19 Best One Day Trips Near Kolkata: Your Weekend Guide!

one day trips near Kolkata

What once remained as the capital city of India is now a booming metro city!! When you step in Kolkata, the culture grows over you. A city that is so Indian but still has its own story is very different from any other state in India. While in Kolkata you cannot really ignore the uniqueness of the city’s layout and the monuments from the history a one day trips near Kolkata will take you through the rich history.


Kolkata remains a melting pot of cultures, and still, the people take pride in saying they are Bangla. The colorful Kolkata is rich culturally and heritage-wise. Even if you have spent years in Kolkata or have roots in Kolkata, this article will help you discover an entirely new face of Kolkata. From a trip to the roots and a day basking in Royalty of Golf, the city of Kolkata is redefining the fun it holds for you. From Sunday brunches to candlelight romantic dinners, get a master chef at home or go have poolside dinner at one of Kolkata’s best restaurants for the best experiences in the city.  So, if you’re not planning on heading out on hill stations far from the city, then these one day trips near Kolkata should help.

Known for its art, culture, and Sondesh, Kolkata has quite some undiscovered jewels to tread into and gasp at the beauty that beholds the place. We have handpicked the best places near Kolkata and in the heart of Kolkata city to rejoice you throughout the year.

Browse a collection of best 19 one day trips near Kolkata:

Walking Tours in Kolkata

There are plenty of walking/day tours within the city that you can opt for, to get to know the city better. If you’re looking at understanding the heritage of the city – Victoria Memorial Trail Walk, Kolkata City Tour, Santiniketan Tour,  Dalhousie Walk Tour, Bengal Renaissance Walk, Societies to Cemeteries Walk. When it comes to food tours, there’s the Street Food Walk in Kolkata, Central Kolkata Food Tour, Cabin Food Tour. Looking for fancy tours, then a Midnight Tour of the city, Life by the river walk, Midnight tour on a horse carriage and black town walk are some of the more popular ones.

A blast from the past

Tired and bored of the daily churn. Indulge in the uniqueness of this historic one day trip near Kolkata. At just 50 Kms from the city of Kolkata, Fort Raichak has a 200-year-old heritage amalgamated with most modern amenities. At the banks of river Hooghly, the quaint resort offers solace to your senses.

An experience of the lifetime as the place fascinates you with natural beauty at its best. Comfort and warmth offered by the place surpass any experience you have had till now. English clubhouses, river overlooking rooms, tennis courts, Spa, sprawling green lawns and private pool. The place is no less than a fantasy land too close to your city of Kolkata.

one day trips near Kolkata - blast from the past

Taki: A border at the river

What strikes most about the excursion to Taki is the fact that Ichamati River offers you a close view of lands of Bangladesh. At just 80 KMS from the cacophony of Kolkata city, Taki is the cozy and quiet retreat. In the afternoon as it starts getting hot, you can be settled on the bank of the Ichamati.

Wait for the trip to Taki has just begun, as the dusk descended slowly, you can witness fishers tie the boats near the shore and closing another beautiful day. The full moon rises the tides while the boats glimmering in the moonlight keep bobbing. No mechanical sound disturb you at this time, just a cricket making some noise and the murmuring sound of the waves. The day could not end more magically.

one day trips near Kolkata - taki

In the heart of the city

One day trips near Kolkata could take you around the roots of richness and authenticity of Kolkata. Kolkata has been a boiling pot of cultures across the globe. Let us dedicate one day to unreel that part of Kolkata city which made the cultures stay forever. While Kolkata’s Tiretta Bazaar indulges you into a sumptuous Chinese breakfast, the other pedestrian explorations offer you more authentic plunge into the history of multicultural influence.

Parsi and Armenian cultures have made a unique spot in the diverse mix of cultures. Be the explorer of the city while you indulge in the forgotten alleys and passages.

one day trips near Kolkata - in the heart of the city

Bishnupur the land of 16th century

Have you been a secret admirer of terracotta pots? Imagine a place full of terracotta temples, yes you read it right. From the reign of Malla rulers, Bishnupur is a small rural village at just one day trips near Kolkata. The Terracotta temples are standing tall speak of the glory of Indian heritage from the year 102.

A very interesting day ahead where a local rickshaw puller will be your tour guide, and you spend the entire day hopping around the temple to temple bathing in the enchanting beauty of this small village. For the love of handicrafts, you can witness Baluchori sarees in the making.

one day trips near Kolkata - bishnupur

Piyali Island: Enter the lands of Sundarbans

While in Kolkata if bitten by an adventure bug, lands of Sundarbans is awaiting you. Explore the swampy forests infested by endangered tigers and snakes. On the way to this one day trip near Kolkata to Sundarbans, you will witness series of rivers and tributaries away from the human invasion.

