mysore. The charges for entering the zoo are Rs 50 on weekdays and Rs 60 on weekends.

Places to visit near Mysore-Mysore zoo

Chamundeshwari Temple

The temple is at the top of Chamundi Hills, and it lies on the Eastern Edge of Mysore. The temple is a notable Hindu shrine for Goddess Durga and tonnes of tourists visit the place every year. The hike up to the stairs is a notable experience for any person. But these days’ people take the easy way of driving. It is a historical temple, and the statue of Shakti is of exquisite beauty. The temple becomes notable and holds a place among the Places to Visit near Mysore. Its architecture is also recognized worldwide. When someone reaches the top, they can see the beautiful cityscape and notable places in the city. There are various timings to visit the temple according to the pooja hours. So, people should keep that in mind before visiting the temple.

Places to visit near Mysore-Chamundeshwari temple

Karanji Lake

This place becomes a notable part of Places to Visit near Mysore for both tourists and local people. It is the perfect place to be in with one’s loved one. Famous for day picnics and random outings, the place has a lot of beauty. One can enjoy a stroll or boating at the place. It is quite popular so it can get crowded on the weekends. The lake is open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on all days except Tuesday. Also, there is an entry fee of Rs 10 for each visitor. As a natural place, people can enjoy a simple day out. It is also connected quite well by transportation which doesn’t cause any problem. Children would love the place as they have lots of space to enjoy themselves. It is a romantic place for couples as well.

Places to visit near Mysore-Karanji lake

The Markets of Mysore

Like any city of India, the market is an important part of it. People can experience the true heritage and culture of the city when they visit the markets. Mysore has some markets that one can experience. One of the notable ones is the Devaraja Market which is full of colors and chaos. One can get lost in the beauty of the locally grown fruits and vegetables along with the spices and grains. These days one can take a market tour in the morning or afternoon. Experienced guides take people through the markets making them understand things and also explain the product. The markets are a notable part of Places to Visit near Mysore.

Places to visit near mysore-The markets of Mysore

Experiencing the Silk Stores and the Silk Industry

The silk produced in Mysore makes it famous worldwide. Their sarees are beautiful, and they are quite exquisite. Women will enjoy such an experience as they will get to see the making of the sarees. Organizing tours help to make people aware of the ways and techniques used by the weavers. The tourists can also buy the saree or material that they like the best. It helps in introducing them to the world of beauty and fashion that has existed in India. The silk works are often intricate, and a must see a thing. One can hop between the numerous saree shops that they can find in Mysore. There will never be a dearth of saree shops in Mysore. Also, one can get the sarees at a much lower price than the rest of India. These are must visit Places to Visit near Mysore for people interested in knowing about the traditional handicrafts and weaving in India. It is definitely for the ladies who love silk sarees.

Places to visit near mysore-silk indust


Food is an integral part of everyone’s life and love for food rules many. This is the reason one should experience the restaurants at Mysore. One can taste several cuisines especially the local ones. Mysore is bustling with life, and that is the reason for there being several restaurants. There are several notable ones that one should try like the Barbeque Nation, Vinayaka Mylari, Hotel RRR, spring and many others. But one of the best for fine dining is the Radisson Hotel. One can easily book a romantic meal at the place to enjoy a candlelight dinner. The several platters and foods make it a must visit among Places to Visit near Mysore. One should accompany their loved ones to the place for an amazing experience.

Places to visit near Mysore-Radisson Blue hotel

Enjoy the Arts

Art is a part of every culture and civilization around the world. It is an expression of the human mind and also the then current situation of the person. We should cherish all art and also appreciate it. This point among Places to Visit near Mysore is especially for the people who love Art. A tour of Art of Mysore is being held nowadays. It portrays the local art of the place and also lets one have the conversation with the artist. A guide also beautifully explains the significance and other points related to the art. With the history and heritage, Mysore has become an important place of art and architecture. The Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery and the Jaganmohan Palace are notable art galleries present in Mysore.

St. Philomena’s Church

The inclusion of the church in the list of Places to Visit near Mysore is a must. It is the second largest church present in Asia. The beauty of the architecture present in the church is indescribable with words. The Neo-Gothic Style sets it apart from any other building in the city. The church is a Roman Catholic Church, and it started operating in 1941. The place houses the remains of St Philomena who was a martyr. The timings of the church are 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For people who are also interested in participating in the mass, they can do. The timings are from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and then again from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM on weekdays.

Places to visit near mysore-St philomena Chruch

So, here are some of the places that one can visit near Mysore. The distance has also been kept quite near the city so that no one has a problem of transportation. One can take away some time to enjoy the city. The places are good for both locals and tourists making it a useful list for anyone. So, the next time you visit Mysore, you can check out some of the places mentioned in the list. We hope that you enjoy your journey at Mysore and the nearby places.

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