Best Places In Chandigarh For Team Parties

13 Min Read | Team parties are as important as team meetings. Gift your employees with these funfilled team party ideas and get them in the party mood. Night time becomes significant to many…

Chandigarh Nightlife
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Team parties are as important as team meetings. Gift your employees with these funfilled team party ideas and get them in the party mood.

Night time becomes significant to many due to the several parties and fun things that it brings. The young generation loves to spend their time excitingly. The nightlife of a city is blooming throughout India. With the advent of Globalization, this has become important for all cities now. Several bars, pubs, and restaurants have popped up in the recent years. They want to serve the best so that people can enjoy their night time. Night parties aren’t a big problem anymore as people realized the fun attached to it. The youngsters are always looking for a place that will be appropriate for them.

Chandigarh is a well-known city and a union territory of India. It also acts as a dual capital for the states of Haryana and Punjab. The city is full of new life, and everyone knows that Punjabis love to party. With the young generation several discos, pubs, and restaurants have opened up. The city is quite well planned, and the urban design makes it a perfect place to enjoy one’s weekend. The happening Nightlife in Chandigarh is taking a flight these days. The people living in Chandigarh are bubbly, and they also have one of the highest incomes in India. This lets them explore more nightlife than anybody else.  

Other than the Nightlife in Chandigarh there are other things to do as well. Painting workshops are a great thing to enjoy and also learn something new. People can visit such a class probably on the weekend or even on holiday. Such a thing can also be a great present for anyone interested in painting. Many organize oil painting classes in Chandigarh, and one can pre-book it to get a taste of the world of painting. The organizers will provide all the supplies needed in the class. This can also be a great activity for a whole family especially kids would love the experience of paint. Another interesting idea is to enjoy golfing at Chandigarh. Golf is one of the classiest games in the world, and people love to play it. The lush green golf course will tempt anyone to learn the beautiful game. One can book a class on any day and experience the art of playing golf. It can be a good date for a couple as well.  

Now let us get back to the brilliant Nightlife in Chandigarh. In this article, we have tried to include as many possibilities as we could have. It includes restaurants, bars, and pubs that people can easily visit. It also has different price points so that no one misses out on the fun. So, let us begin without much further ado.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh

Night Clubs  

Night Clubs often defines the nightlife of a place. So, these are the most famous nightclubs that one can find in Chandigarh. They are great places to be in, and they often define the Nightlife in Chandigarh. Situated mostly in famous places, they are also easy to access.  

Kitty Su, the Lalith  

If someone wants to enjoy the most happening place in Chandigarh, then they have to visit Kitty Su. The place has opened up recently, and it has created a sensation among the youngsters. The bright lighted ambiance and the beautiful decor will pull in anyone. The seating arrangement is great, and along with it, there is an amazing dance floor. A DJ is there all the time, and people would love the music. The budget of the place is about INR 4,000 for two people including the alcohol. The place serves amazing finger food and has a huge menu of alcohol. One can choose from the champagnes, the wines, tequilas and several other types of liquors. They also have different types of cocktails to choose from. One can visit Kitty Su to enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-kitty Su


This place is quite famous among the youngsters of Chandigarh. The great dance floor and Dj often make it a memorable place for anyone. The situation of the place is at the Chandigarh Industrial Area. INR 3,000 for two people will be the average cost of the place. The bar menu is quite worthy of taking a look at. Along with this the place also has a good food menu which allows people to have dinner. So, if someone wants to enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh, then they can most surely visit Paara. It is best to visit the place along with a group of friends as it will make the night worthwhile.

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Paara Score  

Another choice for people who like to dance. The live music along with living sports screening is a brilliant place for guys. They can chug as much beer as they want and enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh. People say that the DJs of the place is also brilliant. An averagely priced nightclub, it will cost a couple around INR 2,000 to enjoy the night. The bar has a tonne of things to choose from including types of cocktails, beers, whiskey, etc. The place also serves lunch buffet if it interests someone. So, if someone has been looking for a nightclub, then they can check Score out. The location of the place is at Sector 8 in Chandigarh. The best thing about the place is that one can enjoy it till 2 AM in the morning.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Score


This is yet another place where one can experience the Nightlife in Chandigarh. The location of the place is in Sector 17 near the FabIndia shop. It remains open until midnight, and it has amazing ambiance. The new age lighting and seating area make a worthy place to be in. The pocket pinch is about INR 2,5OO for two people. Live music and outdoor seating are also available at the place. One can enjoy an array of choices of drinks and food at BUZZ. The Mezze Platter and Soba Noodles are a must try for everyone.

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Buzz

Bars and Pubs  

Most people prefer to have one kind of alcohol or the other when they are enjoying the nightlife. So, these are some of the best choices in Chandigarh to enjoy one’s choice of poison.  


