Office Team Outing at Ramnagara – A Quiet Place Away From All the Commotion

Office Team outing at Ramnagara

One thing good about Bengaluru is there are a lot of places you can visit in and around the city and are really beautiful. In all 4 states – Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, and TamilNadu.


One such place is Ramnagara, some 50KM from the center of Bengaluru. It’s a quiet beautiful place completely occupied with rock hills and a lake. Where you can go for boating and kayaking – it’s not challenging but you get the idea of how fun it can be.

We all reached there in the morning by buses arranged by our beloved HR. There was a walk for 1KM or so, to get to the resort where few activities were planned. The walk took us to the following view.

With a river and hills in the backdrop on one side, farming lands on the other. For many, it might be just a beautiful scenery or a great view. For me, it was nostalgic.

As soon as we reached the resort all of us felt the hunger in us when we saw the breakfast ready to be served. It was not that great.

Now it was time to get people warmed up for activities like Zip Lining, Kayaking, a small trek, and rappelling. The guide/host there started to group people and made them dance and do these crazy steps which lead to everyone bursting into laughter.

We were advised to split into groups to attend different activities in parallel to avoid the rush. I wanted to go for kayaking first. It looked calm and its fun. I personally took a liking for rafting after my first experience in Kullu near Manali.

The water in this lake was calm but it was good and memorable The weather supported us too, it was not too sunny, not too cloudy, just perfect.

Never had I thought an office team outing would be so fun. Kayaking was followed by Zip Lining – probably 30 meters or so. It was a short distance but ok-ish. My personal best was in Rishikesh, Flying Fox where you are accelerated to speeds of 150+ kmph and the total length of nearly 1 KM.

Few of us wanted to go to rappelling and we started to move towards a small rocky hill. We were just searching for a way to reach the rappelling spot and we climbed this small rocky hill – the view from atop was so cool. You could see everything from above and to make it more interesting, it started to drizzle.

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I enjoy rain. Although many feel like rain is an interruption, for me its not. Those rain drops falling on your face, especially when you are riding on a bike. Its like small insects biting playfully on your face. I would never get bored of this feeling hopefully!

Here’s a glimpse of the fun times:

office team outing
Rappelling is super fun
Office team outing
Our Xoxoians chilling out on the green lawns
Office team outing
A song for the group
Office team outing
Celebrating Birthdays
Office team outing
The team
Office team outing
Dancing away to the beat of music
Office team outing
Zip Lining
Office team outing
A game of VolleyBall
Office team outing
Office team outing
Waiting for their turn to go Kayaking
Office team outing
These two are all smiles while taking on some adventure


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