Some Notable Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms!

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms

Travel and tourism are spreading through India day by day. People are trying to explore all part of India and Gujarat has to be a part of it. Gujarat tourism can be known by the advertisements done by Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. But, there is a lot more Gujarat has than the Rann of Kachh and Somnath. Gujarat has several cities that are developing and are set to compete with the rest of India. One such city is Ahmedabad which is also the largest city in Gujarat and the former capital. The city houses the fifth largest population for cities in India. It has history tied to it and has a very rich culture that one has to experience. Ahmedabad has the busy airport and railway stations. This makes the city face an influx of tourists and other people with different purpose. So, making a list of Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms can help people get interested in exploring.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms

All parts of Gujarat ooze with diversity and have several attractions for all types of people. There are historical places, natural terrains, and religious places that one would cherish. Cleanliness becomes important in Ahmedabad. People can get a little too busy in the city and can call for a one or two day trip. Ahmedabad also bustles with its nightlife. A picnic is also a good idea to freshen themselves up from the busy life. Often the lists go on and on about places far from Ahmedabad which may be an extravagance for a couple. A list dealing with Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms will help them in choosing a place that they are comfortable with and can visit during a weekend or small holiday.

The list contains all possible Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 kms. A person looking for a short trip can always compile some of the places in the same trip as they are quite close by. Also, we have mentioned the interests of places to help you have the best time. So, let us start the list.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 kms


Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat and is a twin city to Ahmedabad. Situated around 27 Kms away from Ahmedabad, they are connected very well, and one can reach in an hour. They named Gandhinagar after Mahatma Gandhi, an important part of Indian history. But along with that, it is an upcoming modern city that has all the amenities and offerings of a new age city. It has Destinations like the Dinosaur Park and IMAX 3D theatre that kids and adults both will enjoy. Gandhinagar must be visited from Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50Km to 100 Km. One of the main attractions of the place is the Indroda Nature Park. It is also called the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park. Its situation is in a village called Indroda in Sector 9 of Gandhinagar. Along with models of dinosaurs, one can also see several species of deer. Gandhinagar has lots of hotels, eateries, and malls that one can visit.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Km - gandhinagarWithin 2 Km of Gandhinagar is the Akshardham temple, a famous attraction of the place. It is a great place for followers of Hinduism or for people who are looking for spiritual relevance. The temple is also dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan, and its construction is exquisite. People from all over Gujarat come to visit it for picnics and weekend trips. One should visit Akshardham if they are thinking of a Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 kms. The place is free to visit, and timings are between 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

Adalaj Stepwell

A beautiful well situated in the village of Adalaj. Situated 18 km in the North of Ahmedabad, it becomes a suitable part of Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50km. Rana Veer Singh constructed the Adalaj Stepwell in 1498. It speaks of the architectural history of India and is a peaceful attraction. Being a semi-arid region, the step well was an integral part of the livelihood of people. This particular one goes five stories deep and has also been designed intricately. Later in 1499, Muslim architecture was also added to the structure. The step well carving took place from sandstone. Frescos and several intricate designs are also present in the walls of the well. These designs depict lives of people at that time. The temperature also makes an interesting part as it remains 5 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-adalaj stepfall

Thol Bird Sanctuary

Just at 29 Kms away from Ahmedabad, this becomes a place perfect for nature enthusiasts. Situated in Mehsana district of Gujarat, the place houses an artificial lake. Construction took place in 1912 making it quite old for the present time. But, the mashes surrounding the place attracted several birds, and it became a sanctuary in 1988. Around 150 species of birds have made it their house, and most of them are water birds. The notable birds are the flamingos and sarus crane. Migratory birds also visit the place during the season. There are common spotting of some mammals like blackbuck and hyena in the nearby area. 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM is the visiting time of the place. It is a great place to plan a picnic at, but one should never dirty the place and spread filth. For night stays, hotels should be pre-booked to avoid any problem. The natural sojourn nearby Ahmedabad is one of the must visit Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-throl bird sanctuary


