13 Great Ideas for a Wonderful One Day Trip Near Chennai!

Great Ideas for a Wonderful One Day Trip Near Chennai

Chennai is one of the few cities in India to be known for the gracious approach towards everything. The clear blue sky, big parks, places of historic interest and long sandy beaches are a few of the many attraction that the city can offer you the best places for one day trip near Chennai.

Great Ideas for a Wonderful One Day Trip Near Chennai

Starting from an excellent hotel chain to fine dining, from nightlife to transport connecting them, Chennai has them all. And I am sure, you will fall in love with the food there. Even if you are a shopaholic, the city is an absolute paradise and is well known for its cotton and silk fabric.

So while you plan your one day trip near Chennai, make sure that you include all the zoological parks, lovely temples and not to forget, the beaches. And if you are an adventure or sports lover, you will have your adrenaline rushing in this city. This city is best known for all kind of sports, adventures, trekking, sea sports, fishing and horse riding.

So give yourself and your family or friends the best gift of their life by planning a one day trip near Chennai.

Best Resorts for One Day Trip Near Chennai

Detach From the Busy City at Mamalla Resort

One Day trip to Mamalla Resort
The Mamalla Beach is one of the top places to visit if you are on a day’s outing near Chennai. The Mamalla resort located in a small seashore town and is far away from the regular hustle bustle of the busy city life.

Built on the sealine, the resort opens up to a serene environment wrapped in the rich blue colour sky. It is a perfect option for you if you want to spend a day out with your friends’ group or with your family. The rooms are well equipped with almost all the amenities that you would be needing for the day.

The package includes a refreshing drink or tea served on arrival. Lunch is also provided and includes three non-veg dishes and two desserts. The evening made better with a cup of hot tea/coffee and snacks. The package also includes access to in-house amenities like the indoor and outdoor games’ arena and swimming pool.

Enjoy the Beach Tropicana at Green Coconut Resort

One Day trip to Green Coconut Resort Chennai
The Green Coconut Resort is one of the most ravishing resorts situated in and around the vicinities of Chennai. If you plan a one day trip near Chennai, this place is a must visit for you. This place located within the city limits but once you enter inside, you will feel that you are walking into a new world altogether.

Every room within the resort opens up to the serenity of nature where you can sit and spend and spend some of the best parts of your life. The Green Coconut resort is also equipped with some indoor and outdoor games’ area and a swimming pool.

The package cost is very affordable and includes a day’s stay and the buffet lunch. The lunch menu includes veg soups and salads, two non-veg/veg dishes, a type of Indian bread and daal along with flavoured rice, one dessert and ice-cream. A hot cup of tea/coffee along with snacks served before you leave the place.

The Awesomeness of Shelter Beach Resort

One Day trip to Shelter Beach Resort Chennai
Make sure that you spend the best one day trip near Chennai by offering the Shelter Beach Resort to host you for a day. Situated on the shore of Mahabalipuram, the awesomeness of this resort is almost unparalleled. The resort opens you to a quiet and calm beach of Mahabalipuram, where you can spend some energizing hour playing beach volley or any game you please.

The package includes your stay at the Shelter Beach Resort for a day (seven hours), usage of the swimming pool for an hour, non-veg and veg buffet lunch and evening tea/coffee with snacks. And guess what, the moment you enter the resort, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a refreshing welcome drink. But don’t forget to carry your valid ID proof along.

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Take a Walk Across the Heritage of Time at Hotel Sea Breeze Resort

One Day trip near chennai to Sea Breeze resort
The grandeur and the pleasing sensation of the Hotel Sea Breeze are absolutely impeccable and are pure bliss. Get yourself soaked in the rich heritage, dating back from 7th century and experience what the calmness of nature can do for you. The eight hours of your stay at this resort will give you the most unforgettable memories.

But this resort isn’t all about the historic heritage of the Pallava kingdom. There is a whole lot to do as well. You can get yourself the sublime serenity of the virgin beach to indulge in some activity. The in-house swimming pool will make to get the fun of some indoor or outdoor games.