The decor and interior of the place make it amazing. The ambiance alone will inspire some to visit this place. The lounge has a high rating among the people who have visited it. The average cost is INR 3,000 for two including the alcohol. Situated in the Elante Mall, it is one of the perfect places to enjoy Nightlife in Chandigarh. The relatively huge bar menu along with the live music makes it a good place to be in. Some amazing dishes of this place are their crackling spinach, mocktails, pasta and their veggie pizza. They often have offers going on like the ladies kitty, 50% off and other things. People who want to enjoy a good dinner along with alcohol should try out Pyramid.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Pyramid


The place receives raving from anyone that experienced it. The amazing music along with the ambiance makes it one of the best options for Nightlife in Chandigarh. The interior has a chic and rugged look to it which makes it a perfect place for a date. Their modern menu and the appetizing food is quite catchy for the youngsters. The price point of the place is also affordable at INR 1,200 for two people. One can get a pint of beer at INR 99 which is quite unbelievable. Some of the dishes to try are their Paneer Tikka, Pasta, and Nachos. Their quirky designed serving options and interesting names make the place even better. People who want to experience something different from the usual should visit this pub.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-FLYP MTV


Another option of the Elante Mall, Playground stands out to its crowd as well. The decor of the place is quite phenomenal, and along with it, they have live bands as well. The place has an air of nostalgia to it. Live sports screening happen all the time, and they have an amazing bar. Open until midnight the pocket pinch of the place is INR 1,800 for two. They have an offer going on most of the times based on days and hours. The happy hours are worth going to, and they have all day breakfast. Every Thursday they have something called Age is your bar which is an interesting offer. So, anyone who wants to have alcohol and enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh, they must visit Playground at least once.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Playground

The Great Bear

Beer is a love affair for many and India is getting better at it day by day. Leaving bind the usual beer available at the market, people are trying in-house and locally brewed beer. They often taste better and have a different experience attached to it. The Great Bear is one such perfect place for beer lovers. The pocket pinch is INR 1600 for two people. The place also has happy hours. One should try their in-house beers like the wheat beer and the Golden Ale. The food is also fantastic, and there are several things to choose from. People who do not like beer also get different choices of other alcohols. So, this place is an amazing part of the Nightlife in Chandigarh for people who especially like beer. Some food options to try from them are the Murgh Platter, Falafel, Meat Platter and their Exotic Pizza.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Great Bear

The Back Room  

The location of the place is at the Toy Hotel of Sector 34. The hotel has got some high rating because of their food and alcohol. Along with it, they have a nice decor and ambiance. Live music and live sports screening are also available at the place. They have happy hours from 12 PM to 7 PM. Along with the alcohol options they have cafe options as well which makes it unique. Some things to try in the Back Room are their coffees, mocktails, cocktails and bread options. An interesting cocktail to try is the Espresso Martini which combines the love for coffee, vodka, and chocolate into a tasty drink. So, this becomes another option to try as a part of the Nightlife in Chandigarh.

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Black Room

Whistling Duck  

Another option of the Nightlife in Chandigarh which people mention several times. The amazing lighting and decor make it a very romantic place. Along with that they serve amazing food and has a full bar menu. One can either choose to sit inside or opt for the marvelous outside seating. Either way, the prompt service and the huge menu makes it a perfect place for anyone. INR 1,700 for two is the usual pocket pinch of the place. Some things to try are their laal maans, karela salad, chicken curry, veg panini, kheer and much more. One can also opt for the four-course Chef’s special menu. The place is also perfect to be with one’s family. So, if someone plans to go for a weekend family dinner, then Whistling Duck is a definite option. The place is also open until midnight.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Whistling Duck

The Brew Estate

Another interesting and highly raved about the place in the Nightlife in Chandigarh. The food of this place is quite mind-blowing, and with it, there are several drinks options as well. The average budget of the place will be about INR 2,000 for two people including the alcohol. Apart from the decor, one can enjoy live music at this place. The bar and food menu is quite new age and has several popular options. There are the wheat beer, craft beers, interesting cocktails, shots and traditional alcohol options. The food menu has salads, wraps, thin crust pizzas and several options from around the world. So, The Brew Estate is an easy nightlife choice for youngsters and groups of friends.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Brew Estate

Barcode IXC  

If someone wants to have an international feel to their nightlife, then they can visit this place. A fairly new place in the Chandigarh Industrial Area, it has gained some high ratings. Being a microbrewery, it has some great alcohol options. But along with it, there are several food and beverage options as well. The place serves cuisines like European, Italian, and North Indian. There is a rooftop sitting available which makes the place perfect for a date night. Some things to try are the onion rings, pizza, Andhra chicken fry and pesto paneer tikka. The place is also open until midnight. The pocket pinch for two is INR 1700 including alcohol.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Barcode IXC

Restaurants and Dhabas  

Punjab is quite well known for their distinct cuisine.  Almost everyone in India likes the buttery and flavor-rich food. But with the advent of new lifestyle and culture, there are several options to choose from. Here we have tried to include both traditional and modern options to choose from. Anyone of them would be great to enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh.  