The ancient history of India speaks of the Indus valley civilization. Among the tales, Lothal was a prominent place. There are several excavation sites at the place which denotes the ancient civilization. Situated at 78 Kms from Ahmedabad, it is great for a one day trip. You can even plan out a picnic as the drive would just be for about 2 to 3 hours. One can visit the place during 10 AM to 5 PM any day of the week. Construction of a small museum took place to let people know of things found on the premises. This is one of the must-visit Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms if someone is a history buff. If civilizations have always fascinated you, you must visit this place. One can also book a tour that would take them around Lothal. The tour contains all the significant places and attractions. People who have read about the place can try to spot things. But, if one wants to spend quality time with their family and wants a beautiful place, Lothal becomes a great spot for a weekend picnic or similar planning. The ruins are the main attraction of the place. This makes people interested in archaeology or history coming here time and again.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-lothal

Zanzari Waterfall

Monsoon seasons make the place perfect for visiting due to the beauty of waterfalls. It is quite a refreshing place situated about 80 Kms away from Ahmedabad. Reaching here is easier for anyone who has a car. The main waterfall is 25 ft height, and it looks amazing. This from Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms is great for a day’s outing as it isn’t far away from Ahmedabad. The waterfall looks beautiful during monsoons, but during other seasons it seems an average stream. One can also find the Kedareshwar Temple which has importance to Hindu visitors. There are two options for reaching the falls, trekking or a camelback ride. Visitors can choose any according to their adventurous mood. Swimming isn’t allowed at the place, but one can click pictures as while their way to the rocks nearby. One can, of course, enjoy a day here without littering the place to retain its natural beauty.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-zansari waterfall

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Situated at 64 Kms away from Ahmedabad, this is one of the must Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms. It is a wetland bird sanctuary and the largest of in Gujarat. It became a bird sanctuary in 1969, and it has been popular ever since. During winters, the place gets flocked with migratory birds. The main migratory birds include rosy pelicans, flamingos, heron and several others. Some mammals also use it as home like the blackbuck and wild ass which have become endangered. One can visit the place between 6 AM to 5:30 PM and parking facilities are available for people traveling by car. Country boat rides and horse rides are among many attractions of this place. A great place for a picnic or romantic sojourn; it is also loved by birdwatchers. Any day will be perfect for the visit, but the winter months bring in flocks of birds that can amaze people to a great degree.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-Nal sarvor bird sanctuary

Shanku’s Water Park and Resort

A family will always need a place that can cater to both children and adults. A sojourn away from home can be a resort that becomes perfect for a family with kids. One can easily find the place at Amipura between the Ahmedabad-Mehsana highways. It is also just 55 Kms away from Ahmedabad making it perfect for Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms. The park and resort spread over 75 acres and has a situation of the beauty of nature. The place becomes perfect for a one day trip or a weekend trip. Away from the hum drums of the city, the place becomes a perfect getaway for couples and families alike. The place has several types of accommodation like normal rooms, normal cottages, and many others. A restaurant and coffee shop have been set up in the area. They offer several cuisines to suit their visitors. The place also holds business meets and weddings for people who find interest in it. The water park is also fantastic, and people can avail it for Rs. 400 per head. Several water fun activities are also available. Booking of costumes and other things take place at the park premises. Shanku’s becomes a unique and modern choice for Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 kms, and it will be worth it.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms-shanku water park and resort

Tirupati Rushivan Thrill Nation

Another adventure park that would be a great pick for families! Situated at about 75 Kms from Ahmedabad, it becomes great for a family outing. The park stands at Derol beside the Sabarmati River along the Vijapur-Himatnagar Road. The park is affordable, and there are several rides and attractions that one can enjoy. They also host a summer camp for children during the holidays. Rs. 100 is the basic entry fees for both adults and children, and they would have to pay extra for rides and water park. Some of the rides that they have are Frisbee, Columbus, Water shoot ride and many others. This option in the list of Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 kms is great for children. Several statues have made the park more fun with their creativity. A drive to the park is a great way to spend a fun day. On the same day, one can easily get back to Ahmedabad without needing to avail a hotel stay.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- tirupati rushivan thrill nation

Kankariya Lake

Situated in the south-eastern part of Ahmedabad, it is a circular lake. It has become an amazing attraction for everyone. Several activities can also be planned in the lake due to the facilities present. Well connected by car, it wouldn’t be a let-down for a fun day. The activities that are present are the Kankaria Zoo, an Amusement Park, and other things. This option is a Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms and is very near to home. It can take well around 4-5 hours to fully enjoy the place so a picnic can also take place. Space is also perfect for children as there is a kid’s city and also several attractions. The opening time for the park is 6:00 AM, and it closes at 10 PM. Rs 10 is the basic entry fee for everyone wanting to visit the lake. Several carnivals also take place throughout the year at the park nearby. The place remains closed on Mondays.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- knakariya lake