Sail across river Raymangala to touch the enchanting lands of Sundarbans where giant cats swim in the thick mangrove jungles. The atmosphere is mystifying and thrilling. This is the closest you could get to nature. The house of Royal Bengal tigers, Sundarbans has the lot to offer for the wildlife enthusiast too. If you are the ones who love to capture the images of wildlife in most natural form, you must connect with a Wildlife Photography guide.

one day trips near Kolkata - piyali

Mukutmanipur: God’s little place

A very popular among one day trips near Kolkata gets a considerable footfall of locals. A quiet town that houses lush green forests, clear blue water with green hills make it a picture perfect location.

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, turn to this small, serene town. Kangsabati dam attracts many tourists for its bespoke beauty, and it is the second largest dam in the country. A less populated town of Mukutmanipur hold few architectural marvels and has beautiful Jain temples.

It offers you a solace that stays with you for day to some even when to return to the humdrum of the city.

one day trips near Kolkata - muktmanipur

Bakkhali – A quaint seashore

Bored of the lazy weekends. It is time to plan a one day trips near Kolkata. Take a thrilling trip to Bakkhali. A beach picturesque little beach close to Sundarbans. In a quiet corner of Kolkata, the beach is just 135 KMS from the city. Witness the sunset at this white sand beach as it is washed in the golden hue of sun rays. The evenings turn this beautiful beach into a mystic place to be with a loved one.

The waves roll high, and there is a Mangrove forest nearby to indulge in the pleasure of nature. The place is well connected with railways and by road.

one day trips near Kolkata - bakkali

Make the special day even more special

Do you want to make your loved one feel extraordinarily special day? Do something unconventional? Put on your thinking hats and take her to a musical delight. The city of Kolkata offers many enchanting and innovative ideas to make any occasion more special. The organizers are brilliant and will make your day ultra-special. Or, you could opt to learn how to cook a good 3-course meal from a professional chefYou may plan a romantic dinner date or woo her off the feet with a surprise package.

one day trips near Kolkata - special day even more special

Dooars – A part of Himalayas

The majestic Himalayas span the exterior of Kolkata at Dooars. At just few hundred KMS drive from Kolkata, the world is completely transformed. Dense forests rich with exotic wildlife, endless green tea gardens, snaking rivers draws a pen picture of the beautiful land of Dooars. The place gets its name for being too close to Bhutan just like a door. Land of Dooars holds a mystic beauty that enchants every visitor.

A perfect place for one day trips near Kolkata, the beauty of the site is compelling enough to change your itinerary. If you happen to stay longer, do indulge in the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park. Plan a visit to Bhutanghat, to peak into the beauty of Bhutan.

one day trips near Kolkata - dooars

Samsing: A scenic hamlet

A page right from a bedtime storybook. Samsing lies in the northern part of Bengal, hike a car and take a trip to the green lands of Samsing. Trust me the place is far away from the civilization. For the nature lovers, the place is most appropriate to wander in deep forests, orchids and tea gardens.

Samsing is a canvas untouched by any creative buff. It is pure nature that is how it attracts not hoards but quite some nature lovers for trekking, camping, and bird gazing. All you hear is the birds chirping and winds gushing. The best place to connect to your soul, the traveler in you needs just a book to sit back and soak in the most peaceful experience of the lifetime.

one day trips near Kolkata - samsing

Tajpur: Jump in for some excitement ahead

Would you mind to drive down just 180 KMS to find a beach that has mystifying waves? It is the most un-exploited virgin beach in the land of Bengal. A visual delight that is what the tourist call it. Conveniently placed Tajpur is a perfect getaway for one day trips near Kolkata. The Tamarisk trees stand tall along the crimson beach. Wait till you know the prime reason for people visiting Tajpur. The place is bubbling with adrenaline pumping activities of Zorbing, Kayaking, Paragliding, Rafting and much more.

Fishermen villages close by do attract some visitors for an enriching experience of life beside the shores. Do not miss the setting sun as it turns the beach into golden glory.

one day trips near Kolkata - tajpur

Who always needs a trip?

You may not always be in a mood to take a trip then what would entice you. Apart from places of one day trip from Kolkata, the city offers you beautiful places of artistic flavors.  A trip to the art gallery, few musical events and a special place to just hear your own voice as a diva.