Pal Dhaba  

One of the quintessential dhabas of Chandigarh. Pal Dhaba remains open till 11 PM, and several people flock it every day. The affordable price point and the tasty food makes it a perfect place to eat out. The pocket pinch is Rs 700 for two people. One wouldn’t get fancy decor or dining and this place, but they would get awesome food. Some dishes to try are the butter chicken, chicken curry, shahi paneer and mutton roganjosh. People who want to have good food should visit this place to enjoy the Nightlife in Chandigarh.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-PaL Dhaba

Dil Desi  

If someone has a small budget of INR 400, then it will be perfect for this place. One can visit the place from 6:30 PM to 11 PM to enjoy their food. The dishes to try are their Butter Naan, Onion Kulcha, Rajma Chawal and much more. The best thing about this place is that it is a vegetarian place. A place is a perfect option in Nightlife in Chandigarh for people who want to avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food. One can expect a crowd all-time at the renowned dhaba of Chandigarh. The location of the dhaba is Sector 32 at stall number 407.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Dil Desi


If you have ever craved butter chicken at 2 AM, then you can visit Food@U in the Chandigarh Industrial Area. It is open till 4 AM in the morning, and it serves delicious food throughout the night. Anyone can blindly go to this place to taste some amazing options. The menu is also huge to satiate people with a big hunger. The best preparations of this place are their Murgh Lababdar, Dal Makhani, Pav Bhaji, Banoffee Pie. A lazy person can use their late night delivery to taste the amazing food. People should try Food@U at least once to experience eating at a weird time of the night. If someone goes to a nightclub in the area, the Food@U will be the perfect place to grab their late night dinner. The place is also a great option to try authentic Indian food from many states.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Food@u


The unique name specifies the two things that the restaurant specializes in. Perfect for people who like the American cuisine which includes burgers and grilled options. The affordable place has one downside, it doesn’t have seating available for its customers. But the awesome food does make up for it. It remains open till 11 PM which is also great for people who want to catch some quick bites. The pocket pinch is INR 500 for two people. Several shops are also scattered throughout Chandigarh. The best things that the place offers are their Mutton Burger, Chicken Fries, Falafel Wrap, Texas Fries and much more. They also have some extra spicy options available for the people who love hotness in their food.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-burgrill

Le Gaufres  

Sweet cravings at night is a real thing for many people. But often after visiting nightclubs or movie theaters people often want something affordable. Le Gaufres is one such place where people can go to curb their sweet cravings. The dessert options of the place have become quite famous in the recent years. It is another takeaway place that’s location is in Sector 8. One can visit this place till 11:30 PM. Some of their best options are the Chocolate Shake, Sweet Crepes, Nutella Curse Waffle and coffee options. The place has options for some savory food as well. So, if someone wants something sweet, then they can pay a visit to Le Gaufres.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-Le Gaufres

Urban Cafe, Hyatt Regency  

If someone wants to taste the food of a high-end cafe, then Urban Cafe is one of the best places to be in. Hyatt is a well-known hotel throughout India so people can easily trust its food and glory. The ambiance and food both make it a worthy place for the Nightlife in Chandigarh. Open until midnight; this place can easily become a choice of a night time date. One can go for the night buffet to enjoy the delicious options. The timing of the night buffet is 7 PM to 11:30 PM, and it costs about INR 1499 for each person. One should always try the outdoor seating which is quite eye-catching and modern.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Urban Cafe

The Cafe @ JW, JW Marriott

A cafe is an evening affair for most people, but Marriott has taken it to the next level. They have opened up a cafe that operates for 24 Hours. The perfection of the place lies in its food and the service that it provides. The average cost will come up to about INR 2,300 for two people. The cafe gives its customers a luxury dining experience and also serves alcohol. The place is best for the guests of the hotel and also for people who love food in general. They do have buffet options which cost about INR 1,400 per head. Some things to try at the place is their Pancakes, Apple Pie, Papdi Chaat, Butter Chicken and Paan Ice cream. The place is also perfect for taking one’s partner on a late night romantic date.  

Nightlife in Chandigarh-The Cafe, @jW

So, here we present some of the option to enjoy Nightlife in Chandigarh. These are some of the best that one can choose from. We have included as much diversity as possible. One can choose according to their preference of a nightlife. Chandigarh is also very safe during the night, so one can take a walk in the rose garden or the streets if they want to.  

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