Gujarat Science City

A place that falls just 4 Kms away from Ahmedabad, it is a perfect place to be near home. The attractions at this place will entice any child that visits the place. It works as an insight into our beautiful work and the science governing it. It can also be included as one of the Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms both due to its distance and offerings. The attractions that the place offers are Planet Earth Pavilion, IMAX 3D Theatre, musical fountain, thrill ride, hall of space, etc. Kids would love this place, and it would take around 4-5 hours to enjoy the place in its entirety. Everything has different timing, so it is best to look on their website for extra details. Taking food and water will help in sustaining through the day and also initiate a small picnic. Visiting hours for the place is from 10 AM to 7:30 PM. Parking is also available for people coming by car or bike.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- Gujarat science city

Shabarmati Ashram

One needs to enjoy a spiritual sojourn for the soul once in a while. People look to spending a peaceful and tranquil experience on a day should visit the Shabarmati Ashram situated 4 Kms away from Ahmedabad. Housed in the Shabarmati suburbs, it is where Gandhiji stayed a portion of his life along with his wife. The significance intensifies as the Dandi March started from the place. Construction of the museum was done by renowned architectures. It houses important things of the historical significance of the place. Everyone visiting Ahmedabad should take a look at this Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms. People can pre-book a 90 minute guided tour if they are enthusiastic to know about this place. The tour includes destinations that relate to the life of Gandhiji and his works. So, as an easily accessible place, one can visit it on any day of the week with friends or family or even alone.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- shabarmati ashram

Royal Safari Camp

A unique place made into the natural retreat that Kutch has to offer. This option among a Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms follows the need to go to a resort for relaxation. Just 90 Kms from Ahmedabad, it is a great place that one can spend a day or two in. Bajana Village houses this resort and is an amazing place. One can get there through the Ahmedabad-Kutch highway. Usage of 18 Acres of land took place to give the feel of the wilderness. This doesn’t make anyone compromise with amenities, and they provide all the necessary ones. A lake is also present in the premises where people can go fishing. A desert safari can be arranged on the request of the dwellers. Experiencing the wildlife, culture, and lifestyle is once in a lifetime experience. You focus on the motive of coming here, and the camp will take care of it. People can also check out the other destinations near the place to enjoy the trip even more.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- royal safari camp

World Vintage Car Museum

The market for cars in India has diversified around the years. The museum lets us know about cars all around the world that existed at a time. This attraction will entice engineers or any car lovers around Ahmedabad. Around 30 minutes by car will get someone to the place. It is also dedicated to the royal cars that Maharajas used to drive around in their age. This Place to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms is quite close to the city and will fascinate men a lot. The museum has more than 100 cars ranging from Cadillacs, Lincolns, and others. You will find vintage cars that have left their marks on history. Along with the museum, there is also a souvenir shop and cafeteria for the visitors. Open from 8 AM to 9 PM and charges everyone Rs 50 for entry.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- wintage car museum

Sabarmati Riverfront

The plan of the riverfront was made to bring Ahmedabad close to its river. The river sustains the lifestyle of people, and that is the reason for it being an important Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms. Being close to the city there is no need to travel for a long period. The place has been beautifully set up to portray the beauty of the Sabarmati River. Ample amount of sitting space is also available at the place. One can take long strolls through the pavement on a pleasant day. Parks and plazas are also available for the visitors. It can take a while to visit all the attractions in a day. It sounds like a plan for a day when one can spend the whole day out with the family. The parks become perfect for picnic destinations for its peaceful ambiance. The riverside becomes a romantic place for newlywed couples. One can enjoy the serene weather and beauty of the magnificent place.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Kms- sabarmati river front

So, this is the end of the list containing many Places to visit near Ahmedabad within 50 Km. They range from simple to extravagant, and one can choose their pick according to their liking. Several of the places also fall on the same route so they can also be clubbed into a weekend trip. But, Ahmedabad remains the central point from which everyone should travel. We should appreciate the city even more along with other attractions of Gujarat. The changes are quite evident, and in the next few years, tourism in Gujarat would become stronger. Enjoying in the places mentioned above is a must for people residing in Ahmedabad.


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