The people here will provide a welcome drink to get the tiredness of the journey at ease. Lunch includes a buffet of two veg and non-veg item and when it’s time to bid goodbye, a hot cup of tea/coffee awaits you.

However, according to the terms of the resort, outside drinks are not allowed inside the premise and if you are thinking of heading to the swimming pool, make sure you are in your swimsuit.

Best Spas and Salons for One Day Trip Near Chennai

A Soothing Spa Day of Vishuddhi @ Jiva – Taj

One Day Trip Near Chennai - Vishuddhi
The Vishuddhi @ Taj isn’t a regular spa that offers soothing body massage and therapies. The reason why this is one of the best places to visit for one day trip in Chennai is the special exfoliation treatment performed here. You will realize the quality of this place once you enter into an ambient surrounding and environ of this spa.

The Garshana exfoliation performed here with the usage of a silk glove that helps stimulate the circulation throughout the body. As a result, all the unnecessary toxins and impurities eliminated from the body. During the last part of the treatment, you will be wrapped using traditional Indian herbs.

Get Cleansed With Strawberry and Grapes at Salon 2000

One Day Trip to Salon 2000 Chennai
The benefits of Strawberry and Grapes are well-known to everyone. Hence, now you can get your best one day trip near Chennai to be a soothing and relaxing one by visiting the Salon 2000 at Manickam Avenue and getting radiating glow and freshness on your skin.

Grapes used in scrubs to equalize the skin tone and get rid of blemishes and wrinkles. Strawberry, is famous for its anti-oxidants with prevents wrinkles formation. The skin treatment will definitely make you ask for more.

Upon arrival, the spa staff will welcome you with a refreshing drink followed straight by 30 minutes of body scrub using the said ingredients.

Other Popular Activities for One Day Trip Near Chennai

Experience the Thrill of Wildlife of Travel Photography

Wildlife Travel Photography Near Chennai
We all have a photographer inside us, who is most active on tours and travels. So now, make sure that this becomes your most memorable one day trip near Chennai and you can replicate the wonderful experiences captured in photographs. Wildlife photography does not require a lot of photography skills. All it needs are patience and the skill to deal with animals.

Some professional photographers will accompany you while on this experience. This experience will be 6-8 hours in duration and you will get 50 beautifully captured and processed pictures. Some photographers are Jimmy Davis, Umesh Mayura, Nitin Sharma, etc.

Enjoy a Drive in the Luxurious BMW 5 Series

One Day trip on a luxurious BMW 5 in Chennai
This is surely going to be one of the unique experiences that you will be having while on a one day trip near Chennai. Enjoy the ride of a lifetime on the BMW 5 Series car brought to you by ECOS India Mobility & Hospitality Pvt Ltd. The company thrives on offering its customers driving solution that revolves around pure class and elegance.

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The total package of the car includes approximately eight hours travel of the BMW 5 Series car, a uniformed chauffeur and all the other expenses like refueling the etc. So what are you waiting for? This experience is something remembered for a lifetime.

Choco World: A World of Delight

Call yourself a foodie? Can’t resist your love for chocolates? Now take your love for chocolates to a different level by learning the natural art of chocolate making by experts. The session will give you the complete knowledge of chocolate preparations along with some of the finest memories of the best one day trip near Chennai.

Indulge in a fun session with your close one and get deep into the art of making chocolates and its dishes. While you are in the session Choco World, make sure that you tease your taste buds with the deliciousness before you can satisfy your craving for chocolates.

Strengthen Your Team Bond With a Race In The Dark

This isn’t any type of game that you play. The Race In The Dark will develop your team bonding and managing skills along with honing your communication and listening skills. Get yourself into the most happening and involving 60 minutes where you need to be mentally alert and active every second. Being a kind of a treasure hunt, you need to build strategy and complete the given tasks within a stipulated period of time.

The activities included in this experience are all focused on team bonding and trust building among your peers. So, take time out of your busy schedule and indulge in something which definitely turns out to be the best part of a popular one day trip near Chennai.