If you feel you have that sweet cuckoo voice, indulge in the experience of recording your own voice at some high tech studios and listen to an edited version. At very cost-effective rates you will create memories that last and who knows a YouTube upload of this professional quality audio makes you a sensation.

one day trips near Kolkata - who always needs a trip

Boat at Neora Valley National park

A valley in the lands of Bengal, Neora Valley is a gateway to heaven. Rich of exquisite flora and fauna on the Eastern Himalayan ranges, the place fascinates the visitors. Sundarbans is not the only place in Bengal that houses the existence of rare Red Panda, Himalayan Thar, The Royal Bengal Tiger and the Clouded leopards.

Boating, hiking, trekking are just a few of the attractions of the beautiful valley. The expanse of greens in the valley is truly picturesque and mesmerizing. Lava Monastery and a view of Kanchenjunga Peak from the valley enchants everyone. Enjoy a canopy walk through the deep forests and let the adventure seep into your soul.

one day trips near Kolkata - boat at neora valley

Henrys Island- a new baby

Henry’s island is an offbeat tourist destination. Lining the western boundary of the Sunderban lands, the place offers a best one day trip from Kolkata. Once at Henry Island, you can witness kilometers of empty beach and clear sky. Let your taste buds also rejoice in the eastern delights as the place is quite famous for exotic delicacies.

A comparatively new tourist spot, Henry’s Island has beaches untouched by commercialization. A lighthouse open to tourists lets you get excellent views of the most scenic beauty of sun, sand, and sea and sometimes the wildlife too.

one day trips near Kolkata - henry's

Indulge in Royal sports

Pick up your golf clubs and let us take a one day trips near Kolkata to the oldest golf club outside Kolkata. Royalty is the perfect adjective for this place. Oldest trees and maintained sprawling lawns and the expert hospitality make you feel like a celebrity.

Pamper yourself once with the colonial charm of this place. Post-game drinks and an evening in the most exquisite surrounding takes to an altogether new world.

one day trips near Kolkata - royal sports

Kamarpukur – a place of sacred souls

Get a feel of ecstatic wisdom at the place of birth of Sri Sri RamaKrishna. At just 108 Kms from the city of Kolkata, the place is at 3-hour drive along the most scenic roads. A one day trips near Kolkata in a town like Kamarpukur takes us back to our root where the great saints of Indian history started a mission to change the world.

A place untouched by modern-day cacophony houses the museums and temples. Feel blessed to be a part of rich Indian history at the small village of Kamarpukur.

one day trips near Kolkata - kamrakpur

Santiniketan- Explore the Tagore land:

Welcome to the land of Rabindranath Tagore. Located at 158 Kms from the lands of Kolkata, Santiniketan is a place of learning. The place epitomizes humanism, internationalism, and love for nature.

Art, cultural exchange and education all are felt in the mystic air of Santiniketan. It was established as an experimental school that thrived the British rule and carries the traditions to date. A place of complete harmony allows you witness the real learning pleasures.

one day trips near Kolkata - santiniketan

Old is gold

Have ever seen the mean machines of old times. Plan a one day trips near Kolkata to that holds the cars of old times. Right from the red carpet welcome to a drive in convertible Rolls Royce, will make you feel like a 1900’s celebrity. Take your loved one for a surprise trip on the special occasion.

Taste the luxury of old time when even the Rolls Royce would run at 60 miles a KM.

one day trips near Kolkata - old is gold

Jamshedpur- the land of steel

If you are in Kolkata and you did not visit Jamshedpur, then you have missed being a part of Indian industrial revolution bought by Tata steel plants. But what really fascinates the visitors how a village on the confluence of rivers became an industrial town. Sakchi, the hamlet still lies somewhere amidst the township and its original name, Kalimati is on the road somewhere to remind us a bit about its history. But the town is built around the nucleus, the steel plant giving it several sobriquets and titles – the Sun City, the Steel City.

one day trips near Kolkata - jamshedpur

Kolkata is changing with the modernization influence, but the best part is the cultural heritage is being highly preserved by the locals and the government. A Bengali always takes pride in the city of Kolkata and the richness it brings to their lives. One mystic fact about Kolkata is the city spans the pole ends. While the place like Santiniketan is preserving the roots of the greatest philosopher of Indian history, the packages like “Feel like a celebrityadds the taste of Modern Kolkata to your one day trips near Kolkata.

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The lands of eastern India, Kolkata offers you the best of Indian culture. It soaks you up in the culinary delights, visual delights and an essence of true India.

A city that touches your heart!!

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