Because Each And Every Animal at PFA Has A Story To Tell!

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Ever stopped by the roadside to pet a cute puppy, or feed biscuits to a stray? At times we are moved by seeing the plights of these animals. We do want to help these orphaned, injured or abandoned pets but end up just feeling bad. Next time, when you see an animal or bird in such a situation, remember; you can make a difference to that animal’s life.

PFA is a non-profit conservation organization that was established in the year 1996. It works for promoting harmony between human kind and nature. PFA plays an important role in the rescue of wild animals affected by urban development. There were lack of rescue centers focussing on urban wildlife in Bangalore. PFA attends to the emergency calls about injured and displaced animals on a daily basis. After being rescued, animals are treated by professional veterinary doctors. Only after that the animal goes into a process of rehabilitation. Most heartwarming is the release of the once injured animals back into the wild.

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Spend an eventful day at People For Animals, Bangalore:

Feeding and taking care of animals and birds is a noble cause. People For Animals (PFA) works for environmental and animal welfare. PFA rescues and rehabilitates urban wildlife in Bangalore. Many of these are orphaned and injured birds, reptiles and mammals. In their six-acre shelter in Kengeri, is a specialized wildlife hospital. The hospital is fully equipped with X-ray machines and operation room. Other facilities are ICU, laboratory, neonatal care unit and incubators. An on call vet and a dedicated nursing staff, along with a free 24-hour ambulance renders wildlife rescue services. They immensely contribute in keeping, feeding and taking care of various urban wildlife.

PFA Animal 2

In picture: A baby squirrel being fed milk with a syringe.

Mission, Vision and Core Values at PFA:

PFA aims to provide quick, efficient aid to urban wildlife that requires it most. It educates and supports a dynamic citizenry that actively prevents environmental degradation. It is also against acts of animal cruelty. The vision of PFA is to have a humane world where all beings are treated with compassion and respect. They also strive so that the environment is nurtured.

The core values of PFA constitute practicing honesty, transparency and integrity. They all are committed at having a dynamic and motivated staff. Their approach is to be scientific, practical, creative and positive. They also innovate to provide cost effective solutions.

PFA Animal 3In picture: Rescued birds at PFA

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PFA at a glance:

PFA has successfully thwarted illegal slaughter of camels and global ostrich family.  They have always voiced against mobile zoo display of animals in Mangalore. Domesticated Macaques, Parakeets, Slender Loris and Snakes have been confiscated from people. PFA has campaigned against cruelty meted out to animals and their commercialization. They have worked for stopping the culling of stray dogs and whipping of horses at the turf club. Rescue operation drives have been conducted for caged animals displayed in circuses.

PFA Animal 4In Picture: Rescued blind turtle.

Untiring Efforts of Volunteers at PFA:

PFA believes that the exploitation faced by animals at the hands of humans can be ceased. PFA has put an end to unscrupulous suffering by stopping the traditional exploitation and usage of animals. The natural habitats and food sources and the native fauna is constantly eroded. These animals are exposed to increasing risks of predators and unnatural dangers. Cruelty towards animals accounts for many casualties to them. Animals are provided a natural habitat here and are given attention and care by expert vets.

PFA Animal 4
In picture: Injured rabbit that will be rehabilitated after it’s recovery.

Every Animal and Bird has a unique story to tell!

Each of the animals here at PFA Bangalore has it’s own story to tell. PFA Bangalore are licensed to rescue, rehabilitate and release urban wildlife. The wildlife hospital is their flagship which has a 24*7, 365 days rescue team in place. Urban wildlife includes animals that come in contact with us in the cities. You can fine monkeys ranging from bonnet macaques, number of snakes, turtles and tortoises over here. A number of birds like mynahs, bulbuls and sunbirds are rescued and freed to the wild.

PFA Animal 5
In picture: After suffering an electrocution in 2012, Rambo was rescued in a bad state and had to have his left hand and both his legs amputated. But this hasn’t dampened Rambo’s spirit a bit! Due to this disability, Rambo won’t be able to survive in the wild and will be taken care for life at PFA.

Lifetime Care Enclosure:

There are animals that cannot be released back to the wild. These animals have suffered amputations mostly because of electrocution. Their burns are so severe that the vets often have to operate them and get the limbs removed. With these amputations, they aren’t able to survive in the wild. Hence they need to be looked after for the rest of their natural lives.

Visiting the PFA:

A special knowledge centre is the highlight of PFA. It spreads awareness about the environment and wildlife at a large. It also addresses the conflict between people and animals. PFA recognizes that like us humans, animals also have the ability to experience pain. They also deserve basic rights protecting them from the atrocities caused by humans. The future of urban wildlife is in the hands of all of us and we need to work together to protect them.

PFA Animal 6
In picture: Even they love to share some light moments on camera!

Pet Cemetery:

PFA offers burial ground where your beloved animal friend can be laid to rest. This is done with utmost veneration and gratitude. The cemetery services function 24/7. The pet is laid to rest at the burial ground, strictly adhering to all the environmental factors.

Over the years, the Pet Cemetery has been the primary source of proceeds for PFA. Donations towards the cemetery are channelized to run the wildlife hospital & rescue centre. This way the pets buried at the shelter provide a new lease of life to other penurious animals.

 Even in death, the pets are giving life to other animals.

The Pet cemetery is the only regular revenue generator for PFA. The revenue generated is used to fund the wildlife hospital. It is also used for rescue and rehabilitation centre and to meet other daily expenses. About 60 to 70 per of revenue for PFA comes from pet cemetery.

PFA Animal 7
In picture – burial ground and pet cemetery


Volunteering at the PFA:

As a volunteer, you can directly take part in the rescue and rehabilitation process. You can contribute in your own way and make a difference. Help in feeding the animals, in cutting fruits and vegetables. Stitch hammocks and build ladders for the monkeys. Whatever you do at PFA, will influence the lives of animals in the care unit.

Participation of children at PFA:

PFA believes that the involvement of children is extremely important in such causes. The future of humans living with harmony with animals is crucial and must be encouraged. PFA holds regular awareness programs at the shelter in Kengiri. Here, children experience and learn about wildlife under careful guidance of PFA staff. After the awareness program, the young ones are richer with a sea of knowledge about wildlife.

CSR activities for your corporate organization:

The animal protection cause is of paramount social justice issues of modern times. Company taking steps towards supporting this movement is sure to increase it’s goodwill.

Because it takes nothing from a human to be kind to an animal!
~ Joaquin Phoenix
 PFA Animal 8

In Picture: Dedicated team of PFA that works relentlessly for animal rescue, rehabilitation and release.

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Have a look as to how you can spend an eventful day at PFA! Check out this video:

Spend a day at the PFA shelter and connect with the noble cause of animal welfare!

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