Sculpt Your Way into Creating a Masterpiece at Life & Art Academy

One Day Visit to Art Academy Chennai
Have you ever tried to awaken the Michelangelo inside you? I am sure you have tried making any figure with the play clay available in stationery and toy stores. If you haven’t, come and visit the Sculpting Class where you can carve out your imagination into 3D figures using synthetic clay or wax. While you are here for the class, you will get acquainted with various tools, fundamental techniques of sculpting besides learning more about the clay.

The two and half hours that you spend here will be worthwhile. It is one of the most popular one day trips near Chennai. You will be working inside an AC room while trained professionals will be assisting you. But that is not it, your creation will always be yours and you can take back home the figure that you have carved and shaped.

Learn the Most Artistic Form of Art Without Being a Master At It

Artistic form of Art in Chennai
Zentangled is one of the most exciting forms of meditative art where you create abstract art forms using structure patterns and guess what, you need not be a real artistic person to be able to make them.

This two hour class with Sandhya Manne will give you the soulful side of having a wonderful one day trip near Chennai. At this place, you can learn the basic techniques behind creating some of the most fascinating and amazing abstract painting.

Dive Deep Into the Blue Waters at Deep Sea Sport Fishing

One Day trip for Deep Sea Sport Fishing Chennai
Fishing is an art, especially when you get onto the big sea on imported and customised speedboats. The Deep Sea Sport Fishing manned by professional and experienced fishing experts who have spent decades into harnessing the sport on an international arena. Drive into the sea and search for the most sought-after fishes, including but not limited to, King Mackerel, Sail Fish, Barracuda etc.

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The package includes a drink served while onboard at this place. All the necessary gears and equipment will be provided as a part of the package. But you need to make sure that you are in comfortable clothes as you will be spending long two hours in the middle of the sea. So make this trip the most memorable one day trip near Chennai in the most exotic way possible.

Spend Some Quality Time in Chennai

Being a metropolitan, Chennai is also known for its happening everyday routine where you can soak yourself into the South Indian culture and also get you inner teenager alive by visiting some of the most popular places in the city.

Add the Aliveness of the Popular Chennai Nightlife in Your Planner

Visiting Chennai will always keep you guessing of what more the city has on offer. Not only the outskirt and in the beaches, the city is also very popular in hosting the best Chennai nightlife that you surely should not miss. Here are some of the amazing things you can do to get the best Chennai nightlife experience.

Visit the Leather Bar at The Park Chennai

Leather Bar at The Park Chennai
Give your companions some extravagant time while you all are in the city of Chennai. The seating arrangements, the tables and the ambient lighting is so amazing that will set your mood for the evening and will definitely prove itself to be a hot place for Chennai nightlife.

Illusion, A Paradise for Music Lovers

One Day trip for music lovers Chennai
Be it an alcoholic beverage or authentic and exotic seafood, the Illusion Pub is a must-visit place for you if you want to experience the best Chennai nightlife. You cannot stand still without grooving to the beats of the songs that the DJ plays. The dance floor, electrifying ambience and tequila shots will make the evening a euphoric night of your tour.

What’s more?

Spending a day in the vicinity of the city? Here is how you can make your one-day outing in Chennai, a joy!

Learn the Basics of Archery and Yield the Bow Like a Pro

Basics of Archery in Chennai
A city where every sports activity supported, be it masculine or for the female gender. Take the basic archery course and hone your aiming skills along with mastering the hand-eye coordination. So make sure that you include this in your planner while you are in the middle of spending your one-day outing in Chennai.

While you are in Ooty, make sure to take a ride on the Ooty railway which is now a UNESCO-certified heritage in the country. The scenic beauty it passes through is gorgeous. But the best part about this railway is that it still runs on a steam engine.

While touring the top places in South India, the neighborhood places to Chennai also come to notice. You can get a taste of the culture of South India by visiting the suburbs or by planning a trip to a nearby hill station in Ooty. You can enjoy the flora and fauna by chalking out the best places for things to do in Ooty, which is one of the most popular hill stations in South India.

This way, you know that you are not devoid of any amusement or excitement while your trip to Chennai and the neighborhood places. South India is extremely rich in its heritage, which is very different from the northern part of the country. The food, the way of living, the themes of amusement is so different and exciting.


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